Us Against Them?

Recently, I came across an interesting image related to genocide. The ten stages of genocide. And the very first stage of this ten-step program is “classification: people are divided into ‘us and them.’”

Segregation. People who are branded different, and who are thus labeled as a separate group. This happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany, and it is now happening to the unvaccinated people all around the world.

The unvaccinated are the new Jews. Now I don’t really care how many people are offended, because I use the example of the Jews in the Second World War. Play out your little drama, but when you are done, please explain to me what is different now?

The whole idea of branding one group as inferior and the other as superior is to manipulate the masses into following government mandates. More control for governments because of an easily perceived enemy, who needs to be controlled.

This enemy is then seen as the real problem in society, in the world we know. “If only those unvaccinated were less stubborn, if they would line up for their jabs too, we would all be healthy, and able to get on with our lives!”

This hardcore propaganda is currently being fed to the masses, and we have to ensure that it doesn’t take hold. It is very clear that if we would go along with this without taking any kind of meaningful action, things look very dire for us.

What is the solution, then? Keep doing your research, keep sharing good information, and most of all, keep communicating with everyone, jabbed or not. Open communication and sharing of good information will break this pattern of division.

There is only one form of “us and them” which is appropriate to use. That is “us the common people” and “them the global elite.” I am not talking about those who made a lot of money. I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with that.

No, I am talking about the power-addicted, sociopathic megalomaniacs, who join together in backrooms to reshape the world in the image that they want to see. Who see the common people as nothing more than cattle, and total control as their end-goal.

These people need to be addressed, in courts, but most likely, by first taking part in massive none-compliance to the lockdown measures and vaccine mandates. And then “them” need to be put in jails or mental institutions.

I also encourage you to keep an open mind, and to patiently and lovingly communicate with everyone who believes that lockdowns and vaccines are a good idea. Then we can avoid the “us and them” separation in our lives. Thank you for supporting an inclusive society.