The Information War on COVID-19

This morning I read in the newsletter of “Reclaim the Net” that Joe Biden is thinking about monitoring private chats on encrypted messaging apps, to combat the spread of extremism. It is one of the many things I have seen in 2021 related to censorship and surveillance.

“The Biden administration is reportedly considering partnering with private companies to track ‘extremist chatter by Americans online’ as part of a plan that would allow federal agencies to circumvent the current legal limits on data collection.” 

Reading private encrypted data to ensure the safety of the people? Where does it all stop? It must be clear to anyone who actively follows the developments related to the COVID-19 outbreak and the worldwide lockdowns that there is an information war going on right now.

Censorship, surveillance, and a full focus on keeping the narrative in the center of the public eye. The narrative with which we are still pounded is: “The COVID-19 outbreak is the worst thing happening to us since World War Two. We need to get the entire world vaccinated, and until this has happened, we need these lockdowns to keep us safe!”

It is not innocent that we are still being fed this nonsense. Even though there are more and more people waking up to this scam called “the great reset,” many people still buy into it. That has to do with the basics of communication, explained to us by a master of communication.

Let’s face it. We are in the middle of a worldwide information war. Maybe you cannot describe it as the third world war, as I stated in a previous post. But there is a war going on, and none of us can be neutral. Which side do you want to support?

The good news is that there are many people who will refuse taking the vaccine, which will make the entire plan of using the vaccination strategy to give every member of humanity a vaccination passport very difficult to achieve. This extreme control measure might fail for this simple reason.

The great reset is crumbling to pieces, I believe. But this information war is not over. Another manufactured big crisis may have everyone in fear again, and this time the protesters may be seen as a direct threat to the safety of the ones following the rules. That will make things tricky.

What to do about this? The answer is always the same. You cannot be neutral. So do you research, find good information, and share good information. Help to actively resist the great reset by joining online and offline groups, and taking meaningful action. Thank you!