The Vaccine Deaths Coverup

I love movies, and I have watched many action movies in my life. A fair share of these movies were about crimes like murders being committed, followed by the investigation by police officers. Fast-paced action scripts, based on how things are done in the real world.

One thing I noticed in these movies is that every time someone dies under suspicious circumstances, an autopsy is done. Specialists dissect the body to find answers about what really happened. What caused this person to die, how did it happen, what is going on?

What baffled me about the so called COVID-19 pandemic is that I have not once heard in the mainstream media about autopsies being done on the many vaccine related deaths that occur. If people really wanted to know how and why they died, autopsies would be done, right?

We are not just talking about one murder or twenty people dying after a chemical spill in a factory. “Data from vaccine adverse event reporting systems in the US (VAERS), the EU (EUDRA) and the UK (MHRA) indicates that covid vaccinations have already been associated with more than 25,000 deaths….”

Imagine that! More than 25.000 people die, and so far I have only heard of one autopsy being performed. “Researchers from Germany have conducted the world’s first-ever postmortem study on a corpse that prior to death had been “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). They found that every single organ of the now-deceased person’s body had become infested with spike proteins due to the jab.”

So one autopsy for 25.000 dead people. The results of this autopsy show that there is something very wrong. And then the research just stops. This is not just medical malpractice or incompetent behavior of those in charge of the public health. This is a deliberate coverup.

How safe are the vaccines? Politicians and the marketing departments of Big Pharma tell us the vaccines are safe. The data from the public warning systems tell us something very different. And we cannot count on the mainstream media and the public health offices to tell us the truth.

So just like with the efficacy of HCQ and Ivermectin, we will have to count on brave and knowledgeable individuals to report to the alternative media what the risks of the vaccines are, after they have done their own research. And they will be branded conspiracy nuts.

I am once again confronted with the fact that there is an information war going on. Censorship, deliberate coverups, and empty rhetoric about vaccine safety, while people are dropping dead like flies. So we have to keep finding and sharing good information, to compensate for the lies.

I want to sincerely thank all those courageous individuals who step forward to spread the truth, in an age of lies, risking their careers and reputations, and maybe even more. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. People are rising up, and you can take the credit for that.