Why Life Jackets Should Be Mandatory!

After writing and doing research about the vaccine push for about nine months now, I sometimes wonder why there are still people who fall for it. Why would you take the experimental COVID-19 vaccinations, when there are much better alternatives available?

The vaccines are not safe; they are not effective, and they used for a financial and political agenda, not to promote health. I don’t want to be part of this agenda of the World Economic Forum, do not want to comply with the great reset. Why would I?

Maybe some of my writing is getting repetitive. I am not sure. Maybe it still is exactly what is needed to counterbalance the repetitive statements from the opposition. Anyway, I found a refreshing video, which in a humorous way explains how ridiculous the official story is.

A video sent to me by a friend, using the wearing of life jackets as an analogy for being vaccinated. So wonderful, how this video explains that the story is too ridiculous for words. I am happy the whole narrative is falling to pieces. Please watch, learn and enjoy.