The Social Credit System

I have repeatedly stated that what we are currently experiencing is not about our health, but about a power game for more control by the global elite. The great reset has the goal of giving this global elite total control over the people on this planet, a technocratic one world government. One tool to achieve this is the introduction of a “social credit system”, as this is already implemented in China, and tested in several other countries too.

“The social credit system, also known as the Ranking System, is used by China and has already crept into America via the cancel culture and political correctness. China’s goal is to develop a high trust society based on individuals and companies following the law. A numeric score is assigned to individuals and companies that can have a profound effect on personal and corporate life. Those who comply with the imposed social credit system will be rewarded materially and socially. Those who don’t will be penalized.”

The social credit system is the nightmare of everyone who loves freedom, and who truly understands what levels of control a government using this system has over people. It starts with getting a jab. Then you get a vaccination passport. This gets connected and transformed into a digital ID. Then your medical records and bank records are attached to this digital ID. And on top of that your behavior will be monitored, online and offline. Your social credit score will be given based upon this monitored behavior. Your social credit score will then be attached to this mandatory digital ID. The finishing touch, or should I say the final verdict, will be that now you are under full control of those operating the system.

Those who control your digital ID and who decided on what social credit scores should be linked to what kind of behavior, can decide how to reward or punish you. Traveling, shopping, getting a loan, education, healthcare, public transport, and so on, are only accessible when you have the right social credit score. This is really scary. It matches the level of control described in the famous book “1984” by George Orwell. A totalitarian society, worldwide, based on the current experiments being done in China, our role-model for a “brave new world.”

Once you are fully enrolled in this system, as a society, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to break free from it. When do you stop it then? Preferably as soon as possible. Don’t line up for this first jab. Don’t agree to a vaccine passport, just because you want to travel again. Help to fight the levels of censorship and human rights abuses we are now experiencing. Stop the great reset, before we have all become robots in a totalitarian society. The time to do this is now, because the great reset is happening now. This is not a game. And it is right in your face.

Please check out this seven-minute video from James Corbett of The Corbett Report. He made an excellent introduction video about what the social credit system means, and what implications this may have if it is ever implemented worldwide. So please watch and share it.

China Banning People From Transit for Bad “Social Credit” Scores