The Lies of Bill Gates

When you set out to do a deep investigation in vaccinations related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the name Bill Gates keeps popping up. The accusations against him range from Bill Gates being an unethical businessman to Bill Gates being a megalomanic mass murderer.

This is just a short post, based on the first look I took at his character. Not exactly the first look, because twenty years ago when I heard about “The Halloween Documents”, stating how Microsoft planned to undermine the Open Source Movement, I already had doubts about his ethics.

It only took a few hours of research to find three obvious lies which has been told by Bill Gates. As I have always been told, if it happens once, it can be an incident. If it happens twice, it can be a pattern. And if it happens three times, it is a habit. Bill Gates habitually lies, apparently.

These are the first three lies I found related to Bill Gates:

Why Bill left Microsoft.

Bill Gates always told the world that he stepped down from the board of Microsoft to focus more on philanthropy. Now we know differently. “Bill Gates was investigated for a past affair with an employee after the staffer brought it to light in 2019, leading to the founder stepping down from the Microsoft board last year, according to a new report.” 

The Epstein Connection.

Bill Gates has told on record that he had no connection or friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. Yet this is another blatant lie. “Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft and chairman of its board until 2014, was among the powerful men who spent a meaningful amount of time with the sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, according to reporting from The New York Times.”

Event 201 DID take place.

Bill Gates has lied publicly that the Event 201, a general drill for a pandemic and how to respond to it, has taken place. “In October, 2019 Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who, together with his wife, runs the richest and most powerful foundation in the world, co-organised a simulation exercise on a worldwide corona epidemic. Videos were posted documenting the exercise. But intriguingly Gates now denies such an exercise ever took place.” 

I have mentioned the sources for these three blatant lies of Bill Gates, and there are many more ways to check this. And please do so. When you do your own research, you will find out that Bill Gates is a habitual lier. That does not stop him from presenting himself as a savior of the world.

I do not know if all the most incriminating allegations against Bill Gates are true. The deadly vaccine experiments, the Eugenics connection, and the aggressive vaccine promotion come to mind. What I do know is that Bill Gates is not an honest man.

In the current affair called the great reset and the lawsuits against the architects of the great reset, I expect him to end up standing in front of a judge and jury, who will gather all the necessary information and judge Bill Gates in an honest way.