The Art of Manipulation

Years ago I first read about the use of subliminal messages in movies. You can embed single picture frames in a movie, with a commercial message in it. The conscious mind does not pick up these messages because they come and go too fast, but your subconscious mind does.

“In 1957, the first messages encouraging moviegoers to buy Coca-Cola and popcorn were spliced into movie theater film strips, and audiences did just that.” The experiments showed that if you used these messages, people would buy more popcorn and Coca-Cola during the movie break, completely unaware of the fact that they have been manipulated.

Also, messages which are not hidden this way will be picked up subconsciously. The simple strategy for the success of Coca-Cola used to be: have Coca-Cola in every shop, and have a Coca-Cola sign in every street. And it worked to make this brand a worldwide brand.

I mean, not every time you drive through a street with a Coca-Cola sign your conscious mind will recognize it, but subconsciously you will be reminded about this drink. And the next time you get thirsty, the changes are bigger that you will choose Coca-Cola, being programmed to do so.

Fast forward to 2021. Mainstream media and the big social media platforms are heavily censored. Everyone is bombarded with positive vaccine information, while information about negative side-effects and the lack of need to get vaccinated is being scrubbed.

What will this do to the way you think about the COVID-19 vaccines? If you are not aware of how you are manipulated, consciously and subconsciously, you will line up for a vaccine you do not need, without knowing what the effect of it will be on your long-term health.

If you have the power to bombard humanity with a certain message through politicians, mainstream media, and social media, you can completely shape what is “normal.” It is no longer about what is normal or natural or what makes sense. YOU decide about “the new normal.”

Therefore, an active counter-movement is needed. We are in the middle of an information war, and if we don’t want to lose our freedom and enter “the new normal,” we need to take action. Find good information. Share it online and offline. Take meaningful action.

I am so grateful, whenever I see people take action against the great reset, refusing to give up. Doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists, and laypersons like me. We can change this situation for the better if we unite in peaceful protesting this highly organized manipulation of humanity.