Endgame – The Movie

Looking at the great reset, I believe a movie made in 2007 gives a lot of good background information about what is happening in the world right now. I don’t know if every word in this movie is completely true, but the general line is. And it is anyway up to everyone of us to take responsibility for doing our own research, rather than following anyone blindly.

Thank you, Alex Jones, for putting together this movie. And thank you for being someone who has been critical about the global elite for a very long time, long before most people started to wake up to the fact that the world is not ruled by kings and emperors, but by sinister forces behind the scenes. We owe gratitude to pioneers like you.

About the movie. “For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can engage their plan to exterminate 80% of the world’s population, while enabling the ‘elites’ to live forever with the aid of advanced technology. For the first time, crusading filmmaker ALEX JONES reveals their secret plan for humanity’s extermination: Operation ENDGAME.” Source: Endgame – The Movie.

Watch the full documentary below (I am sorry, I only found it on YouTube).


The Plandemic – Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

As those of you who follow my blog know, I am highly interested in the “Coronavirus Crimes Against Humanity” lawsuit by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his team, and I have written several posts about it. I recently stumbled upon a video from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich visiting Steve Bannon, host of Bannon’s War Room. 

“Steve Bannon is the former executive chairman of Breitbart News. He also served as CEO of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and as senior counselor to the 45th president.”  In this video, he interviews Dr. Reiner Fuellmich about the planning of the current COVID-19 pandemic by the global elites.

Those of you who are familiar with the “Operation Lockstep” scenario of the Rockefellers won’t be surprised that this plandemic has been prepared for ten years. After interviewing over 110 experts, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his team have the evidence that this has been done, and he will reveal this evidence during his class action lawsuit.

Please watch this twenty-minute video below, and share it with as many people as possible. You cannot force anyone to be interested, obviously, but it certainly concerns everyone. If all of this is true, as I believe it is, then this is the equivalent of world war three. So check it out.

REVEALED: How Globalists Planned the Covid-19 Pandemic for 10 Years


The Great Convergence

James Corbett from The Corbett Report just released an amazing video about transhumanism. In this video James assumes you know already that the “COVID-19 pandemic” is not about our health, but about the great reset.

The great reset is a worldwide power grab by a power elite who want to install a technocratic one world government, with or without our consent. Part of this great reset is a plan to transform human beings through biotechnologies. That is what this video is about.

“Haven’t heard of The Great Convergence yet? Oh, it’s just the plan to merge biology with digital technology and redefine what it means to be human, that’s all. Today on the podcast James covers the biodigital convergence that is already being rolled out and what it means for the future of homo sapiens.”

To understand the great reset, and where this will go if we don’t stop it, it is of critical importance to watch videos like these. Transhumanism literally means the end of humanity as we know it, to be replaced by something else. So please watch and share the video below.


Recommended Movie – Kill the Messenger

A lot has been written about the CIA on alternative media outlets. Operation Phoenix, heroin trade, and MKUltra are just some examples of the illegal things the CIA has been involved with in the past. It is a testimony to the power of the CIA that it still is not dismantled after all its proven involvement in a host of criminal activities.

Besides the alternative media videos and posts, a collection of movies have been made about the CIA in the last decades. And if you are ever wondering why the mainstream media is quite silent about this criminal organization, you should research “Operation Mockingbird.” This will make it clear how much control the CIA has over the mainstream media.

Yet movies cannot always be stopped, so check out this movie. “Kill the Messenger,” is based on a true story. “Journalist Gary Webb, California 1996, started investigating CIA’s role in the 1980s in getting crack cocaine to the black part of LA to get money and weapons to the Contras/freedom fighters in Nicaragua.” Source: IMDB

Gary Webb is a remarkable journalist. What is even more remarkable is that he is the only person I know who killed himself with two bullets in the head. Usually it takes a second person to do this, but the official story is that Gary Webb killed himself. Will we even know if this was true? What we do know is that he was viciously attacked for exposing the truth about the CIA.

I believe that one of the things that can help to stop the great reset is if more people become aware what kinds of organizations are really running the world. And this research has to start somewhere. So please watch the movie, and if you find it valuable, share it. Thank you.

I am sorry to say that I could only find the trailer of this movie on YouTube. I try to avoid this as much as possible, since Google is not our friend. More and more people are moving to alternative platforms, so I assume that in the near future I won’t have to do this anymore.

Watch the trailer of “Kill the Messenger.”


How to De-Google

Recently I wrote the post,“Please Leave Google,” with a lot of tips on how to leave this Big Tech company. I think that most people who have a grasp on how big the influence of Big Tech is on humanity will agree that this is a good idea.

Someone who certainly agrees with this is James Corbett from “The Corbett Report.” I highly recommend checking out his website if you haven’t done so already, because there is a ton of very useful information there related to this subject.

On the 27th of April, James made a video related to Google.
“Today on #SolutionsWatch, James talks to Rob Braxman (The Internet Privacy Guy) about how to de-Google, and why protecting your privacy online is so important.”

Great stuff, so please check out the video below.


An Alternative View on the Pandemic

Between all the propaganda news related to the COVID-19 pandemic, you sometimes find some real pearls of wisdom from established medical experts. Please take 15 minutes to watch a video from Dr. Rodger Hodkinson, who offers an alternative view on the matter.

About Dr. Roger Hodkinson, CEO & Medical Director–MA, MB, FRCPC, FCAP:
“Dr. Hodkinson is the CEO of Western Medical Assessments, and has been the Company’s Medical Director for over 20 years. He received his general medical degrees from Cambridge University in the UK, and then became a Royal College certified pathologist in Canada (FRCPC) following a residency in Vancouver, BC.” Source: westernmedical.ca 

As presented on BitChute under the title: “The Pandemic is Over.”


Visions of the Future

I believe it is clear for most people who have done research in this subject, that what we are experiencing in the world right now is not really about the COVID-19 outbreak, but about the great reset. A big political game is being played by powerful global players.

It is also clear that this is nothing new. It is just increasingly active, invasive, and obvious. Whether you call it the great reset, the new world order, the hidden hand, or the cabal: we are talking about globalists with a lot of money and power playing games behind the scenes.

One person who has done an enormous amount of work and an outstanding job to expose these things is James Corbett, of The Corbett Report. And he has made a new amazing video about what’s in store for us, called, “Visions of the Future.”

“So what do the elitists have in store for humanity? You don’t need a crystal ball, you just need to read their own writings and watch their propaganda videos. Join James on this edition of The Corbett Report podcast as he takes a tour through the future to see the world that the globalists are seeking to create.”
Source: Episode 400 – Visions of the Future (The Corbett Report)

I highly recommend this video. To support the exodus from Big Tech, I ask you to preferably watch it on BitChute. And share it with as many people as you can. Thank you.

Visions of the Future

Recommended Video – The Pushback

On the 20th of March 2021, a worldwide peaceful demonstration was taking place. Hundreds of thousands of people came together in cities all over the world to express their discontent with the current reaction of governments to the COVID-19 outbreak.

An amazing initiative, and what is even more amazing is that the mainstream media hardly reported anything about this massive protest. How can you call yourself a journalist, or a news reporter, when you don’t even want to report world news? Truly baffling.

Because the mainstream media will not spread this type of information, it is up to you and I do do this. We are, whether we like it or not, involved in an information war, in which we cannot be neutral. So I encourage you to at least watch the video and decide if it is worth sharing.

“Produced by Oracle Films, in collaboration with CoviLeaks and independent journalists in over 40 nations – this documentary is an authentic account of what really happened on March 20th, what protestors worldwide were standing against, and why the media went to such lengths to conceal the truth.”
Source: Oracle Films @ Odysee.com

I have also shared this video on my BitChute Channel, and you can watch it below.

Recommended Video – The Great Reset

I love writing, but I know there are many people who rather watch a video than read long stories. For those people I have found a very clear video about the great reset, made by the activist Spiro Skouras. I highly recommend that you watch his video.

“For months we have seen our way of life change dramatically. We have been told time and time again things will never be the same and we must accept the new normal.”

“Now the social engineers have revealed their hand and officially launched their solution to this crisis. The proposed solution is the Great Reset.”

“In this report we examine what exactly is the great reset and who is involved. We also explore what the Great Reset means for humanity as face unprecedented times.”


The Corporation & The New Corporation

Years ago I watched a very provocative and insightful documentary about corporations, and how they influence everybody’s lives. Even though it is made in 2003, the things discussed in this movie are still very relevant toda.

“THE CORPORATION explores the nature and spectacular rise of the dominant institution of our time…. Taking its status as a legal “person” to the logical conclusion, the film puts the corporation on the psychiatrist’s couch to ask “What kind of person is it?” The Corporation includes interviews with 40 corporate insiders and critics…. The film is based on the book The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power by Joel Bakan.”

If you have not seen this documentary, I highly recommend that you do, it is available for free.

The Corporation – Full Movie

To my delight I discovered that a sequel to the original movie is made this year, called “The New Corporation.” Instead of focusing on the corporation itself, this movie focuses on how our world is influenced by big corporations.

“The Corporation (2003) examined an institution within society. The New Corporation reveals a world now fully remade in the corporation’s image, perilously close to losing democracy. We trace the devastating consequences, connecting the dots between then and now, and inspire with stories of resistance and change from around the world.”

The new movie is unfortunately not available for free. For more information about “The New Corporation”, you can check out the official website, and you can check out the trailer.

The New Corporation – Trailer

It is time to ask ourselves what kind of world we want to have, and what kind of role WE want the corporations to play in this. Without our financial support, corporations will not survive. We can all decide how we want to spend our money and monitor what kind of influence our spending has on the world. These are important decisions, so we have to choose wisely.