The Oneness University

After writing so many posts about all the dark things happening in this world, I feel inspired to write something more light-hearted. One of the more positive developments that has come to my attention is the Oneness University, a place to help us to increase our spiritual consciousness.

I believe that underneath all the conflict, the “us against them,” we are all connected. We are spiritual beings who are on a path of re-discovering our spiritual identities. And this is good news! There is another way of looking at the world, as a place of Spiritual Awakening.

“The vision of the Oneness University is to usher in the Golden age of mankind.The founders of the university are divine avatars Sri Bhagavan and Amma. Avatars are born on earth to achieve a specific mission. We had Gandhi who was an avatar for non violence, Beethoven an avatar for music and Einstein and avatar of physics. Amma and Bhagavan specialise in enlightenment and God Realisation. Their sole mission is to end human suffering by bestowing on them a state of oneness with all there is in the universe. A state where there is causeless love and joy and no suffering.”

Maybe most of you prefer to read posts focused on the great reset, and how we can best take action against the roll-out of this form of technocratic tyranny. Yet, I believe that without a bigger and deeper perspective, this limited focus may lead to depression.

I believe this because I have been there. After the 9/11 events, when I started doing a lot of research on the how and why of this event, I got really depressed. Without some kind of spiritual perspective on the matter, I found it very difficult to stay positive and light-hearted.

So why not check this out? I have joined in beautiful meditations and activities of the Oneness movement, and experienced them as blessings. It brought me happiness. I therefore invite you to check out their website and watch the video below to get a good impression of what they are all about. Namasté!