The Modern Sovereign

In the last fifteen months, during the roll-out of the great reset, it has become abundantly clear how important it is to be as self-sufficient as possible. The better skilled and prepared you are, the more you will be able to resist being manipulated by fear and circumstances.

A conversation with a good friend of mine made this very clear to me. This friend has a colleague who lives by himself in the Netherlands. He had to change from working in a government office to working at home and only received news from the mainstream media.

When my friend visited him, he was very frightened. This man hardly received visitors, being afraid that this would make him seriously ill. All he did was wait for the vaccine to be available for him, hoping that this would end this suffering for him. He saw no other solution.

This happens when you trust your government blindly. You will always be in a position in which you will be easily manipulated, from the cradle to the grave. This kind of slavish obedience to authority has to stop, for the great reset to be halted.

One thing that facilitates the governments of the world in bringing tyranny to the people is the lack of self-sufficiency of most people. And yes, I believe that this is engineered into our society by those who want to have more control over people. But this process can be reversed.

If you look at how in the nineteenth century small farmers in Europe lives, or those who formed the frontier in the USA, you read that they were almost completely self-sufficient. They knew how to build, garden, fish, hunt, and do hundreds of other things to survive and thrive.

Now I do not suggest that we should return to this kind of life-style, but I do recommend that we return to this kind of attitude. We have to become modern sovereigns. We have to learn to rely on ourselves and our local communities again rather than on our governments.

What are some things we can do to become more self-sufficient, to claim our freedom back? What are the practical steps we can take to make this shift? Here are twenty ideas on what you can do to become a modern sovereign.

  1. Learn first aid and increase your knowledge about staying healthy.
  2. Always have a stock of food available in case of emergencies.
  3. Connect with local people to form a supportive network.
  4. Check out alternative news sources rather than just the mainstream news.
  5. Do a survival course to learn the basics of survival.
  6. Prepare a bug out bag and keep it ready at all times.
  7. Learn how to garden, hunt, and fish.
  8. Do a self-defense course.
  9. Get skilled in maintaining your own house.
  10. Buy a gun and learn how to use it.
  11. Learn how to drive and maintain a car.
  12. Learn how to protect your online privacy.
  13. Get in shape and stay in shape.
  14. Quit your addictions to smoking, alcohol and drugs.
  15. Learn how to meditate or consciously relax through yoga or other means.
  16. Connect online to like-minded people.
  17. Lead a healthy lifestyle.
  18. Spend time on learning new skills rather than only on entertainment.
  19. Learn basic plumbing and repair skills.
  20. Connect offline with like-minded people.

Becoming a modern sovereign is as much an attitude as it is an active life-style. I am planning to write a separate ebook about this subject soon, because this shift will be a giant step towards creating a world not ruled by a globalist elite. Become self-sufficient and stay free!

Personal Finance & Personal Freedom

You cannot look at the great reset without looking at freedom, and what it is. What is personal freedom? Besides basic things like having your human rights respected, and being able to travel and to move around freely, this also involves having your personal finances under control.

So this is an article about the basics of financial freedom. If you already know a lot about this, it might be too basic for you. If not, bear with me. The main aspects of personal financial freedom are first to get out of debt (if that applies to you) and second to work with a structured financial system.

If you are really in debt, you are not free. You can end up in a position where you spend your whole life paying off your debt, without every reaching some level of financial independence. A personal bankruptcy of this type can cause you to become a slave to your debt.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are now in a situation where 1% of the world population owns as much as the other 99% combined. How do they do that, this rich 1%? One of the reasons is that they used compound interest to their advantage.

Whenever you have earnings, you will earn interest on your savings, and the power of compound interest works in your favor. Whenever you have debts, you will pay interest on your debts, and the power of compound interest works against you.

This is very basic stuff, but it is important to fully grasp this, because then you will understand the absolute necessity to get out of debt. I am not talking about borrowing money to build a house or start a business; I am only talking about debts related to badly managed personal finances.

The first thing you need to do when you want to find financial freedom is to do whatever it takes to get rid of your debts. Find a job, find a second job, sell stuff you don’t need anymore, look for help, find ways to live cheaper. Get above zero, so compound interest is no longer your enemy.

Once you are above zero, every month, I encourage you to adopt the system which is described in an old book, The Richest Man in Babylon, by George S. Clason. You can download a digital copy for free if here you want more background information.

The system described in this book is very simple:

  • Learn to live on 80% of your income.
  • Save 10% of your income for your pension or unexpected setbacks.
  • Give 10% of your income to charity (tithing).

There are many famous people who use this 80 / 10 / 10 system and are very fond of it. When you have the discipline to get out of debt, you will also have the discipline to learn to live on only part of your income, and then you can make this system work for you.

Maybe you can’t start with living on 80% right off the bat, then do this in steps. 96% for living, 2% saving, 2% giving to charity. Why is it so important to give to charity? Well, besides raising your self-esteem, and quite possibly improving your karma, you will bless the world in a positive way.

It tremendously benefits communities if everyone who can afford it spends 10% of his income on charity, on giving to those who are in need. By doing this, you will live in a better community. You will help to create a better world for everyone to live in.

So if this all applies to you, take a look at your financial situation. Get out of debt, and then work towards using a system to manage your personal finances, in a way that benefits you and benefits the world. This is the path to financial freedom and personal freedom.

Hemp, The Miracle Plant

Of all the plants that grow on this planet, I think it would be hard to find a plant that offers more benefits and uses for us than the hemp plant. One of the things that should be changed to have a brighter future for everyone is to legalize growing it everywhere.

I think most people mainly know hemp for the legal use of marihuana, and for the history of using hemp for making ropes, mainly for the shipping business in the last centuries, when the whole world was redivided by countries with fleets that depended on hemp to function well.

There are many more uses for hemp than these two options, medical use and making ropes. This is a list of many of the additional uses and benefits this wonderful plant has to offer. The list is not complete, but it should give you a good idea of its enormous potential.

Food and Nutrition

“Hemp seeds can be eaten raw, sprouted, or ground into a paste and added to foods. They have a nutty flavor and can be consumed as a healthy mix with other grains, seeds, dried fruits and nuts. The seed is almost as rich in protein as soy; this protein called edestin matches the protein content in human blood. Further processing of the seed produces items such as whole grain, baking flour, protein powder, oil and hemp cake….” Source:


“Hemp uses include making fuel such as bio-diesel. The petroleum industry has embraced the use of hemp in making its products. Ethanol production is also popular in the hemp industry. Hemp biofuel could begin to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels. It can be a great fuel source and alternative to those which cause a multitude of issues for the environment.” Source: 


“Moving towards the use of hemp for paper can help save the world’s forests. Historically, hemp has been used to make paper for thousands of years. It makes a fine quality paper that is naturally acid-free and does not become yellow and brittle or disintegrate over time like conventional paper.” Source: 


“The fashion industry also has plenty of room for innovative hemp use, although this isn’t as new as it may sound. Considered an environmental “super fiber,” people have used hemp to make clothing for several centuries. Using the fibers of the plant, more and more eco-friendly designers are turning to this method of production.” Source:

Construction Materials

“Hemp plant can make strong and durable materials for construction. For example, cement made from hemp uses minerals and core fibers. When hemp is used to make homes, there is stronger resistance to bad weather and less damage incurred during bad weather…. Hempcrete is a mixture of hemp hurds and lime. Hempcrete is commonly used as a material for insulation and construction.” Source: 

As you see, plenty of reasons to grow this lovely plant! In the past, the hemp plant was met with a lot of resistance, for example by the cotton industry, who saw the hemp plant as a threat, and rightly so. This is one of the reasons there are still many laws prohibiting the growth of hemp.

It will greatly benefit us to get rid of these laws, so we can start growing hemp in more and more places. So please pay attention, next time you vote, what your political party thinks about legalizing the growth of hemp, and make sure you support this plant. Thank you!