For Christians, About Pope Francis

I know this post will not speak to everyone, but I still feel the need to write it. As someone who considers himself a Christian, a follower of Jesus, I am alarmed by the statements that pope Francis makes about COVID-19 and the vaccinations.

As stated in the Vatican News, “Pope Francis urges people to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Pope Francis went on to say that getting a Covid jab that is “authorized by the respective authorities” is an “act of love.” 

This should be a wake-up call for all Christians who read the Bible. Authorities? The Holy Trinity is the only authority for those who follow Jesus. God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. Where in the Bible do you find endorsements for following worldly authorities or worldly dogmas?

When Jesus was walking the earth, he was not involved with politics. He was fully focused on spreading the love of God everywhere. He made clear statements that indicate He didn’t want to get involved with worldly affairs, even when His followers wanted Him to get involved.

“Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” And they were amazed at him.” (Mark 12:17, NIV) 

The Pope should be the representative of God on earth, the one who represents and even replaces Jesus in a physical form. Yet our current pope is more interested in worldly affairs, and has strong ties to the World Economic Forum, who are the architects of the great reset.

Would Jesus support this whole vaccination scheme if He was walking the earth today? The same Jesus, Who stepped up to a leper, laid His hands on him, and said, “Be healed!” The same Jesus, Who trusts in God to provide Him with wisdom, healing power and love?

“I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” (Luke 10:19, NIV) 

Worldly affairs versus Godly affairs. Pope Francis versus Jesus. Trusting in Big Pharma versus trusting in God. It should really be clear for those who have eyes to see that Jesus works for God, and pope Francis works for the World Economic Forum. Recruited by the global elite.

If you are a Roman Catholic, please do not be offended. We are all Children of God, and many good things are happening through members of the Roman Catholic church. Just be aware that all the signs are there that your leader has fallen for temptation.

“Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.” (Matthew 10:38-39 NIV)

An Inspiring Speech From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

I have written several posts about Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and about the Worldwide Rallies for Freedom. I am both inspired and grateful for what these guys are doing to reclaim the freedom for everyone, by resisting the great reset peacefully and effectively.

On the 24th of July this year, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich gave a beautiful speech in London, during the Worldwide Rally for Freedom. What I particularly love about this speech is that he talks about spirituality, something humanity has, but which the technocrats lack.

We, the people, may not have the money and power that the power elite has, but we have the numbers, and more importantly, we have the spiritual advantage. This is not just about freedom versus tyranny, this is about the spiritual consciousness we all share.

That is why this is something that we will rise above. We have the spiritual advantage. We have the Light that will abolish the darkness. And I believe we will regain our freedom for all of humanity. Please check out the video below, and if it inspires you, share it. Thank you.

The Oneness University

After writing so many posts about all the dark things happening in this world, I feel inspired to write something more light-hearted. One of the more positive developments that has come to my attention is the Oneness University, a place to help us to increase our spiritual consciousness.

I believe that underneath all the conflict, the “us against them,” we are all connected. We are spiritual beings who are on a path of re-discovering our spiritual identities. And this is good news! There is another way of looking at the world, as a place of Spiritual Awakening.

“The vision of the Oneness University is to usher in the Golden age of mankind.The founders of the university are divine avatars Sri Bhagavan and Amma. Avatars are born on earth to achieve a specific mission. We had Gandhi who was an avatar for non violence, Beethoven an avatar for music and Einstein and avatar of physics. Amma and Bhagavan specialise in enlightenment and God Realisation. Their sole mission is to end human suffering by bestowing on them a state of oneness with all there is in the universe. A state where there is causeless love and joy and no suffering.”

Maybe most of you prefer to read posts focused on the great reset, and how we can best take action against the roll-out of this form of technocratic tyranny. Yet, I believe that without a bigger and deeper perspective, this limited focus may lead to depression.

I believe this because I have been there. After the 9/11 events, when I started doing a lot of research on the how and why of this event, I got really depressed. Without some kind of spiritual perspective on the matter, I found it very difficult to stay positive and light-hearted.

So why not check this out? I have joined in beautiful meditations and activities of the Oneness movement, and experienced them as blessings. It brought me happiness. I therefore invite you to check out their website and watch the video below to get a good impression of what they are all about. Namasté!


Spiritual Consciousness & Freedom

My blog is primarily my reaction to the great reset. It is a log of my research into what is happening in the world, how our freedom is threatened, and how we can best react to this, to restore freedom to humanity. This is what it is, and I want to stick to that as the primary target.

That being said, I recognize you cannot look at freedom and ignore spiritual consciousness. At the risk of losing some of you who may not be interested in this subject, I will from time to time write a blog post about this aspect of freedom as well.

I believe that all the great sages, all religions, and all the Masters of the spiritual paths have the same message. “The world we experience is not the highest reality. What we experience with our senses, and can reason about with our brains, is not the limit of what is possible for us. There is a Spiritual Realm, which you can realize.”

I have always been interested in freedom. I thought it could be found in traveling, for example, backpacking through the world. Yet is recent years I have come to realize that real freedom must be found in an expansion of one’s spiritual consciousness.

As long as I believe I am bound to the body, I will never be completely free. My body, functioning well as it is, is aging, and will one day fall apart completely. Only through finding lasting freedom, through Self Realization, or a spiritual awakening, will I find true freedom.

That does not mean that we should not strive for making all the positive changes that we can make here in the third dimension. It just means that besides these useful transformations, there is an even higher goal of achieving lasting freedom through complete expansion of the spiritual consciousness, remembering that we are, in essence, spiritual beings.

That is the essence of being on a spiritual path. Opening up to the highest goal. We are spiritual beings, awakening from a dream of being caught in time and space as human beings. And we can break free from this dream and share this freedom with everyone. YAY!

To those interested in this subject, but not very familiar with it, I want to extend an invitation. Please read this book, which has helped me a lot to open up to the spiritual realm. It is a great work, written by an amazing Master, and it is available for free below.

Autobiography of a YOGI By Paramhansa Yogananda

“The value of Yogananda’s Autobiography is greatly enhanced by the fact that it is one of the few books in English about the wise men of India which has been written, not by a journalist or foreigner, but by one of their own race and training—in short, a book about yogis by a yogi…. His unusual life-document is certainly one of the most revealing of the depths of the Hindu mind and heart, and of the spiritual wealth of India, ever to be published in the West.”

Download or read Autobiography of a YOGI online.

COVID-19 & The Holi Festival 2021

I was happily surprised that when I looked through all the COVID-19 and great reset messages and social media posts, one colorful message stood out. It was a picture of people in India celebrating the Holi Festival in big groups.

What is the Holi Festival?

“Holi is an annual Hindu festival held in the spring to signify the triumph of good over evil, the end of winter, and the arrival of spring. For many, it is a festival to meet friends, mend relationships, and to forgive and forget. The Holi Festival is sometimes referred to as the Festival of Love or the Festival of Colors.”
Read more.

There are several reasons that I am very happy with this news. The first is that I believe that this is exactly what people who are not in the high-risk groups of COVID-19 should do. Mingle and get in touch with one another. Don’t isolate, celebrate!

Our immune systems work best when we literally get in touch with our world and our fellow human beings. Being challenged with all kinds of microbes, the natural defenses are being strengthened, and a better immunity against all kinds of diseases is the result.

The worst thing you can do to a healthy immune system is to keep yourself isolated, stay at a distance from everyone, disinfect yourself several times a day, wear protective clothes, and make sure everything you touch is disinfected too. This puts your immune system to sleep.

Besides activating our immune system, the festival also symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. The architects of the great reset are pushing forward with all kinds of new fear mongering and control strategies, but here people are already celebrating the triumph of good.

I see more and more initiatives developing as a countermovement against the great reset, and every initiative and celebration is helpful, of course. Good will triumph over evil. All dictators and corrupt systems are in the end destroyed and replaced by something better.

The Holi Festival is also a spiritual festival, and I believe it is good to keep focusing on our spiritual consciousness. I believe we are in essence spiritual beings, created by a Spiritual Creator. Keeping this perspective certainly helps in trying times.

Another thing that is beautiful about this Holi Festival is that it shows the power of the people. Things like these festivals cannot be suppressed. When a big enough percentage of the population doesn’t want to cooperate with government rules anymore, it all stops.

So there are lots of reasons to celebrate! Here is a video without text to show you some more of how the guys in India rejoice with this colorful festival.


Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds

A while ago I saw the amazing movie Bohemian Rhapsody again. During this movie the father of Freddy Mercury talks about “good thoughts, good words, good deeds.” A beautiful expression of being someone who is truly helpful.

The origins of these words are the Zoroaster teachings related to Zarathustra. “Purity is for man, next to life, the greatest good that purity is procured by the law of Mazda to him who cleanses his own self with Good Thoughts, Words, and Deeds.” Read more.

As part of this blog, I want to offer a perspective on what to do when the great reset has been stopped. How do we address what is wrong first and then shape our world into a better one for everyone? Good deeds and good words are important here, but also good thoughts.

Why are good deeds and good words not enough? Are our thoughts not simply a private matter? Yes, and no. Of course everyone can decide which thoughts to value and has the freedom to do so. On the other hand, our thoughts have a manifesting effect, either positive or negative.

In the past, only mystics or those interested in esoteric teachings would talk about the manifesting power of thoughts. And people either believed them or didn’t believe them. That has changed, because science has given us proof thoughts affect everything.

Many experiments have been done related to the manifesting power of thoughts. One of the most famous researchers was Masaru Emoto, who did extensive research on water, and the influence of the consciousness surrounding the water.

“By exposing water to a particular word or piece of music, freezing it, and photographing the ice crystals formed, Dr. Emoto has shown that from beautiful words and music, come beautiful crystals, and from mean-spirited, negative words, come malformed and misshapen crystals.”

It is one thing to believe in the manifesting power of thoughts; it is quite another thing to see this proven is such a straightforward way. Our thoughts influence everything around us. And if we want to have a better world, we will have to think better thoughts. Improved spiritual consciousness.

Maybe it is important for you to hear this. It certainly is important for me to hear this. While doing research for my blog I come across a lot of horrible facts, the darkest side of human nature, so to speak. I have to digest this, but cannot stay there, in this negativity.

I have to look at the positive side of things, the initiatives which bring hope, the constructive things that are being done by those who also want to be part of the solution. Then I can work with happy thoughts while I write and act. Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.

The great reset needs to be stopped, and turned into something better, which I prefer to call “the gentle restart.” Let this gentle restart be brought forth by our good deeds, our good words, and our good thoughts. Together we can make this happen. Thank you.

The Pope and The Great Reset

Recently I heard the Pope is actively involved in telling the world about the need to get vaccinated. He called Coronavirus Vaccinations an Ethical Obligation.  There was even talk about making vaccinations mandatory for everyone who works for the Vatican. 

As a Christian and as someone who resents the great reset, I feel it is my duty to react to this “papal pressure”, which in my opinion has nothing to do with being a Christian or serving God. The pope gets involved here in a purely worldly matter.

Pope Francis has been a guest at the World Economic Forum, the architects of the great reset, and it is clear that he has chosen to join this group. He demonstrates this by his actions, and by the pro-vaccination choice he is making and urges all Catholics to make.

To really understand what that means, and what the function of a pope is in this world, I have to talk about Jesus and Christianity, of course. So at the risk of losing some of you, and offending some Christians and Catholics, I will do this.

The Pope, as the Church Father and as a Christian, should be a leading example of a follower of Jesus, the first Christian. And the only way to fulfill this role would be by taking Jesus the Christ as his role model for all his actions, words, and thoughts.

What did Jesus Himself say about worldly matters and Godly matters? “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” (KJV Mark 12:17) Leave worldly things to worldly leaders, and to God the things that are God’s.

What would Jesus have said about mouth masks and vaccinations? One who was not afraid to touch a leper and heal him? Again, this is made clear in the Bible. “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” (KJV Proverbs 3:5) 

Shouldn’t we be a bit more careful than Jesus? Or has He provided us with the means to be protected when we are doing God’s work? “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” (KJV Luke 10:19)

So the role of a Christian is not defined by getting involved in worldly matters and trusting on medical solutions, but by representing God, trusting in God, and trusting in Jesus to protect us from the negative aspects of the world, while we heal in Jesus’ name and spread the Gospel.

For the Pope to get involved in politics in this way, is clearly a shift away from focusing on God instead of on the world. On top of that, those who are actively involved with the World Economic Forum are aware of the plans for the great reset as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

This means that this Pope is not only more involved with worldly matters than with God and being a Christian, but is also involved with a plan in which human beings will be treated as less than human, let alone as Children of God. This means neither more nor less than that the Pope has fallen for temptation.

If you are a Christian, I strongly urge you to follow Jesus, and to not follow any human being blindly. And to read more about the great reset from the perspective of Archbishop Viganò, someone who genuinely cares for the flock, please read his Open Letter to President Donald Trump.