The Great Clean-Up

One of the most hopeful actions I have seen so far in the battle against the great reset is the “Coronavirus Crimes Against Humanity” lawsuit by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. He is by no means the only one who is taking legal action against the architects of the great reset.

“On 25 May 2021, the Indian Bar Association (IBA) served a 51-page legal notice on Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, the Chief Scientist at the World Health Organisation (WHO), for ‘her act of spreading disinformation and misguiding the people of India, in order to fulfil her agenda.’”

The article of Global Research points out:
“The legal notice says Dr. Swaminathan has been:  ‘Running a disinformation campaign against Ivermectin by deliberate suppression of effectiveness of drug Ivermectin as prophylaxis and for treatment of COVID-19, despite the existence of large amounts of clinical data compiled and presented by esteemed, highly qualified, experienced medical doctors and scientists,’
‘Issuing statements in social media and mainstream media, thereby influencing the public against the use of Ivermectin and attacking the credibility of acclaimed bodies/institutes like ICMR and AIIMS, Delhi, which have included ‘Ivermectin’ in the ‘National Guidelines for COVID-19 management’.’”

I am so grateful for all those warriors who are standing up for the truth! They are the ones who will help to change “the great reset” into “the great clean-up.” The architects of the great reset are now in a position where even the strongest level of censorship cannot hide the truth.

In that sense, the great reset can become a great blessing for all of humanity. Now that the agenda of the global elite is being pushed forward in such an aggressive way, more and more people wake up to the fact that there are sinister forces which run the world behind the scenes.

This critical mass of people who won’t be manipulated anymore, who will rise up against this tyranny, is growing rapidly. And I am confident that this group of people will not only stop the great reset, but will also start the great clean-up and finish it.

This is not the moment yet to celebrate and to become complacent. We have to keep pushing forward. Support this initiative by sharing this information, and see what other kinds of meaningful action you can take today. Thank you for helping to restore freedom to humanity.