About Herd Awakening

After having this blog for about three months, I believe it is time to evaluate what I am doing. My goal is still the same. I am a concerned citizen who sees a big gap between the COVID-19 outbreak on the one hand, and the worldwide lockdowns and fear mongering on the other hand.

This gap did not make any sense to me, and therefore I started to investigate. Quite quickly I came across the idea that the COVID-19 outbreak is used as an excuse to make big political changes, turning this world into a technocracy. The great reset was being orchestrated.

So far everything I have read, viewed, and discussed points to this great reset. Think tanks like the World Economic Forum, support by high-ranking politicians, the mainstream media, and Big Corp, are all involved in making these undemocratic changes to the world as we know it.

At the same time, the majority of people do not believe that this is true. They trust their governments, are willing to get an experimental vaccine, and in general do whatever they are told. Even extreme measures like mask wearing and evening curfews are followed obediently.

I really looked at how I can reach this big group of people. What are they thinking? What is their state of mind? For me it is obvious that a big political game is being played, because COVID-19 is not an extreme threat, like a worldwide Ebola outbreak would be.

Pondering this, I thought about the Japanese soldiers who remained on the islands in the Pacific after the second world war had already ended. There are many documented cases of these soldiers, cut off from the world, who stayed there believing the war still went on.

Imagine that! Staying for years or even decades on an island, living in your own world, in which you are still a Japanese soldier who has to obey the Emperor. Cut off from any alternative ideas. For the men who have been left behind in this situation, the worldview is like this:
– The Second World War is still going on.
– Japan is part of the Axis and is bound to win the war.
– Anyone who is related to the Allies is an enemy, to be shot on sight.
– Good soldiers don’t leave their posts, unless ordered to do so.

Those people who think that there is nothing strange going on in relationship to the COVID-19 outbreak, are also living in an outdated reality. I believe many people who only watch mainstream media have a worldview which is completely mistaken too. I think that in general they believe:
– The big TV networks and newspapers bring unbiased facts about the world to the people.
– The pharmaceutical industry is well regulated and sincerely concerned with people’s health.
– Politicians are truly there to represent their voters, to make this world a better world for them.
– Good citizens simply do what their governments tell them to do, this is best for everyone.

Amazing, isn’t it? In my world, the mainstream media is heavily influenced by Big Corp and the intelligence agencies of this world, deciding which news should be made public. And Big Pharma is a greedy and completely unethical monster, unconcerned with our health.

Politicians are recruited into think tanks like the WEF, Bilderberg, and the Trilateral Commission, and in exchange for gaining more money and power, they are asked to represent the agenda’s of these think tanks, not the wishes of the voters who put them in office.

The idea that good citizens simply do what their governments tell them to do, that this is best for everyone, is the most dangerous idea of all. I can say lots of things about this, but I cannot beat the way Albert Einstein addressed this.

What can you and I do to help people become aware of the great reset? After a lot of thinking, I believe that it has to be simple. Keep communicating with everyone, online and offline. Spread good information. Find channels which will not censor your efforts to be truly helpful.

Do not invite people to blindly follow what you say, after a life-time of blindly following the governments. Invite everyone to do their own research, from a wide range of resources. That should really be enough to change everyone’s mind about this big fear show presented to us.