First Ebook – About Medical Apartheid

I am proud and happy to announce that I have written my first ebook related to my blog, “The Gentle Restart.” It is a short ebook full of practical information about how to deal with “Medical Apartheid” a.k.a. “Vaccine Apartheid.”

We are in the middle of the “COVID-19 pandemic.” There are very powerful players promoting the experimental vaccinations for COVID-19. Those who do not want to comply, for whatever the reason, are put under a lot of pressure to get the shot.

On the Internet, more and more stories are popping up about individuals who experience discrimination based on the choice of not getting vaccinated. From negative comments to people being fired from jobs, and even people being physically threatened.

The apartheid in South Africa has been abolished years ago, but now we have a new form of apartheid. Medical Apartheid a.k.a. Vaccine Apartheid a.k.a. Apartheid 2.0 refers to the discrimination of the unvaccinated by governments, businesses, and individuals.

From my research, I conclude that at least 10 to 20% of the people on our planet are totally sure that they don’t want to get these experimental jabs, no matter what kind of pressure is applied to them. This group of people, to whom I belong, will be confronted with medical apartheid.

This ebook is a collection of practical tips on how to deal with this new form of discrimination. How to stay positive and happy in a situation which seems to be difficult to deal with, especially if you think you are alone in this. You are not alone in this. We are all in this together.

For those who are interested, here is a general link to the bookstores where you can buy my ebook:

Check it out: Ten Tips on How to Deal with Medical Apartheid


No Jab, No Food

I have written several posts about the medical apartheid which is now developing in the world. Vaccinated versus unvaccinated. And the way the pressure is mounting on the unvaccinated to get the jab, is that more and more parts of society are closed for the unvaccinated.

Flying, international traveling, cinema and theater visits, clubs. All these avenues are closing in many countries if you cannot prove that you have been vaccinated. To this growing list of things no longer accessible for the unvaccinated, something else is being added: shopping for food.

A very disturbing video of what is happening in France these days has surfaced. “Unreal scenes in France as people not allowed into supermarkets without ‘covid passports’.” We are no longer talking about restricted access to entertainment. Basic human needs are being blocked.

In New York, you cannot enter most of the places to find entertainment if you have chosen not to take the jabs. In Los Angeles, they are intending to take things one step further. Not “just” the entertainment industry, but also ordinary retail stores are off-limits for the unvaccinated.

“Elected city officials in Los Angeles introduced a motion on Wednesday that would mandate eligible individuals provide evidence of a COVID-19 vaccination in order to enter certain indoor businesses, including restaurants, health clubs, and retail establishments.”

Retail establishments. That means shops. That means supermarkets! So that means, “No jab, no food!” Is this where we are heading? Well, it is very clear that there are those who want to push it this far. And from watching the video from France, the response of the people may be violent.

I am not sure if this is all just empty rhetoric, meant to be part of the fear mongering to push every member of humanity to get vaccinated. Maybe it will get to a point where you either have to shop online for groceries or ask a vaccinated friend to help you with shopping for food. I really don’t know.

What I do know is that the pressure is mounting. I have already explained why I believe that this is happening in a post from a couple of days ago. So now it is up to us to keep taking meaningful action. Thank you for joining in our endeavor to restore freedom to humanity.