The Early Resistance

At times I am wondering why it takes so long to wake up more people to the political game called “the great reset” as it is playing out now. Some of the things that are happening are so clearly out of whack, that anyone who is a bit critical should feel that something is wrong.

I am grateful for the resistance that is rising up now. I am blogging. Some people are protesting whenever they can. Others sign petitions, or organize in online and offline groups to take all kinds of actions to stop the great reset. The resistance is there.

Still, only a minority, about 10 to 20% of the world population, is aware that a big political game is being played. These people know that the world is not run by kings or presidents, but by sinister forces behind the scenes, who influence everyone’s way of life.

Call it the great reset, the new world order, the hidden hand, the cabal, the illuminati, or the power elite. Old money (central bankers) and new money (Big Corp) work together to get a tighter grip on humanity, to gain even more money and power than they already have.

And I realize we are the early ones. We are the early resistance. There are of course people who have warned about this much longer, like Alex Jones and David Icke. Not that I believe every word they have said, but I respect that they have paved the way for this information to be known.

As the early resistance you can expect a lot of backslashes. You are not only faced with the Global Elite, who want to suppress any form of resistance, by any means. Also, the “moral majority” of the world population calls us “conspiracy nuts” and may act very vicious towards us.

Compare it with the first people who started jogging. In the sixties, in the USA, if you were jogging people would think you were crazy. The first joggers sometimes got beer cans thrown at them from passing cars and received all kinds of insults from the people who “knew better.”

Now everyone is doing it, and you are called crazy if you do not want to join. “Don’t you care about your health?” The early trend has become mainstream, and everybody joined in. I am confident that this can happen too with the resistance against the global elite.

So let’s forgive those who don’t see clearly yet. Let’s keep our spirits up in this information war until the early resistance has become the accepted standard. There must be a way in which this world can change for the better, without global elitists, and together we have to find that way.