The World’s Water Problem Solved

I believe that my primary job is to compensate for the nonsense which the world is being offered by the mainstream media. Instead of a big push for COVID-19 vaccinations, I offer facts which caution against these experimental jabs. And instead of the doomsday scenario’s of global warming and the standard “we are all going to die soon” rhetoric, I offer news about hopeful solutions for humanity.

Something which often pops up in the news is the water shortage problem that especially many of the poorer nations is facing. And one solution to this problem that is already used is generating water from the air. Our atmosphere contains a lot of water, plenty of water for everyone. Yet one concern about this water was the question whether it is clean enough for consumption.

The good news is that this concern is proven to be invalid now! “In a first-of-its-kind study in the world conducted at Tel Aviv University, researchers found that water generated from the air in the heart of an urban area, the city of Tel Aviv, complied with all of the strict drinking water standards set both by the State of Israel and by the World Health Organization.” 

This is wonderful news for everyone. If there is a water shortage anywhere in the world, this concerns everyone. Now there is a solution for everyone as well. Use the water from the earth’s atmosphere, because there is enough water for everyone in the air that we breathe! “At any one instant, the Earth’s atmosphere contains 37.5 million-billion gallons of water vapor–enough to cover the entire surface of the planet with 1 inch of rain if condensed.”

So there is no shortage of water on earth. And there is no need to be concerned about drinking water extracted from the earth’s atmosphere. Isn’t this wonderful news? For the practical side of this, here’s an example of how this is done. Please check out this video from an Israeli firm in Gaza turning air into drinking water. What is being done here can be done anywhere.