Who Rules the World?

Years ago I stumbled upon a quote which really opened my eyes. This quote pointed out that those who we believe rule the world, like presidents and kings, don’t really rule the world. There are people behind the scenes who really rule the world.

When I did more research, I found out that those who are pulling the strings behind the scenes are not silent about this either. As James Corbett recently pointed out, these things are not kept secret in clouds of mystery, the ones in power talk quite openly about it.

To understand who rules the world, it must be clear first that if you have vast amounts of money, you can buy vast amounts of influence, through lobbying, think tanks, bribing, propaganda, legal action, and so on. Those who own the money rule the world.

I think very few people are truly aware that the people behind the central banks actually hold the power to rule the world from behind the scenes. Neither do they know how much this system of central banking, fractional reserve banking, is rigged for the rich and against the common man.

In this seeming hopeless situation, with the cards heavily stacked against us, there is hope. Good will always overcome evil. When enough people become aware of this injustice, and take meaningful action, I believe things WILL change for the better.