VAERS ID – 1074247

I am writing my hundredth post for today. I write about another sad milestone that has been reached in the great reset and the push to get the whole world vaccinated for a disease with a 99,85% survival rate. 

I am writing about VAERS ID – 1074247. This is not a number, but a code representing a two-year-old girl who died after receiving two doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. When you enter this code in the VAERS online system, you will find more information.

“The report made to VAERS … states that the two-year-old girl sadly died just two days later on the 3rd March. The report also clearly states that the toddler had no other life-threatening conditions, no birth defects, no permanent disability, and no pre-existing conditions.”
Source: The Daily Expose 

This incident was to my knowledge not reported in the mainstream media, but it was picked up by Americas Frontline Doctors: 
“The two-year-old Virginia girl, who was not legally competent to consent to participate in experimental interventions, nor was she in a COVID-19 risk group, received the second dose of the Pfizer product on the February 25th, 2021. Four days later on March 1st the girl was admitted to hospital after becoming gravely ill. VAERS ID #1074247 states the two-year-old girl died two days later, on March 3rd.”

When parents allow their children to get these experimental vaccinations, I always assume that this is done out of love, fully believing that this is the best for the child. Many parents who eat the mainstream media news like candy will believe stuff like this. I get it.

So I am not blaming the parents of this two-year-old girl. They must be going through hell at this moment. I blame the architects of the great reset, who I believe will be sentenced for their crimes against humanity by lawyers like Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, in the near future.

While these trials are still on their way, examples like “VAERS ID – 1074247” should make it abundantly clear that the need to take action is big and acute. We have to at the very least keep sharing the information the mainstream media wants to hide from the public. So please share.