Climate Change Fear Mongering

In a previous post I mentioned that there are two sides to the whole climate change story. On the one hand, we cannot treat our planet the way we have been doing it for the last hundred years. On the other hand, the idea of climate change is being used as a political tool to get more control over the population.

The theory of climate change has serious flaws, and when Michael Crichton started to discuss these flaws, he was severely attacked by the henchmen of those who want to use the climate change narrative to control humanity. This did not stop Michael Crichton from saying what needed to be said. He did not change his point of view because of the pressure he experienced. And those who reviewed his sources and claims proved him right!

“In an extensive analysis of State of Fear presented below, the president of The Heartland Institute, Joseph Bast, catalogues all of Crichton’s scientific claims, checks them against peer-reviewed literature, and finds Crichton’s science was as strong as his narrative skills. Crichton was right, and thanks to his popularity as a novelist, millions of people around the world now know that global warming is not a crisis.”

Recently we have seen a new climate change report appearing. “Climate change is widespread, rapid, and intensifying, and some trends are now irreversible, at least during the present time frame, according to the latest much-anticipated Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, released on Monday. …nothing less than ‘a code red for humanity.’” 

What is really interesting to see is what happens with those who question these kinds of reports, with those who don’t eat these theories like candy. “A Swedish politician who suggested that the UN’s ‘code red’ climate report was “scare propaganda” was subsequently forced to resign from her political party.” In our current world, you can only survive politically when you don’t question the climate change narrative, even if you have valid questions.

There are many people on alternative media channels who proclaim that climate change is a fraud. That the only reason we are hearing about it is because the global elite needs humanity to be in fear, to better control and subjugate everyone. I am seriously questioning the climate change story that the mainstream media tries to feed me. There is just too much fear mongering going on related to environmental issues, and not enough room for debate.

I believe that when the treat of COVID-19 gets less, the fear mongering will continue, this time with a focus on global warming. There are those who want to keep humanity in fear to roll out the great reset, and they will not only use COVID-19 for this but also global warming. I do not have all the answers on this topic, but I encourage you to keep questioning every fear narrative. I will keep doing my own research and encourage you to do yours. Thank you.

Police Violence in Germany

Worldwide, more and more signals of increased police violence are surfacing. A general trend is that those who demonstrate for LGBTQ rights or against racism are not treated as harsh as those who demonstrate against COVID-19 lockdowns, even if the latter protest peacefully.

I believe this is a political choice. When the leaders of a country tell the leaders of the police to act strongly against a certain group, to discourage further protests, then this will be passed down the ranks and executed as such. Discouragement of protests through increased violence.

Recently, we have seen two extreme examples of escalating police violence in Germany. If you are going to attend protests in Germany, you should be aware of this. Be careful, and be sure to take pictures and videos during protests, to ensure violent acts don’t go unpunished.

The first “incident” was when an elderly lady was thrown to the ground harshly by a German police-officer. This was caught on video and shared on Twitter and other platforms. This video even led to questions from the UN special rapporteur on torture, as it should.

The second “incident” was even more shocking to me. Police officers arrested a man, and then one of them deliberately closed the mouth and nostrils of the person arrested with his hand! Totally incredible. One might expect this to happen in China or North Korea, not in Europe.

The Telegram channel of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich showed pictures of the man who was molested like this and advised him to take legal action against this deed. I believe that everyone who is confronted with police violence in Germany should take legal action. This is outrageous!

I called these two happenings “incidents,” but of course these are not incidents. There is a powerful push from above, on the German police force especially, to go down hard on the people who are demonstrating for their freedom. Germany is getting more tyrannical by the day.

This is not just restricted to Germany, although things are more extreme there than in the Netherlands, for the time being. The Great Reset is still being pushed on the whole world population, and just sitting by and doing nothing while our freedom evaporates is not an option.

So please keep taking action. Join demonstrations and make photos and videos. Share good information. Sign petitions. Take legal action. Start a blog. Talk to people. It is time to rise up against the powers which want to turn this world into a dictatorship. There is no time to waste.

The World’s Biggest Genocide?

There is a question that keeps haunting me, as I am doing more and more research for this blog. It is this: “Why is the Holocaust seen by most people in the world as the biggest genocide that ever happened?” How is this so firmly established into the public perception?

I mean, if you go to any browser, use any search engine, and look for “World’s Biggest Genocide,” you will soon be confronted with horrible facts about the regime of Mao. The Holocaust really isn’t the number one crime against humanity in our history.

‘According to the authoritative “Black Book of Communism,” an estimated 65 million Chinese died as a result of Mao’s repeated, merciless attempts to create a new “socialist” China. Anyone who got in his way was done away with — by execution, imprisonment or forced famine.

65 million people! Holy mackerel! Most of these people died during “the Great Leap Forward,” one of the big reforms which Mao forced upon the people in China. And I do not know why I was hardly told about this stuff during my history lessons in high-school. That the cultural revolution in China was the biggest genocide ever.

No, I was again and again pounded with information about the second world war, the Holocaust, the nazis, the “worst thing that ever happened in the world.” And now I am wondering: “How does someone who kills ten times the number of people Hitler killed, remain less notorious?”

I believe that there are three reasons for this situation. I am not 100% sure of these reasons, so if you have an alternative idea or more information to enlighten me, please contact me. But these three reasons keep popping up during my research.

The first reason is that there are a lot of people in the Jewish community worldwide, who have big financial means. Therefore, they can promote all kinds of initiatives to ensure the Holocaust is not forgotten, to remind people that this should never happen again. And that is absolutely true.

The second reason is that the world more and more depends on China for the production of cheap products. Even though human right abuses continue to this day in China, world leaders and heads of states in general only engage in some symbolic statements about these facts. Nobody wants to offend the Chinese government for this reason.

The third reason is that China is now seen by the World Economic Forum as the “model state” for humanity. This is how the whole world should be governed, with a One World Government, that knows how to deal with the people, in a totalitarian way. And it is difficult to see a country as a model if you know how many of their own people they have killed.

I am grateful that there are those who put things in perspective, like Kel Fabie on 8list. ANY genocide is horrible, don’t get me wrong. But in these days, when the great reset is rolled out, it would be good to get a clearer picture about what kind of regime the WEF is so enthusiastic about.

All Lives Matter

When I first heard about the Black Lives Matter movement, after the death of George Floyd, I thought it was a very positive movement. I even shared a post about it on my Facebook account. Now I have both left Facebook and changed my mind about the BLM movement.

After reading more news about the BLM movement, it became clear that the values on which this movement are based are not humanistic. This is not about ending racism, but about promoting a militant activism for black people, as a separate group. And for me, all lives matter.

There are persistent rumors that the BLM is nothing but another tool to disrupt society, and meant to serve as another way to facilitate the great reset. And sponsored for that reason by George Soros, as was suggested in the Fall of the Cabal. 

This was also suggested in an article in the Herland Report: 
“It looks like it pays off for Black Lives Matter to serve the interests of the ultra-rich, which seems to be to divide the American population into sub-groups according to race and color of skin–an archaic racist attitude also practiced among the NAZIS–and make everyone hate each other.”

Until it is clearer for me where BLM stands, I will stick to the “All Lives Matter” slogan. And it is a danger sign that there are BLM supporters who are offended by this. How could you be offended by such a general humanistic statement, unless you have a hidden agenda?

Perhaps the most revealing statement comes from someone who has actually been part of the BLM and left. What he has to say boils down to the simple fact that BLM doesn’t care about black people. Check out his statement below and decide if you (still) want to support BLM.

“A Black Lives Matter chapter founder in Minnesota has resigned, claiming that the organization isn’t concerned about helping black communities or helping improve the education quality in Minneapolis, according to a video published last week.”

Who Rules the World?

Years ago I stumbled upon a quote which really opened my eyes. This quote pointed out that those who we believe rule the world, like presidents and kings, don’t really rule the world. There are people behind the scenes who really rule the world.

When I did more research, I found out that those who are pulling the strings behind the scenes are not silent about this either. As James Corbett recently pointed out, these things are not kept secret in clouds of mystery, the ones in power talk quite openly about it.

To understand who rules the world, it must be clear first that if you have vast amounts of money, you can buy vast amounts of influence, through lobbying, think tanks, bribing, propaganda, legal action, and so on. Those who own the money rule the world.

I think very few people are truly aware that the people behind the central banks actually hold the power to rule the world from behind the scenes. Neither do they know how much this system of central banking, fractional reserve banking, is rigged for the rich and against the common man.

In this seeming hopeless situation, with the cards heavily stacked against us, there is hope. Good will always overcome evil. When enough people become aware of this injustice, and take meaningful action, I believe things WILL change for the better.

A Republic or a Democracy?

I was brought up with the idea that democracy is the highest form of government, the most just and the most honest. I literally didn’t doubt that this was true for the first thirty years of my life, fully convinced that every other form of government was inferior to democracy.

Then one day I stumbled upon a quote that really made me think about this ideal of democracy. “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb, voting on what to have for lunch.”(Most-often attributed to Benjamin Franklin)  In this situation, things don’t look good for the lamb.

This is of course a situation we recognize in democratic countries all around the world. Minorities have little to say about what is happening in politics, and are often marginalized, ignored, or discriminated against. Democracy only works really well for the majority.

If a democratic system is not the solution, then what is? I am leaning more and more towards the system of the republic. The main reason for this is that when you set up a republic, as they did this in the USA, there is far more focus on individual sovereignty.

Yes, all kinds of decisions are made by the elected officials, but they always have to be in harmony with the constitution, which cannot be violated. This limits the power of the government, which is exactly the reason the constitution was written in the first place.

Discussing the pro’s and cons of democracies versus republics immediately gets us to the core of the matter. Are the people there to serve the government, or is the government there to serve the people? If serving the people is the goal, then the power should be given to the people.

Source image.

In the Netherlands we have seen many strange things happening in recent years. Backroom deals to join the European Union. The government lying about the presence of nuclear arms on Dutch soil. Massive spying on the Dutch citizens by the Dutch intelligence agencies. And so on.

The Netherlands is a democracy, with a government which is hardly restricted in its actions, as for example recent changes in the laws related to the evening curfew show us. Would all the things that I mentioned also have happened in a republic where people really have some power?

I believe it is time to evaluate what we should do after the big clean-up, which will have to follow the end of the great reset. I think the Netherlands should not be a democracy and monarchy anymore, but become a republic. And maybe all other countries should become republics too.