Five Ways to Undermine Your Immune System

If our governments and national health organizations really cared about us and our health, we would receive much more information about how to stay healthy in this so called COVID-19 pandemic. But all we hear is “Get the jab! Get your shot! Get vaccinated!”

Yet what we learned during the COVID-19 pandemic is that most people deal well with this relatively mild disease. If you are not in the group of “vulnerable people,” most likely a COVID-19 infection will only present you with mild symptoms. If so, you certainly don’t need the jab.

This is a post about our immune systems during the lockdown. I have already written posts about the immune system in the past, about how you can boost your immune system to deal with viruses and other threats. Now I want to do the opposite, just to clarify something.

Five Ways to Undermine Your Immune System

1. Have fewer contacts with other members of your species.
Your immune system gets stronger by picking up all kinds of minor threats, and reacting to them. Lockdowns prevent this from happening.

2. When you do have these contacts, don’t touch anyone but stay at a distance.
You need physical contact for emotional health, and therefore for physical health. By staying at a distance you will be less healthy and happy, since we are social beings who need contact.

3. Disinfect yourself, your house, and everything you use.
The more sterile your environment, the more upset your immune system will be if a real threat shows up. It is completely unnatural for us to live in a sterile environment.

4. Be reminded every day about things to be fearful about.
Being fearful gives a lot of stress, and the more stress you have, the more you suppress the functioning of every system of your body, including the immune system.

5. Reduced the amount of physical movement during the day.
One of the best ways to stay healthy is to move a lot, and by reducing this option, you will reduce the functioning of the immune system, get weaker, gain weight, and be more unhealthy.

Therefore, lockdowns are not just useless to stop the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns are a threat to our health, because they undermine the natural functioning of our immune systems in many ways. If we keep these lockdowns and a new outbreak of a flulike disease happens, more people will be negatively affected by this, for these reasons.

Of course, if there is a big outbreak of a very dangerous disease, lockdowns DO make sense. If many people are dying of Ebola, a disease which has an IFR of 50% (The IFR is 0,15% for COVID-19) then temporary lockdowns are a good idea. However, this does not apply to COVID-19.

Therefore, please keep fighting this great reset and the lockdowns. Find and share good information. Sign petitions, join in peaceful protests, and take legal action against lockdowns, which have nothing to do with our health. Let’s help each other with taking action against those who are not interested in our health, and who oppose our freedom. Thank you!

Again: Lockdowns Don’t Work

One statement used by the architects of the great reset is, “Trust the science!” Usually this is communicated in such a way, that we just have to blindly trust the models which are being used to justify lockdowns, PCR tests, and the experimental COVID-19 vaccinations.

I DO trust the science, the unbiased scientific research, peer reviewed, done by neutral scientists, not paid by Big Pharma, not handled by the Davos crew. I trust the science. And the science keeps pointing to the same things, over and over again.

Simple things like that the PCR tests are unreliable, mouth mask don’t work against spreading infections, and lockdowns are useless and dangerous. The experimental COVID-19 vaccinations have many negative side-effects. There are effective cures for COVID-19 infections. All these things have been proven scientifically, as you can read in my blog, with links to scientific research provided.

I thought about writing a new article about lockdowns, but Paul Joseph Watson from Summit News already wrote such an excellent article, linked to so many scientific resources, that I decided not to do it. Instead, I want to invite you to read his article.

There is something about the lockdowns which makes them especially dangerous. Lockdowns can be used to artificially create food shortages over the long run, causing hunger and social unrest. This can then again be blamed on the COVID-19 virus.

When these negative side-effects of lockdowns are effectively blamed on COVID-19 infections, the propaganda machine can blame the “anti-vaxxers” for the problems again. “If only these irresponsible people had taken the jab, we would not be hungry now!”

Therefore, lockdowns have to end as soon as possible. Check out the article below and share it, please. Keep supporting petitions, demonstrations, and legal actions against lockdowns. We have to end this crime against humanity together by taking meaningful action. Thank you.

Summit News Article

German Study Finds Lockdown ‘Had No Effect’ on Stopping Spread of Coronavirus


Lockdowns Criticism from Frederick Forsyth

One of my favorite writers of all times is Frederick Forsyth, a novelist who writes in a beautifully captivating way. A very bright man who has sold more than 70 million books in his career as a novel writer. He is also a journalist and political commentator.

I am grateful that Frederick Forsyth has spoken out about the insane lockdown measures in the UK, which is fast becoming a totalitarian society. I am truly shocked about the way the UK treats its citizens, and it is good to see that also famous British citizens are speaking up.

As someone with a lot of experience as a writer and a journalist, he simply recognized that fear is been used by the politicians to subdue the entire population, in ways this was also done in history by every other totalitarian regime. This is what he has to say about it.

“Congratulations to the Telegraph and Gordon Rayner for revealing that the campaign of mass fear that reduced a once brave nation to trembling terror was deliberately organised to secure obedience to the policy of lockdown.”

“I have only once before seen anything like it. This was when I was posted to East Germany in 1962. Such a brainwashing tactic was employed to frighten East Berliners into believing that the Berlin Wall was a defensive measure to protect them from tiny West Berlin, and that the Stasi was their guardian. The wall was of course an instrument of enslavement.”

“I never thought that the government of a country whose uniform I once wore with such pride would sink so low. Those responsible should be identified without delay and ousted from all office over us.”
Read more.

Frederick Forsyth. Embarrassed about his own country. About the fear mongering and loss of basic human rights. Who can still claim there is no political game being played here? Or that the reaction of governments to the COVID-19 outbreak is rational and proportional?

When I saw the police brutality in the Netherlands, I was embarrassed about my own country too. I am very grateful that more and more famous people openly talk about their lack of support for the current worldwide lockdown measures and government tactics and policies.

So thank you, Frederick, for helping to stop the great reset. For aiding with halting this crime against humanity. For ending the biggest political game ever played. I was already grateful for your books, but I am much more grateful for your support for justice and the end of fear.

Lockdowns the Biggest Killer

We keep hearing how dangerous COVID-19 is, and how many people have died from it. One thing we hear very little about in the mainstream media is the mortality caused by lockdowns. What effect do lockdowns actually have on humanity, in terms of excess mortality?

In a previous post I have mentioned that during the lockdowns more people die, from suicide, domestic violence, and drug and alcohol abuse. Another important factor is that people are scared to go out to get their normal medical checks, and lack of screening causes casualties.

However, this post only mentioned trends, without going into clear statistics of what these lockdowns are doing to us. But now two Swedish health experts have done that, studying what impact these extreme measures have on how the death rates.

“Professor Anna-Mia Ekström and Professor Stefan Swartling Peterson have gone through the data from UNICEF and UNAIDS, and came to the conclusion that least as many people have died as a result of the restrictions to fight covid as have died of covid.” Read more.

Imagine that. More people killed by the lockdowns than by COVID-19 infections! Then why go on with this madness, if the “cure” is worse than the disease? The only reason I can come up with for this is that there must be financial or political motives to continue the lockdowns.

To make matters even worse, there is mounting evidence that these lockdowns, which many people will endure because they believe they help somehow, don’t even have a positive effect on halting the spread of the COVID-19 infections.

“A team of Stanford University researchers recently published a study in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation concluding that harsh lockdown policies have had minimal impact on preventing the spread of Covid-19 compared to lighter policies.” Read more. 

Lockdowns which don’t have a positive effect are killing people, and you do not read about it in the mainstream media, nor hear about it from our politicians. This has nothing to do with our health. This has everything to do with the great reset being rolled out as we speak.

Please share this article. People need to be informed. Do more research and become more active in taking meaningful action against the great reset. A worldwide political game for money and power is being played, and you and I have to unite to stop it. Thank you for your help.

About Excess Mortality

In the news around the COVID-19 outbreak, you probably have heard the term “excess mortality” used regularly. What does this mean and how we should look at it? Are people who die during the COVID-19 outbreak always added to the COVID-19 statistics? What is happening?

“Excess mortality,” is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as: “the number of deaths during a particular period above the usual, expected number under normal conditions, which can show the effect of something like a disease or harmful event….”

So it is valuable to look at the excess mortality during the COVID-19 outbreak, to get a better picture of the real effects of the outbreak. And at the same time, it is a complex situation, and you cannot just add and subtract some numbers and come to a conclusion.

Besides the lethal effect of the COVID-19 outbreak, the lockdowns also have a lethal effect on the population. If we ignore this fact, we will contribute all the excess mortality to the virus, and lose sight of other contribution factors which clearly cause excess mortality.

One of the things that happened in 2020 was a peak in people dying from an overdose of drugs. This form of “excess mortality” has obviously nothing to do with COVID-19. To read more, check out this article: Fatal drug overdoses increased by 13% in 2020.

Another negative side-effect of the lockdowns is that, although the exact effect is not clear, it is very likely that more people will die from suicide in prolonged lockdowns, like they are happening in the UK right now. “Lockdown had a major impact on the UK’s mental health, including increased rates of suicidal thoughts, according to new research.” 

Besides the sad rise in people killing themselves, either with a drug overdose or in other ways, the change of getting killed by domestic violence is also increased during the lockdowns. “A recent article in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine titled “Alarming Trends in U.S. Domestic Violence During the COVID-19 Pandemic,” shows a troubling rise in domestic violence as reported by U.S. police departments.” 

If we would not take these kinds of horrible side-effects into account, we could easily be very mistaken about the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak, by just grabbing a calculator and looking at what kind of excess death numbers we have since the virus showed up.

Of course, what I just described is just the tip of the iceberg of the complex theme of “excess mortality related to the COVID-19 outbreak.” What is related to COVID-19 and what to the lockdowns? Good independent research is obviously needed to get real clarity.

It is, however, very important that we do not allow the term “excess mortality” to be used for fear mongering in our current “fear pandemic.” I have already written in another post about manipulative language that is being used by mainstream media. Please keep this in mind whenever you read a headline which uses the words “excess mortality.”

Lockdowns Don’t Work

The Netherlands have recently implemented a curfew from 21.00 in the evening until 04.30 in the morning, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak. Who would have ever thought that a flu-like disease would be used as an excuse to have a martial law in my country?

As I have mentioned in several posts, it becomes more and more clear that the lockdowns are causing more damage than the COVID-19 outbreak itself. COVID-19 seems like a very serious disease, mainly because of the implemented worldwide lockdowns, causing havoc.

In the first months of the COVID-19 outbreak, hardly anyone questioned the lockdown measures, and those who did were labeled completely irresponsible. I have read several reports of lockdown critics receiving hate mail like, “Do you want to kill our grandmothers?”

Now, in the start of 2021, more and more people question the lockdown measures, and some call upon governments to choose Focused Protection  instead. The full support for lockdowns is breaking down in our society.

In this scenario, it is obviously always good to get our facts straight. What is really happening, what is really helpful? A group of scientists has done just that. They have written a paper about it, Assessing Mandatory Stay‐at‐Home and Business Closure Effects on the Spread of COVID‐19

The motivation for their research was this:
“The most restrictive non‐pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) for controlling the spread of COVID‐19 are mandatory stay‐at‐home and business closures. Given the consequences of these policies, it is important to assess their effects”

The conclusion of their research was this:
“While small benefits cannot be excluded, we do not find significant benefits on case growth of more restrictive NPIs. Similar reductions in case growth may be achievable with less restrictive interventions.”

When a group of conspiracy nuts protest against lockdowns, it can easily be ignored. When groups of young people full of hormones decide to party despite of potential dangers, one can frown upon it. But what are we going to do with this scientific evidence, which cannot be ignored?

Please share this article, or only the link, with people who are still convinced that lockdowns are a good idea. It may convince them they may have been wrong, and that an alternative approach to dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak is a good idea.

COVID-19 Damage & Lockdown Damage

I have spent a lot of time reading the news around the COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying worldwide lockdowns, both on mainstream media and alternative media. In doing so, I have noticed a very manipulative description of the damage in both human lives and money.

“Corona damage”, “corona support”, “the cost of corona”, our current “corona crisis”, and so on. Now it is clear that the virus causes damage, both monetary damage and cost in human casualties, but most often the term COVID-19 damage is connected to lockdown consequences.

When you close down a whole industry, with the intent to protect people against the spread of COVID-19, the economical damage is not direct COVID-19 damage, but lockdown damage. By not mentioning this, you make the COVID-19 outbreak seem much more serious than it is.

The same is true for the excess death toll related to the lockdowns. What happens during a lockdown? A rise in domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, and suicides, all result in more people dying in the lockdowns than if there would not have been any lockdowns.

If I really buy into the corona rhetoric and relate all this suffering, dying, and economic destruction to the COVID-19 outbreak, I will soon start to believe that this virus must be as dangerous as Ebola, that something very serious is happening right now, a worldwide killer disease.

Yet what is happening is that a flu-like disease is spreading across the world. And just like with any other outbreak of a flu-like disease, people are dying. If you have lost one of your loved ones, I offer you my condolences. Flu-like diseases kill people every year, and this is horrible for those involved.

At the same time, there is no need to say that COVID-19 is the worst problem which is facing humanity right now, because it isn’t. Hunger, war, chronic health issues like obesity and cancer, all cause more death and suffering than the virus outbreak that we are currently confronted with.

I urge you to pay attention to this manipulative use of language. Yes, there is a virus outbreak. But the cure is worse than the disease. Apparently the decision has been made to lock down the whole world, which will cause more death and destruction than the virus itself ever will.

Only when you are clear about which damage is caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and which damage is caused by the lockdowns, can you objectively watch the news, and make up your own mind about what is happening, and what you should do about this situation, personally.

So please stay alert about what is happening. Do your own research and don’t just swallow things up the way they are presented to you. Don’t be manipulated into believing that the COVID-19 outbreak itself is the worst thing that happened to humanity since the Second World War, because it isn’t.