Uncensored Webhosting – Infomaniak

In this age of increased censorship, the most common occurrence of censoring happens on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Very often, people who spread information which contradicts the idea that only vaccinations help against COVID-19 infections are being canceled.

Yet this type of social media censorship is by no means the only form of censorship. Organizations which promote free speech, like GAB, are being boycotted by financial institutions like Visa and PayPal. And some web hosting providers are part of this tyrannical scheme too.

For example, Reclaim the Net recently made this news public: “Amazon plans to more actively remove more content that violates its cloud services ‘policies.’ Traditionally, internet infrastructure providers, such as Amazon’s cloud service, have remained politically neutral until the last few years.”

It is important to know that if you have a blog like me, or if you plan to start one, you should not just use any web-hosting partner. Censorship is creeping in here as well, and your blog may be blocked for “spreading misinformation endangering the public health,” if you actually promote health instead of Big Pharma.

There are, of course, solutions to this problem, and the solution I found was to use a web host in Switzerland, who is all in favor of free speech: Infomaniak.  The privacy laws in Switzerland are much better, and this particular company actively supports free speech.

“Founded in 1994 and wholly owned by its founders and employees, Infomaniak is an independent company based exclusively in Switzerland. Not only are 70% of our employees highly qualified engineers, we also focus systematically on internal development and open source solutions to design our products. This allows us to keep evolving our services while ensuring optimum guarantees of security and confidentiality for our customers.”

So if you need web-hosting, don’t choose a partner like Amazon. Doing this will only make the world’s richest 1% richer and the world’s poorest 99% poorer, plus you risk that your website will be deleted for telling the truth. Avoid this nonsense, and partner with Infomaniak instead.