The Pharma Death Clock

Some people really get offended when you say anything negative about doctors or the pharmaceutical industry. “Come on, don’t be so negative, don’t be so suspicious! They are professionals, they know what they are doing. We can trust them, stop bitching!”

If we forget for a moment about the experimental COVID-19 vaccinations, their negative short-term effects and their unknown long-term effects, there is still plenty of evidence that we should not blindly trust those who are involved in the traditional healthcare system.

If you do some research on “Iatrogenic Disease,” health issues caused by doctors, you will find that only heart disease and cancer kill more people than doctors. No, this is not a joke. These are cold statistics. Iatrogenic Disease: The 3rd Most Fatal Disease in the USA.

There is no reason to blindly trust doctors. There is no reason either to blindly trust the pharmaceutical industry. We are talking about such high numbers, that this cannot be attributed to simple individual human errors. We are talking about structural problems.

One website which presents the problem in an albeit cold but very clear way is the Pharma Death Clock website. Here you find all the statistics, with the source of the info mentioned, of people dying because of medical or pharmaceutical causes. A true wake up call for those who have always trusted the white coat.

Currently, politicians and mainstream media literally offer the marketing materials of Big Pharma to the public as if we are talking about unbiased, scientifically proven facts. A counter movement is necessary, to balance the treacherous propaganda people receive.

Therefore, keep doing your own research. Check out the website below. Do your research on Big Pharma, their history, the lobbying, and the huge criminal fines they have received in the recent past. Don’t trust them blindly. Don’t trust me blindly. Do your research and trust the science.

Visit the Website: the Pharma Death Clock