18th September 2021 – Worldwide Demonstration 4.0

Since the beginning of the lockdowns, many demonstrations have been organized. Local demonstrations, national demonstrations, and even worldwide demonstrations. The most notable organization involved in this is an action group in Kassel (Germany).

Throughout 2020 and 2021 they have already organized three worldwide demonstrations, where millions of people have come together on the same day, in different cities. The mainstream media have largely ignored these events or downplayed them.

What is this demonstration all about? “The World Wide Demonstration (AKA World Wide Rally For Freedom) is an internationally syndicated community protest event dedicated to emboldening citizens to push back against Coronavirus related Restrictions in their countries.”

I highly recommend that you check out the website above, and that you join the Telegram channels that apply to you, to stay up to date with this organization. Join the protests. To warm up for the next protest, please watch the video below. Thank you!

Prepare for Food Shortages

As the protests against the worldwide lockdowns continue, and many legal actions are taken against the architects of the great reset and their henchmen, another problem is arising. We are experiencing a rise in the prices of food, and shortages of food are predicted as well.

This is not a big surprise. The chain of food production is only as strong as the weakest link. Whether the agriculture, the transportation, or the production of food is disrupted doesn’t matter. If one part of the supply link is malfunctioning, we have a problem.

Here are some messages which you can find in both the mainstream media and the alternative media. The mainstream media will blame the food issue on COVID-19, the alternative media will in general point to the ill-advised lockdowns as the cause.

UN warns that 2021 could be catastrophic due to COVID-19 fallout and famine 
“2021 is literally going to be catastrophic based on what we’re seeing at this stage of the game,” said World Food Programme (WFP) chief David Beasley at the United Nations General Assembly on Friday. Global famine is “knocking on the door”, he warns.

Food Supply Chains Are Stretched as Americans Head Back to Restaurants 
“Americans are returning to restaurants, bars and other dining places as Covid-19 restrictions come down, adding new strains in food supply chains. Suppliers and logistics providers say distributors are facing shortages of everyday products….”

Grocery Shortages To Expect in 2021, According to Experts 
“As we closed out the year of unprecedented grocery shortages caused by the pandemic, the question of whether 2021 will bring similarly empty shelves becomes even more pressing.”

What is the solution to this? Besides continuing all our actions to reverse the great reset, it makes sense to stockpile some food in your house. This is what I currently do and also advise to my family and friends. I also recommend this to you, obviously.

I am not talking about extreme preparations. Just buy the kind of food you normally use, tenable foods like rice, canned food, and other stuff you can keep for a longer time. Have a supply for at least one month for your family, preferably for three months or more.

Besides these short-term actions I recommend, it also makes sense to think about long-term actions. We have to get back to growing locally and producing locally. And it is a good idea to get back to homesteading, if you have the opportunity.

For now, and in this post, I just recommend that you stockpile food for the coming period, because the predictions for the near future are not good. I do not mean to make anyone fearful, but do recommend that you prepare yourself. I will be doing the same.

Big Corp Versus Small Corp

This week I read about how some people think about Jeff Bezos, founder and owner of Amazon. “Over 60,000 sign petitions to stop Jeff Bezos from returning to Earth.” Many people think that when Jeff goes on a space trip, it would be a good idea for him not to return.

Now whether I see this petition as a sign on the wall, or as a mere practical joke, it is not very effective in terms of activism for change. Yes, Big Corp is a big problem. The power that multinational companies have gained, and the way they use it, is more than just troublesome.

That being said, what are we going to do about it? What am I going to do about it? What is the most loving and logical thing to do, to turn this situation around? I used to buy books at Amazon, and I don’t do that anymore. Whenever I can, I shop locally now, to avoid supporting Big Corp.

I vote with my money, because by withholding my money from companies like Amazon and Alibaba, they will lose their power and influence. And the more people choose to spend and invest their money outside of Big Corp, the more the power of Big Corp will crumble.

A switch from big corp to small corp will bring freedom back to the people. It will support the 99%, instead of the 1% which owns half of the world. Power to the People! And in this context, a great investment option in South Africa caught my eye, in which the investors, the farmers, and the company all benefit beautifully: Livestock Wealth.

“Crowdfarming™ is a simple way to help anyone buy & own real profit-earning assets, helping farmers grow and maintain assets until ready for market.
1. You buy the young asset (livestock or plant-based) from the farmer, through Livestock Wealth.
2. The asset grows in the farmer’s care.
3. The farmer buys back the fully grown asset at harvest time for a profit!”

I think this is both a good investment option and a reliable company. And I believe that it is balanced for everyone involved, unlike the Amazon’s and Alibaba’s of this world. So I will soon get involved with Livestock Wealth. You can already participate for 2000 Rand, which is only 140 Dollar. If this sounds interesting to you, please check out the four-minute video below.


The Great Clean-Up

One of the most hopeful actions I have seen so far in the battle against the great reset is the “Coronavirus Crimes Against Humanity” lawsuit by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. He is by no means the only one who is taking legal action against the architects of the great reset.

“On 25 May 2021, the Indian Bar Association (IBA) served a 51-page legal notice on Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, the Chief Scientist at the World Health Organisation (WHO), for ‘her act of spreading disinformation and misguiding the people of India, in order to fulfil her agenda.’”

The article of Global Research points out:
“The legal notice says Dr. Swaminathan has been:  ‘Running a disinformation campaign against Ivermectin by deliberate suppression of effectiveness of drug Ivermectin as prophylaxis and for treatment of COVID-19, despite the existence of large amounts of clinical data compiled and presented by esteemed, highly qualified, experienced medical doctors and scientists,’
‘Issuing statements in social media and mainstream media, thereby influencing the public against the use of Ivermectin and attacking the credibility of acclaimed bodies/institutes like ICMR and AIIMS, Delhi, which have included ‘Ivermectin’ in the ‘National Guidelines for COVID-19 management’.’”

I am so grateful for all those warriors who are standing up for the truth! They are the ones who will help to change “the great reset” into “the great clean-up.” The architects of the great reset are now in a position where even the strongest level of censorship cannot hide the truth.

In that sense, the great reset can become a great blessing for all of humanity. Now that the agenda of the global elite is being pushed forward in such an aggressive way, more and more people wake up to the fact that there are sinister forces which run the world behind the scenes.

This critical mass of people who won’t be manipulated anymore, who will rise up against this tyranny, is growing rapidly. And I am confident that this group of people will not only stop the great reset, but will also start the great clean-up and finish it.

This is not the moment yet to celebrate and to become complacent. We have to keep pushing forward. Support this initiative by sharing this information, and see what other kinds of meaningful action you can take today. Thank you for helping to restore freedom to humanity.

Legalize Drugs

Besides the short-term actions against the great reset, which are of course both important and urgent, there are also long-term actions which I believe that should be taken. One of these actions is the complete, worldwide legalization of all drugs.

I have studied the subject and think there are three amazing benefits for the people and the whole of humanity if this is done. Let me give you a short summary of the three main reasons which I have found to completely free the use of drugs worldwide.

1) It will help people to get free from drugs.
2) It will limit the influence and power of organized crime.
3) It will cripple terrorist groups and black ops organizations.

1) It will help people to get free from drugs.

There have been many experiments with, for example, heroin addicts, who could legally get heroin from a doctor, and lead a normal life. For these addicts kicking the habit is much easier than for those who are running around all day desperate to arrange a fix.

2) It will limit the influence and power of organized crime.

Many elements of organized crime, who gain massive amounts of money from heroin or cocaine trade, will expand their business to other areas, like extortion, theft, kidnapping, or prostitution. Without this steady income from drug trade, this will not be so easy for them to accomplish.

3) It will cripple terrorist groups and black ops organizations.

Examples of groups which have been able to operate because of drugs income are the FARC in Columbia and the Hezbollah in Libanon. And the CIA has been involved in both heroin and cocaine trade to support black ops.

It would therefore really be a blessing for everyone if all drugs would be made legal, worldwide. Well, not for everyone. Those who benefit from the drug trade will try to stop this move, at all costs. So on a practical level, it may not be easy to achieve.

Still, considering all the advantages, people kicking the drug habit, less organized crime, and less power for terrorist groups and black ops operatives, this should make this world a better place. Something to think about, and something I will write more posts about in the future.

The Second Worldwide Freedom Rally

A while ago the first Worldwide Freedom Rally was held. “Worldwide Rally for Freedom – March 20th over 40 Countries Will Stand Against Excessive Coronavirus Measures.” A beautiful initiative to take meaningful action against tyranny.

“As one massive, united, and peaceful community, we will stand up and demand an end to the current restrictions and authoritarian control measures.”

What was great about the first worldwide demonstration is that it brought so many people together to protest peacefully for a common goal. What was not so great is the way the mainstream media ignored this demonstration. It is painful to watch people sell their souls.

I am grateful that there will be a second demonstration on Saturday the 15th of May. This will give people all over the world another chance to express their concerns with the great reset. It will also give the mainstream media propagandists a chance to redeem their souls.

I highly recommend that you visit the website of the organizers, and if you have the chance, that you join in one of the many protests which are already organized on that day. Or even set up your own city protest. Please check out their website, thank you.


One on One Activism

How do you stop the great reset? How do you communicate to people that the COVID-19 outbreak is being used by an elite to get much more control over this world and everyone who lives on this planet? What is an effective strategy to do this?

Looking at this from different angles, I believe that the simple one-on-one talks with the people around me may be one of the best ways to do this. Friends, family, colleagues, or even strangers you meet on the streets or in public transport. Every contact is an opportunity.

Some of the opening statements I have used, and which you can use of course, are these:
Do you believe that these lockdown measures really make sense?
Do you believe COVID-19 is a very dangerous disease?
Do you believe that this COVID-19 outbreak is really the biggest problem since World War Two?

And then you just see what happens. Depending on the reaction, you just continue the conversation. Maybe you share some websites you found, or a brochure you picked up somewhere. Especially, try to make it clear that the “one story” has flaws in it.

With the “one story,” I mean the general blah blah story that we are now so familiar with:
“COVID-19 is a very dangerous disease! Everyone needs to be vaccinated as soon as possible! And until that is done, lockdowns are the best solution, no matter how uncomfortable they are!”

I believe more and more people are starting to doubt that this story is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And these one-on-one conversations can really help to increase the part of the population that engages in critical thinking about the situation.

When more people engage in critical thinking, it is only natural that they will start to do more research on the topic. This usually leads to looking for answers from alternative resources, and the joining of online and offline groups that want to end the great reset as quickly as possible.

Don’t understand me wrong. I do not want to convince people to follow blindly what I write. I only want people to stop blindly following ANYONE. This alone will stop the great reset dead in its tracks. One on one activism is just one of the ways to achieve this. So please try it. Thank you!

Useful and Useless Communication

While the great reset is being rolled out in full force, communication becomes crucial, to join in stopping the political power games that are being played, using the COVID-19 outbreak as an excuse. Without communication and sharing of good information, the great reset will continue as planned.

That being said, there are clear limits on when communication is useful. I have found that there are several groups of people who are a waste of time in this respect. There is no use in talking to people who either don’t want to hear you, or who are already closed off from you.

One group of people which you cannot really reach are the ones who see anyone who has concerns about vaccinations or distrusts the government as either an “anti-vax” person or a “conspiracy nut.” Those people will not take you seriously, having labeled you thus.

This is not something unique to people with blind faith in authorities. Many politicians and some mainstream media channels use this labeling as an excuse to not have to communicate with people with other points of view. When the communication is blocked for this reason, don’t waste your time trying to be heard.

Another waste of time is trying to communicate to the mainstream news channels which only offer propaganda, as stated in a previous post. Those channels who help to push vaccines against COVID-19 and refuse to talk about alternative treatments or dangerous side-effects of vaccines, won’t listen to you.

I have tried, though. I have sent many emails, with for example quality information about hydroxychloroquine treatment or the Coronavirus Crimes Against Humanity lawsuit. All I got in return were polite acknowledgements of my emails.

The third group of people which can better be ignored are the top level organizers of the great reset. The members of the World Economic Forum, who make their scripted statements about us “never going back to normal again”, how dangerous COVID-19 is and how important lockdowns and evening curfews are.

These people are committed to an agenda which doesn’t serve humanity in the least. The only meaningful way to deal with them is to take legal action against them. They are criminals who need to be brought to justice. The trials have already started, as they should, because criminals need to be prosecuted.

When is communication useful? There is a big group of people who I would call “fence sitters.” They are following the government regulations related to COVID-19 but are losing faith in the lockdowns and the stories they are being told. They abide by the law but want answers.

The people need to be contacted, and they need to receive good information. They need to be approached in a personal way and receive the answers they are looking for. They will not find these answers on YouTube or Facebook or through other censored resources.

Do yourself and the world a favor. Don’t waste your time talking to people for whom you are nothing but a conspiracy nut, or talking to the mainstream propaganda media. Leave the criminals who organized the great reset to lawyers. But DO talk to the people with ears to hear. Thank you.

Meaningful Action – Shooting Video

I have written several posts about the meaningful action you can take against the rolling out of the great reset. Signing petitions, sharing good information, peaceful protests, legal action, just to name a few. Another very important one is shooting videos.

This became very clear yesterday, when during a demonstration in the Netherlands, a policeman without uniform clearly pushed someone in front of a moving vehicle. This was recorded from several angles by several people, and the videos are currently being spread on social media.


I am not sure yet what will happen with these videos. I do not know what the mainstream media will do with them. Most likely they will be ignored until questions about this action will be asked in the Dutch House of Representatives, which I hope and expect to happen.

It is so important to have these things clear, as factual information which cannot be denied. Police officers in the Netherlands are using excessive violence against protesters, and this is not an exception. Although the videos show an extreme example, excessive violence is common.

If I say this on a blog, without any evidence, I am just another conspiracy nut who slanders the police force. Yet, with these videos in place, with the facts right in your face, this is no longer possible. Because witnesses recorded the facts.

Maybe many of you are already doing this, recording police actions during peaceful protests. If not, please do, because that will bring the truth out in the open. Like the Rodney King video, these things need to be revealed to a public which is mainly fed propaganda right now.

For example, I have recently heard a reliable report of Dutch police officers in civilian clothes joining a protest and making a lot of noise and movement during this calm and peaceful protest. When this happened, the uniformed police used this as an excuse to violently end the protest.

Me saying this here means nothing, because I don’t have any proof. Yet if you record this on video, and share it through the messaging apps and social media channels which still allow free speech, it can no longer be denied. I am confident that these types of videos will wake people up.

Let’s not forget what kind of picture most people who only watch mainstream media see each day. The COVID-19 pandemic portrayed as the worst thing happening since World War Two. And everyone who believes that the loss of freedom and human rights is worse, just “doesn’t understand the situation.”

Most people therefore need a wake up call. In this scenario, it is crucial to keep taking meaningful action, and recording police actions is one of them. Not to identify police officers you don’t like and visit their houses. But to bring facts in the open which need to be brought in the open.

Let me close this post with affirming that I believe that the big majority of law enforcement officers worldwide simply want to protect and serve, and be good people. I mean it. Thank you. Only this minority who are not here to protect and serve need to be brought to justice.

Successful Legal Action

Recently I talked to a friend, and we were discussing the many horrible things that are happening right now, with the lockdowns and the loss of human rights worldwide, all connected to the great reset. And I said, “There are also a lot of beautiful things happening, people are waking up!”

After the initial shock of the COVID-19 outbreak, with messages in the media about this horrible disease that would kill enormous numbers of people on the planet, it becomes clear that a big political game is being played worldwide, and the resistance to this nonsense is growing.

One thing that is surely growing is the legal action against all the lockdown rules. Organizations and communities are taking their (local) governments to court, and though they may not always win, victories are showing. Here are some beautiful examples.


Austrian Court Overturns Virus Mask Mandate in Schools

“Austria’s Constitutional Court ruled Wednesday that two government measures to fight the spread of coronavirus in schools, compulsory mask-wearing and splitting classes into two halves to be taught in alternate shifts, were illegal.” Read more. 

Covid PCR test reliability doubtful – Portugal judges

“The PCR test “is unable to determine, beyond reasonable doubt, that a positive result corresponds, in fact, to the infection of a person by the SARS-CoV-2 virus”, said the Lisbon Court of Appeal.” Read more.

Pennsylvania Lockdown Lawsuit Victory May Cure a Plague of Pandemic Restrictions

“A federal judge’s ruling that Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s pandemic lockdown orders are unconstitutional offers hope not just to the beleaguered residents of that state, but to all Americans suffering under similar impositions.” Read more.


This is just a small collection of the victories against the architects of the great reset. I am hopeful that more victories will follow, and that the whole political show will crumble to pieces. Too many people are waking up for this to just go on without passionate protests.

The lawsuits are only one example of the many meaningful actions people are taking. Petitions are being made and signed, protests are being organized, and new political parties are being started. Everywhere people are getting organized offline and online.

Massive numbers of people are leaving Big Tech and mainstream media and find alternatives. Information which can no longer be shared on “censored platforms” finds another way into this world, because some developments simply cannot be stopped.

One last thing about legal action. The most interesting lawsuit, the “Crimes Against Humanity” lawsuit,  which will be a “second Nuremberg trial” is currently being implemented. If this “lawsuit of lawsuits” is victorious, as I expect it to be, we can really leave this madness behind us.