The Threat of Forced Vaccinations

We are living in strange times, and things are getting weirder and weirder. The push to vaccinate the entire world for a disease which has a survival rate of 99,85% is relentless. Besides trying to bribe people into taking the jab, more and more ways to coerce people to take the shots are announced.

One idea that keeps popping up in the mainstream media is the idea of forced vaccination. Even though, with the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, this would mean breaking the Nuremberg Code, and international laws and agreements, the threat keeps appearing.

A while ago we were already presented by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich with disturbing evidence that in a German nursing home the elderly were vaccinated without their consent, resulting in the loss of life. The video, offered to him by a whistleblower, shows nothing less than homicide.

Let that sink in for a moment. This means that not only are people talking about forced vaccinations, and looking at finding legal ways to do this, but there are places in the world where people are already vaccinated against their will with experimental gene therapy vaccines, and dying as a result of this.

Besides these horrible crimes, the opposition is actively looking for ways to make forced vaccination legal, to find loopholes in the law, or make up new laws, in which these forced vaccinations are no longer illegal. Like what is happening in Florida right now.

“A new Florida law that prevents companies and organizations operating there from requiring ‘vaccine passports,’ that documentation that purports to prove an individual has been vaccinated for COVID-19, also has a stinger: a provision allowing the government to force vaccinations on people.” 

The biggest risk I see in this whole debate about forced jabs is that the opposition will try to blame the rise of the death toll, caused by side-effects of the shots, on the unvaccinated. Deadly side-effects may be explained away as “dangerous variants which had a chance to develop because there are still people who refuse to let themselves be vaccinated!”

If the opposition is successful in doing this, they might get support of a moral majority of vaccinated people to actually introduce forced vaccination worldwide. If this apocalyptic situation would arise, I do not believe that there would be another way to react to this than to defend ourselves by all means necessary against this threat to our liberty and health.

I do not find it easy to say this, and I am not free of inner conflict about it. I am totally in favor of peaceful, none-violent action to achieve freedom for all. Yet what can you do when the violence escalates? I also believe in the right to defend myself, if that is the only way to avoid physical injury or even death. What should I, what should we do if things escalate so dramatically?

I have stated before that I do not have all the answers, and that is still true. That being said, the words of the smartest American alive make a lot of sense to me. “Christopher Langan, who has a genius-level IQ between 195-210, breaks down nefarious vaccine agenda.”

Christopher Langan flat-out states: “Personally, I’m willing if necessary to do severe physical harm to anyone attempting to force one of these injections on me, and the same should be true of any other decent self-respecting person.”

I do not blame him for saying this, and I pray things don’t escalate to the level of forced vaccinations.