The Most Secure Messenger App – Session

I have written some posts about online privacy before, because it is important. I want to add a post about what I believe is the most secure messenger available at the moment: Session.

“What is Session? Session is an end-to-end encrypted messenger that minimizes sensitive metadata, designed and built for people who want absolute privacy and freedom from any form of surveillance.” Source: Session website. 

Until recently, I thought Telegram was absolutely secure, but Telegram doesn’t offer complete end-to-end encryption of messages, as Session does. Telegram is still a great app for uncensored social media groups, but not as secure for messaging as Session.

Even Signal, one favorite of Edward Snowden, does not offer the level of security that Session offers. For Signal you still need a phone number, and some metadata is sent with the messages. With Session, this is not the case.

Session takes a number of additional steps to protect your identity:
– No phone number is required for registration
– No email is required for registration
– No geolocation data, device data, or metadata is collected
Source: Restore Privacy website.

The Session app works on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. So if you value your online privacy, take a look and check it out!