Fascism and The Great Reset

In the Netherlands, starting on the 25th of September 2021, we have an official policy which amounts to medical apartheid. Those who are not vaccinated and don’t want to go along with testing will be excluded from pubs, restaurants, theater, and some other venues.

Medical apartheid. Dividing society into two groups. Of course, this brings up associations with the period of the Second World War, when in Germany there was a strong divide between the Jews and the rest of society. Systematic discrimination through a political system.

Yet, even with this harsh form of discrimination right in our face, many politicians decide to act shocked when people compare this new system to fascism in the war. Those who choose to wear yellow stars with “not vaccinated” are being called disrespectful or worse.

Yet what are the characteristics of fascism? And can we find these characteristics in our current situation? Please check out: 14 Characteristics of Fascism. Looking at these descriptions, we can certainly find parallels between the great reset and fascism.

2. Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights
(Avoiding the “threat of COVID-19” is more important than basic human rights.)

3. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause
(The Unvaccinated are being called the problem and are being discriminated.)

4. Supremacy of the Military
(More and more soldiers are being involved in the great reset, to “keep order.”)

6. Controlled Mass Media
(You hear only one standard narrative in the mainstream media.)

These four characteristics are present, and these are not the only signs that we are currently descending into a world which is ruled in a tyrannical way, not based on human rights and dignity, but on state fascism, aimed at forming a one world government.

The great reset is a merger of corporate power with corrupt government power. And this is fascism. This time the fascism is not limited to a small number of countries, but it is rolled out worldwide. And we have to take meaningful action to avoid a further descend into fascism.

So please do not let the “self-righteous rhetoric” from the people who tell you not to wear a yellow star stop you from making whatever statements that need to be made. Use whatever tools you need to peacefully convey the message that our freedom is under attack. Thank you.

Big Brother in Australia

Those who like me follow the news related to the “COVID-19 pandemic” and the roll-out of the great reset will notice that there are some countries where things are developing ahead of other countries. The whole world is involved, just not exactly at the same pace.

This is, for example, true for Israel. From Israel, we can learn that the two shots will not be enough to reclaim our freedom, as was promised to us.  The whole setup is to get all of humanity vaccinated, and then to have everyone line up on a regular basis for “booster shots.”

Another country which shows us what kind of developments lie ahead is Australia. There a Big Brother state has developed, and people are pushed hard to comply with the latest regulations to control the population. Who doesn’t comply is in serious trouble.

The latest, horrible development is the roll-out of an app which will force people to show the government where they are. Another control mechanism in a world focused on controlling the people, not on keeping the people happy and healthy.

“The app’s name is Home Quarantine SA, and according to reports, all SA residents have been ordered to download it…. The app ensures citizens comply with quarantine orders by contacting people at random and asking them to provide proof of their location within 15 minutes.”
Source: Reclaim the Net

Please do not just think, “Wow, this is horrible what is happening over there!” What is happening in Israel and Australia will soon happen to you, wherever you live, if we don’t take action against these Orwellian measures. See this as a wake-up call, realize what is really happening.

“The great reset” is not about our health and happiness. It is all about control, a big power game, using the COVID-19 outbreak as an excuse. No one who has spent some time doing research on this subject doubts that the great reset is really happening, and it is happening now.

What is also happening is an uprising of the people. Join in this uprising. Take meaningful action. Join demonstrations. Share good information. Take legal action. Take part in civil disobedience. Enough is enough. The cavalry won’t come. YOU are the cavalry!

For Christians, About Pope Francis

I know this post will not speak to everyone, but I still feel the need to write it. As someone who considers himself a Christian, a follower of Jesus, I am alarmed by the statements that pope Francis makes about COVID-19 and the vaccinations.

As stated in the Vatican News, “Pope Francis urges people to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Pope Francis went on to say that getting a Covid jab that is “authorized by the respective authorities” is an “act of love.” 

This should be a wake-up call for all Christians who read the Bible. Authorities? The Holy Trinity is the only authority for those who follow Jesus. God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. Where in the Bible do you find endorsements for following worldly authorities or worldly dogmas?

When Jesus was walking the earth, he was not involved with politics. He was fully focused on spreading the love of God everywhere. He made clear statements that indicate He didn’t want to get involved with worldly affairs, even when His followers wanted Him to get involved.

“Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” And they were amazed at him.” (Mark 12:17, NIV) 

The Pope should be the representative of God on earth, the one who represents and even replaces Jesus in a physical form. Yet our current pope is more interested in worldly affairs, and has strong ties to the World Economic Forum, who are the architects of the great reset.

Would Jesus support this whole vaccination scheme if He was walking the earth today? The same Jesus, Who stepped up to a leper, laid His hands on him, and said, “Be healed!” The same Jesus, Who trusts in God to provide Him with wisdom, healing power and love?

“I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” (Luke 10:19, NIV) 

Worldly affairs versus Godly affairs. Pope Francis versus Jesus. Trusting in Big Pharma versus trusting in God. It should really be clear for those who have eyes to see that Jesus works for God, and pope Francis works for the World Economic Forum. Recruited by the global elite.

If you are a Roman Catholic, please do not be offended. We are all Children of God, and many good things are happening through members of the Roman Catholic church. Just be aware that all the signs are there that your leader has fallen for temptation.

“Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.” (Matthew 10:38-39 NIV)

The Picnic Protests

What do you do when the whole world seems to be getting mad? What do you do when lockdowns become the standard, to push every member of humanity in taking part in a global medical experiment? How do you react to this?

The French have found a rather unique way of dealing with this. When you cannot enter a restaurant because you have more faith in your immune system than in the jabs, you just eat in front of the restaurant! A none-violent yet very clear statement against oppression.

“In order to have a coffee in France, citizens have to prove they’ve had the vaccine. According to the government’s draft bill, restaurants and businesses who refuse to comply will be fined up to €45,000 and proprietors face up to a year in prison.”

“…hundreds of French citizens are seen picnicking in the streets in front of multiple restaurants and bars. According to the OP, the bars and restaurants are “nearly empty” as the crowded streets show the French unwilling to surrender their freedom for the facade of safety.”
Source: sonsoflibertymedia.com

This must put a smile on the face of Mahatma Gandi, as he is looking down on us from Heaven. The concept of peaceful action, civil disobedience, well understood and well executed. No aggressive reactions, but meaningful, peaceful action that gets noticed. Wow!

So please let the video below inspire you to stay inspired to resist developments in the world which don’t serve humanity well. Let it show you how you can take meaningful action without getting violent, depressed, or uninspired. And a big “Thank you!” to the French! Vive la France!


Concentration Camps for the Unvaccinated

What is a “concentration camp?” “A guarded compound for the mass detention without hearings or the imprisonment without trial of civilians, as refugees, members of ethnic minorities, political opponents, etc.”  So concentration camps are not necessary all death camps, as some people believe.

There is a lot of debate about who invented concentration camps. Many believe that either the Germans invented them, or the Boers in South Africa. Yet the first known concentration camps have been established in the USA.

“The US actually has the longest history of concentration camps, starting with the Cherokee forced removal in 1838. …In 1838, the US government established several ‘emigration depots’ at Ross’s Landing, Fort Payne, and Fort Cass.”

Fast forward to 2021. It appears we have not left the horrible history of concentration camps behind us. “CDC COVID Document Discussed Relocating ‘High Risk’ Individuals to ‘Camps’. Warned ‘compliance’ may be an issue when separating people from the rest of society.”

Concentration camps for the unvaccinated. Anyone who would have mentioned this a year ago would have been branded either a conspiracy nut or just crazy. Yet, this is what is currently discussed, by an organisation which is supposed to care about the health of people.

The original document talks about separating high-risk individuals from low-risk individuals. So separating the unvaccinated from the vaccinated. Organized medical apartheid. Plans for organized medical apartheid, with the aid of concentration camps, have been developed.

We all need to be aware of these kinds of developments, I believe. There are not only current measures, but also planned measures, and the end goal of the great reset, a technocratic society. By becoming aware of what is happening, it will become easier to take appropriate, meaningful action.

Please do not let this information discourage you or demotivate you. Freedom loving individuals are doing all kinds of things to reverse the great reset. Wonderful developments are happening too. This just means that the struggle for freedom is not over yet. Thank you.

An Inspiring Speech From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

I have written several posts about Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and about the Worldwide Rallies for Freedom. I am both inspired and grateful for what these guys are doing to reclaim the freedom for everyone, by resisting the great reset peacefully and effectively.

On the 24th of July this year, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich gave a beautiful speech in London, during the Worldwide Rally for Freedom. What I particularly love about this speech is that he talks about spirituality, something humanity has, but which the technocrats lack.

We, the people, may not have the money and power that the power elite has, but we have the numbers, and more importantly, we have the spiritual advantage. This is not just about freedom versus tyranny, this is about the spiritual consciousness we all share.

That is why this is something that we will rise above. We have the spiritual advantage. We have the Light that will abolish the darkness. And I believe we will regain our freedom for all of humanity. Please check out the video below, and if it inspires you, share it. Thank you.

The Escalating Vaccine Push

Anyone who has not been living under a rock for the last two years knows that there is a worldwide push to vaccinate the entire world with experimental vaccines, against COVID-19. And what we are witnessing now is that this push is escalating. The pressure is going up.

You should know that you are not dumb if you choose not to join this experiment. “A new report by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh has found that the most highly educated Americans are also the most vaccine hesitant.”

One thing I wondered about is the extreme push to get everyone vaccinated right now, even in the summer, when flu-like diseases have a smaller influence. What was the reason behind this stepping up of the already pumped-up propaganda for jabs?

I now believe that the reason is very simple. The idea of the propagandists is to tell the world that the unvaccinated are at a higher risk of getting infected, and that the unvaccinated are spreading the disease. And the facts show us the opposite is happening.

The countries which have the highest level of vaccinations are now seeing the most new COVID-19 cases.  The vaccinated get ill more often. The vaccinated are the super-spreaders. Getting a COVID-19 jab is putting you at risk. It is that simple.

The propagandists try to sell their story to the world. A story about “us versus them.” How the unvaccinated put the vaccinated at risk. How everyone should take the jabs and take them fast. All this for the health of every member of humanity, so we can leave the pandemic behind us.

The real reason for the escalating vaccine push is that, if a sizeable group of unvaccinated people now remain unvaccinated for a longer time, the difference in health status of both groups will become very obvious. The unvaccinated will have the lowest risk of health problems.

The propagandists are therefore panicking. If the group of unvaccinated people stay too big, the unhealthy effects of the jabs become so apparent that there may be a massive revolt against Big Pharma and all their henchmen. And I believe that is where we are heading.

It all started with the outbreak of COVID-19, and the promise that a vaccine would be delivered which would give us our freedom back, right? Now we are facing a health crisis which was not solved by the jabs. Even people who have had THREE SHOTS get infected! 

Please resist the vaccine push. The pressure will increase on everyone, but we have to resist. For this fear pandemic to end, for our freedom to be restored, we have to say “No!” to this engineered fear pandemic. Do not give up your health or your freedom, not for any reason.

About Vanguard and BlackRock

If you start to question the standard narrative of the COVID-19 pandemic, and you raise questions, one of the things you will always run into is the question, “How?” If there is really a conspiracy going on, how can this be done, on such a large scale, fooling all of humanity?

It is a valid question. You and I have the right to question politicians, the mainstream media, and all the information that we receive. And everyone to whom we present our ideas and opinions has the right to question what we say. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

The main question about the great reset becomes, “Who has the power to pull this thing off?” The World Economic Forum is presenting the world with the idea of “the great reset,” but who has the power to execute the plan, on a practical level, on a worldwide scale?

If you do your research on this, and you try to find an explanation that makes sense, you obviously need to look at what the most powerful organizations in the world are. The UN? The NATO? No, the most powerful organizations on the planet in 2021 are Vanguard and BlackRock.

Are you kidding me? How come the world is ruled by organizations which the public is mostly not even aware of? How does this work? To get an idea of how such a situation is possible, I highly encourage you to check out the video below, which explains this in detail.

“The smaller investors are owned by larger investors. Those are owned by even bigger investors. The visible top of this pyramid shows only two companies whose names we have often seen…They are Vanguard and BlackRock. The power of these two companies is beyond your imagination. Not only do they own a large part of the stocks of nearly all big companies but also the stocks of the investors in those companies. This gives them a complete monopoly.”

So who could pull off a stunt like the great reset? Vanguard and BlackRock. They have the power; they have the tools to orchestrate such an enormous propaganda exercise, and push the worldwide changes. Please get informed about this by watching the video below.


Aren’t Masks Biohazardous Waste?

The reason I started this blog in the first place was because what I was witnessing in the world made little sense to me anymore. On the one hand, we had the COVID-19 “pandemic,” a relatively mild threat, on the other hand the worldwide lockdowns and fear mongering. There was such a big gab between these two things that it baffled me.

I had to dive into this to find out what was really happening. In my research, I have stumbled over many things that clarified that this is not about your health or mine. And the best explanation I have found, for all this otherwise inexplainable rhetoric, is that the great reset is actually happening, and that this is not a good thing.

Seen from the perspective of the great reset, things made sense again. There is an information war going on related to the COVID-19 outbreak, which is used as an excuse to usher in a technocratic dictatorship. A big game is played, on a global scale, and it is all about the gaining of more power and control for the ruling elite.

Witnessing this power game it also becomes very obvious how flawed the empty rhetoric is related to the COVID-19 outbreak. PCR tests don’t work. The vaccines don’t work. Lockdowns don’t work. The vaccinated even have a higher risk of dying at the moment. The whole narrative of the great reset is falling to pieces as we speak.

One simple thing that caught my attention recently is the mouth mask disposal. IF COVID-19 is such a dangerous disease, and IF these mouth masks are really helpful to prevent the spread, why are people allowed to simply throw the masks into ordinary waste bins? Is this not biohazardous material, if COVID-19 is such a big threat?

“Biohazard waste is short for biohazardous waste and is also known as biomedical waste. Biohazard waste is any biological waste that is potentially infectious.” If COVID-19 is such a dangerous disease, and if the virus is caught in the mouth masks worn by people, shouldn’t we collect these masks in special containers and burn them?

At this moment, mouth masks are being treated the same way you use a tissue when you have a cold. You use it, and then throw it in the bin, or you just thrown it down on the street, if it is too much trouble for you to find a bin. And at some point the waste will be collected, and the streets will be cleaned, after whatever microbes that are on the masks had the time to spread out.

If the COVID-19 pandemic was really “the biggest problem humanity is facing since World War Two,” I am sure that you would find specific wastebaskets for biohazardous materials on every street corner, in every shop, in every office building. Yet this is not the case. COVID-19 is not a very dangerous disease. Mouth masks are just another tool for manipulating you. Wake up!

They Cannot Arrest All of Us

In the discussions about the COVID-19 vaccine push, the lockdowns, and the great reset, one theme pops up increasingly: civil disobedience. Enormous groups of people believe that the only way to resist the great reset is by not complying. I tend to agree with these people.

A very clear and inspiring video about civil disobedience appeared recently on the Internet, and it is going viral, for good reason. “U.S. Senator Rand Paul spoke out this week on Fox News, saying something that those of us in the Alternative Media have been saying for over a year now in regards to medical tyranny: Resist. They can’t arrest all of us.”

Please check out the video below. It contains a powerful message, which ends with this: “We are at a moment of truth and a crossroads. Will we allow these people to use fear and propaganda to do further harm to our society, economy, and children? Or will we stand together and say, absolutely not. Not this time. I choose freedom.”