How Propaganda Works

Sometimes it still baffles me that so many healthy people are voluntarily lining up to receive an experimental vaccine. Even knowing that COVID-19 is not that dangerous for healthy people. Being aware that the long-term side-effects of the jabs are completely unknown.

I also understand that it all boils down to how propaganda works. For more than a year, we have been heavily indoctrinated with these ideas. “COVID-19 is a very dangerous disease. The only solution is to get everyone vaccinated. Until that is done, lockdowns are the best solution.”

It doesn’t take much research to understand that these statements are three blatant lies. Yet in the end it does not matter what is true or not true, for those who are orchestrating the great reset. All they have to do is ensure that the message that they want to get across is repeated often enough.

That is just how propaganda works. Repeat until believed. And I have a very personal experience which has proven to me that this is true. It is related to my love for running, and how I have been manipulated by the running shoe industry in the past, when I did not understand propaganda.

When I started running, I read everywhere that you need good running shoes, because without these shoes, you are bound to get injured. I bought expensive shoes, and despite these shoes, I got runners knee and other injuries.

Even with these injuries, I was still indoctrinated. When I talked with people about running, I told everyone what I had heard. That you need these expensive shoes to run safely. And all that changed one day when I read about barefoot running.

Intrigued by this idea, I tried barefoot running, and all my injuries disappeared. I ran thousands of kilometers ever since, without shoes, injury-free, after ditching the running shoes. Because unless you are living in an arctic climate, you don’t really need shoes for healthy walking and running.

Doing some more research, I found out that the running shoe industry is completely aware that these cushioning running shoes are causing injuries.  This industry is based upon creating an artificial need, the “need for cushioning myth,” and marketing this need.

“Wearers of expensive running shoes that are promoted as having additional features that protect (e.g., more cushioning, ‘pronation correction’) are injured significantly more frequently than runners wearing inexpensive shoes (costing less than $40).”

We are born and build to run, and don’t need cushioning. This only causes injuries. Yet the marketing departments don’t want to change the winning strategy of the “shocks to the body” propaganda. It is not about the health of the runners, it is only about making money.

Exactly the same is happening with the current orchestrated hype around the COVID-19 outbreak. And because of my own experiences with being manipulated, I better understand how it works. If you are seen as a trustworthy party, everything you repeat will be believed. These are some statements which our politicians and the mainstream media keep repeating nowadays.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest problem the world has faced since WW2.”
“Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin don’t work against COVID-19 infections.”
“There are hardly any negative side-effects with the new COVID-19 vaccinations.”
“Anti-vaxxers are a danger to our society, because of the lies they spread.”

All complete and utter nonsense. But people believe it, because of the repetitive nature of the message. And I can look with compassion at all those manipulated people, who think I am crazy for not taking the vaccine, because I once was in their shoes. I am now grateful that I have learned this lesson, about how propaganda works, in a different way.

That does not mean that I will stop blogging, that I will stop taking action. Now this is more important than ever. We are fully engaged in an information war, and if we remain passive, the outcome looks very bleak for humanity. So please keep taking action with me. Keep finding good information, and share it with everyone. Be the anti-dote to this unethical propaganda. Thank you.

The Art of Manipulation

Years ago I first read about the use of subliminal messages in movies. You can embed single picture frames in a movie, with a commercial message in it. The conscious mind does not pick up these messages because they come and go too fast, but your subconscious mind does.

“In 1957, the first messages encouraging moviegoers to buy Coca-Cola and popcorn were spliced into movie theater film strips, and audiences did just that.” The experiments showed that if you used these messages, people would buy more popcorn and Coca-Cola during the movie break, completely unaware of the fact that they have been manipulated.

Also, messages which are not hidden this way will be picked up subconsciously. The simple strategy for the success of Coca-Cola used to be: have Coca-Cola in every shop, and have a Coca-Cola sign in every street. And it worked to make this brand a worldwide brand.

I mean, not every time you drive through a street with a Coca-Cola sign your conscious mind will recognize it, but subconsciously you will be reminded about this drink. And the next time you get thirsty, the changes are bigger that you will choose Coca-Cola, being programmed to do so.

Fast forward to 2021. Mainstream media and the big social media platforms are heavily censored. Everyone is bombarded with positive vaccine information, while information about negative side-effects and the lack of need to get vaccinated is being scrubbed.

What will this do to the way you think about the COVID-19 vaccines? If you are not aware of how you are manipulated, consciously and subconsciously, you will line up for a vaccine you do not need, without knowing what the effect of it will be on your long-term health.

If you have the power to bombard humanity with a certain message through politicians, mainstream media, and social media, you can completely shape what is “normal.” It is no longer about what is normal or natural or what makes sense. YOU decide about “the new normal.”

Therefore, an active counter-movement is needed. We are in the middle of an information war, and if we don’t want to lose our freedom and enter “the new normal,” we need to take action. Find good information. Share it online and offline. Take meaningful action.

I am so grateful, whenever I see people take action against the great reset, refusing to give up. Doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists, and laypersons like me. We can change this situation for the better if we unite in peaceful protesting this highly organized manipulation of humanity.

About Marc van Ranst

Marc van Ranst, a virologist from Belgium, was in the news the last couple of days because he had to go in hiding, after receiving death threats. “Belgian police are searching for a heavily armed man who is on the country’s terror list for sympathizing with the extreme right, after they say he made threats against one of the country’s top virologists and others.” Source: Politico EU 

I do not condone violence. Even though I realize there are many top scientists who support the great reset with their influence and reputations, only for the gaining of power and money, this is still no excuse to use violence to end the great reset. I do not condone violence.

That being said, I understand that there are individuals who draw the attention of those who are frustrated with the way they are being manipulated in this big political game called the great reset. And Marc van Ranst has put himself center stage with a highly controversial video.

In this video Marc van Ranst basically shows people how you can manipulate the whole population of a country to become fearful about a virus, and how you can influence their behavior during a pandemic, real or perceived. This is a short version of this video.

How to Sell a Pandemic?

This is not a fake video. All the material is taken from the original video, as it is posted on the European Scientific Working group on Influenza website, under the title, “Marc Van Ranst–Communication and public engagement.”

Please check out this material, because it sheds a lot of light on how elitists, people who work on the highest levels of politics, businesses, or scientific institutions relate to the average person, and how they think the average person should be addressed.

The arrogance and disdain which Marc van Ranst is displaying is not an excuse for violence. The solution to the great reset is still to take meaningful action.  And if you have more ideas on how to peacefully and effectively resist the great reset, then please let me know.

The Problem Reaction Solution Method

What do you do if you are already in a position of power, and you want more power? It doesn’t matter whether you want more money, more legal power, a greater obedience of the people you have power over, or all of this. What do you do to achieve this?

Obviously, you cannot just say, “Hey, I love this power trip that I am on right now, will you support me in stepping this up?” This won’t work. Then what will work? A proven method to gain more power is the plot of the problem, reaction, solution, also called the Hegelian Dialectic. They named it after the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

The Hegelian Dialectic is a framework to guide our thoughts and actions to a predetermined solution.
1) The government creates or exploits a problem blaming it on others.
2) The people react by asking the government for help willing to give up their rights.
3) The government offers the solution that was planned long before the crisis.

To give you some examples, I wrote in my post about false flag operations,  that the Gulf of Tonkin attack was a manufactured problem used as an excuse to have a war with Vietnam. The Military Industrial Complex profited greatly from this war. Americans paid for it with taxes, and many young men with their blood.

In the current situation, a relatively minor problem (the COVID-19 outbreak) is blown out of proportion by the way the mainstream media and politicians react to it. The resulting lockdowns and changes in laws result in a significant increase of power for governments worldwide, and insane profits for Big Corp. As Edward Snowden warned, these changes may remain in place long after the crisis is over.

It is crucial that you are (or become) aware of this type of manipulation, because it has been used repeatedly by those in power, and it will most likely be used again. If you are not aware that you are being played, you will voluntarily hand over basic human rights.

Why is this even more important at this time, the beginning of 2021? It becomes clear that the great reset, as it is rolled out, in confronted with a lot of opposition. Roughly one third of the people won’t take the vaccine, for example, and this sabotages the whole plan already.

It is to be expected that the architects of the great reset will manufacture another crisis. It can be anything, an economic crisis, an environmental crisis, social unrest, fake terrorist attacks, you name it. Anything to keep people in fear, looking to the authorities to solve the problem.

So stay aware of what is happening. Do not let yourself be manipulated by anyone. Take meaningful action. Join with like-minded people in offline and online groups. Keep your spirits high, and your eyes and ears open. Thank you for joining in resisting the great reset.

The Danger of Passivity

Recently I talked to a friend who mentioned she knows several people who are strongly against the things that are happening related to the great reset. These people told her they really believe that the masses have to be awakened, and they are very active and passionate about it.

Now I do have a blog, but I have to admit, I don’t spend my whole day talking to people about the situation I believe we find ourselves in, and how we can get out of this mess. Somehow, I am still reluctant to do this, because I don’t want to be too pushy towards people.

Pondering this inner conflict, about the free will of people on the one hand, and the clear and present danger of the great reset on the other hand, I came to the conclusion that I have to become far more active in this. This is the time to take action against the evil forces.

One thing that changed my mind is the sad news that pops up at least once a year in the Netherlands. Someone is beaten up on the streets by one or more people. Lots of people are just watching, afraid to intervene. The victim then gets a kick too many against his head, and dies.

Every year this happens at least once, some years this happens several times, and there is always a public outcry. How could this have happened? Why did nobody do anything? As always, I have to look at myself. What can I do differently? How can I be more helpful in the situation I find myself in?

I now see I have to become far more active as an activist blogger. Reach out more. Engage more people. Send out more emails. And in my private life, take more opportunities to talk about the great reset, what is happening, and how we can together change this for the better.

When I talk about the danger of passivity, I am talking about myself, and maybe you too. Maybe you also recognize that powerful forces are unleashing their undemocratic intentions on the planet, and that they need to be stopped. Someone has to do that.

If you also believe there is a great need to take meaningful action then please join me in doing this. Let’s both become more active. Let’s get inspired to become more active in changing things for the better. Let’s get busy and let’s speak up. Thank you!

The Hunger for Power

A story that keeps popping up in the news is about the death of a Belgium student who died during an initiation ceremony from the notorious Belgian Reuzegom Club. “Sanda Dia, 20, died from a heart attack which doctors believe was brought on by salt poisoning.” 

There are many reports in the media, criticizing the mild punishment that the students involved in the hazing that lead to his death received. A cry for justice has gone out, and the family of Sanda Dia has started a trial against those responsible.

“The case surrounding the death of Dia (20) has been horrifying all of Belgium for a long time. During his hazing, the student had to sit in an ice bath and drink fish sauce, which caused his body temperature to drop to 27.2 degrees and his organs to fail due to excessively high salt content.” Read more. 

I understand that this is horrible for the family. And yet, what really caused his death? Can you really call this an accident? What caused this young man to die way before his time?

There are many people who study and who never join these old-fashion student clubs, which are known for their harsh initiation rituals. Hazings like this have already been done for decades, if not longer. But these clubs are always entered on a voluntary basis.

What kind of people actually volunteer for this? What is the reason that there are those who are willing to undergo humiliation and even risk their lives to be able to join such clubs?

I have read reports stating Sandi Dia wanted to have a network of people where he lived, therefore joining this club seemed to be a good idea. This is almost always the reason people join. For building a network of friends and powerful business relationships which will serve you during and after your studies.

So what does it all boil down to? The hunger for power. Accept the discomfort and humiliation of the hazing of such clubs, because helped by these clubs, you can hitchhike your ride to the top levels of society. Pay the entry price, don’t think too much about it, and you are sorted.

Was this guy really killed by hypothermia combined with drinking too much fish oil, or was he killed by the hunger for power, combined with the willingness to let elementary human values go? I believe his hunger for power plus the voluntary dropping of human values killed him.

Don’t get me wrong. I would be grateful if he was still alive. I just don’t believe it was an accident. I believe it is naïve to just call this a racist incident or a terrible accident. Many if not all ills of the world, including the death of Sandi Dia, are caused by exactly this unethical hunger for power.

The reason I bring this up is that right now we are in a time when power-groups with very questionable ethics seem to have a greater and greater influence on our lives. Groups like the World Economic Forum, the Bilderberg Group, or the Trilateral Commission, just to name a few.

There is a clear parallel between elitist student groups and these elitists think tanks. If you want to rise to the top of the human power spectrum, and if you want to become a millionaire in the process, these kinds of “good old boys networks” are your ticket to the absolute top.

Every successful and ambitious politician, CEO, or top academic who wants to move ahead in the world, is sooner or later invited into one of these groups. And if you are willing to support the written and unwritten agenda’s of these groups, you will keep rising, no doubt.

The price you have to pay for this is that you will no longer be serving your voters, your customers, or you students as the primary goal. On the surface it will look like you do, but you will primarily serve the agenda of the think tank, however ethical or unethical that may be.

So besides thinking carefully which student bodies you want to join during your study, think carefully what kind of “professional organizations” you want to join after your study. Most importantly, think about what kind of effect this will have on your world and on your soul. There is obviously more to life than gaining power.

Some more food for thought….

Group Psychology – Common Enemies

I recall that during my student days, a psychology teacher once said, “It is really not difficult to unite a group of people. All you need for this is to have a common enemy.” The recent COVID-19 outbreak has brought my attention back to this statement.

The “common enemy idea” to manipulate sizeable groups of people is of course nothing new. The most horrible example I can think of is the Second World War, when the jews were used to unite the German people under a dictatorship responsible for the Holocaust.

After the second world war, the USA and much of the NATO was strongly united because of the threat of communism, which was widely spread through politicians and the mainstream media. The new enemy took the place of Adolf Hitler and served the Military Industrial Complex well.

In the 70s, the Club of Rome was created, with the goal of “Holistic, long-term thinking for a better future.” With a good understanding of mass psychology, the Club of Rome looked for a common enemy to unite humanity, and found one: man!

In a report called “The First Global Revolution” from the Club of Rome, which you can read in full online you can read the following quote on page 75:

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

If you forget about the ethical aspects of this statement for a moment, you have to see that from a psychological point of view this is a brilliant move. How else can you unite all of humanity, except by creating a common enemy which threatens everyone alike?

This is the reason why subjects like global warming are in part politically motivated. Yes, there are real and big problems with the environment on this planet. These problems are also being used to manipulate us, with fear-based rhetoric, by those who understand group psychology.

Fast forward to 2020. Another “common enemy” was found by the World Economic Forum. COVID-19. It does not matter that this is not Ebola or the Plague, but a much milder flu-like disease. With a lot of fear mongering, you can instill enough dread in everyone to portray such a disease as the common, worldwide enemy.

Once there is a common enemy in place, it is much easier to manipulate people. We all want to be accepted by our peers. And you are irresponsible and even stupid if you do not recognize the dangers. You are anti-social, an outcast, if you do not adapt to the general guidelines and practices related to the new threat.

To make the “common enemy” plot work you have, the level of fear has to be increased significantly. Those who are “under threat” must believe that this new common enemy can take away their health, their possessions, and their lives, if the “common enemy” is not slain.

Then, once the common enemy is recognized and the fear levels are high, you have to ensure that nothing distracts the people from this situation, lest people snap out of the “mass hypnosis” and start to develop critical thinking skills again, because that would ruin the game you play.

If you love power, that is how you use real or imagined common enemies. If you love freedom, you help people see what the group psychology behind this kind of manipulation is, and how they can become free again. I love freedom and am here to help humanity to resist the great reset. Please join me in this resistance.