Big Corp & Ethics

You cannot study the great reset without studying how big corporations work, and how they influence the world we are living in. Nowadays there are companies who have more power and influence than average size countries, and many believe this is a bad development.

I stumbled upon a good example of how Big Corp works, and what the basic threat is of having these powerful companies influencing our lives. Recent news about Apple shows that Apple openly supports the LGBTQ community, but behind the scenes discriminates, on a very large scale.

“Apple criticised for censoring LGBTQ+ apps on its store in 152 countries. A new joint study from US-based advocacy group Fight for the Future and China-based GreatFire, which tracks censorship in China, details that Apple’s decisions in these countries “enables government censorship of LGBTQ+ content”. Source: DT NEXT 

Yet on the Apple website we find these words from Tim Cook (who came out of the closet as being gay a couple of years) about the Apple Watch Pride Edition. “On many fronts, Apple supports the ongoing and unfinished work of equality for diverse and intersectional communities, and we want to provide every opportunity to celebrate and honor this history during Pride season.” 

There you have it. The public face of Apple is that of a company which greatly cares for the LGBTQ community. Behind the scenes, the company works together with countries to fully comply with the local standards, whether they are right or wrong. All of this only to make the highest profits, even if this means discriminating against the LGBTQ community.

Now as a heterosexual man this doesn’t touch me so much emotionally. Yet I can image that if you are a homosexual man who bought the Apple Watch Pride Edition, and you hear this news, you may think of Tim Cook as a backstabbing faggot. Tim knew exactly what was happening and supports the systematic discrimination against the LGBTQ community by Apple.

That being said, I don’t really believe it is about Tim Cook. Neither do I believe that it is about Apple. What is really happening is that as soon as a big company enters the arena of being company listed in the stock exchange, the company will change into a money machine without a soul.

All the huge companies in the world have a public face of high humanistic values, and proclaim they greatly care about all the people and our planet. Yet at the same time the stockholders demand that the company takes all its actions on the premise that the company is there to make a maximum profit for the shareholders. And so this is how it is done.

There is something fundamentally wrong with this rotten system. And this has an enormous negative influence on our world, that these types of institutions gain more and more power. Multinationals end up operating the same way that pirates on sea used to work. Grab what you can grab and just make sure you don’t get caught.

So if these big multinational companies are the problem, because of the system that they are working with, what is the solution? To do business with small, local companies whenever possible. Local production and local shopping. This may not always be possible, but there are many more options than most people are aware of.

A parallel society is developing. More and more people become aware that the world we live in is governed by Big Corp, and they have had enough of it. Because Big Corp is by definition a two faced system, not interested in people or the planet. Even though individuals that work for these companies may genuinely care, they are overruled by the system they work for.

So please see what you can do to shop locally and do business with companies which produce locally. Do your own research about the parallel society. Help to change this world into a better place. There has to be a better way for us to live together, work together, and do business together. And together we have to find this way. Thank you.

Can We Get Rid of The Georgia Guidestones?

This is another call to action. I have been looking at the Georgia Guidestones in a previous post, and I was wondering, is there a legal way to get rid of these stones? Is it not possible to file a lawsuit to get rid of this advertisement for genocide?

I have already sent out an email to five websites, activists and human rights organizations, and to my surprise, I never even got a response. Is everyone getting nervous when I mention this subject? I do not know why this is happening. This is the email that I have sent.

Removal Georgia Guidestones

To whom it may concern.

I am looking for a human rights organization who can help me with checking if there is any legal basis for having the Georgia Guidestones removed.

I believe that the message on these guidestones is related to planned genocide. If so, I assume, but do not know, that there must be a legal basis for having the stones removed.

Maybe I am mistaken, and this all is just protected by the First amendment. However, if there is any chance to legally remove these guidestones, I would like to take action.

The basic plan: make a legal plan, crowdsource the finances for the legal team, have the stones removed.

Can you give me any help with this, or feedback on these thoughts?

Since I received no reactions, I have decided to write this post and to ask you for help. The only other alternative I have is to keep sending these emails to more and more people until I get a reaction. Do you know of any individual or organization which can help me with this? If so, please contact me and let me know. Thank you!

The World’s Biggest Genocide?

There is a question that keeps haunting me, as I am doing more and more research for this blog. It is this: “Why is the Holocaust seen by most people in the world as the biggest genocide that ever happened?” How is this so firmly established into the public perception?

I mean, if you go to any browser, use any search engine, and look for “World’s Biggest Genocide,” you will soon be confronted with horrible facts about the regime of Mao. The Holocaust really isn’t the number one crime against humanity in our history.

‘According to the authoritative “Black Book of Communism,” an estimated 65 million Chinese died as a result of Mao’s repeated, merciless attempts to create a new “socialist” China. Anyone who got in his way was done away with — by execution, imprisonment or forced famine.

65 million people! Holy mackerel! Most of these people died during “the Great Leap Forward,” one of the big reforms which Mao forced upon the people in China. And I do not know why I was hardly told about this stuff during my history lessons in high-school. That the cultural revolution in China was the biggest genocide ever.

No, I was again and again pounded with information about the second world war, the Holocaust, the nazis, the “worst thing that ever happened in the world.” And now I am wondering: “How does someone who kills ten times the number of people Hitler killed, remain less notorious?”

I believe that there are three reasons for this situation. I am not 100% sure of these reasons, so if you have an alternative idea or more information to enlighten me, please contact me. But these three reasons keep popping up during my research.

The first reason is that there are a lot of people in the Jewish community worldwide, who have big financial means. Therefore, they can promote all kinds of initiatives to ensure the Holocaust is not forgotten, to remind people that this should never happen again. And that is absolutely true.

The second reason is that the world more and more depends on China for the production of cheap products. Even though human right abuses continue to this day in China, world leaders and heads of states in general only engage in some symbolic statements about these facts. Nobody wants to offend the Chinese government for this reason.

The third reason is that China is now seen by the World Economic Forum as the “model state” for humanity. This is how the whole world should be governed, with a One World Government, that knows how to deal with the people, in a totalitarian way. And it is difficult to see a country as a model if you know how many of their own people they have killed.

I am grateful that there are those who put things in perspective, like Kel Fabie on 8list. ANY genocide is horrible, don’t get me wrong. But in these days, when the great reset is rolled out, it would be good to get a clearer picture about what kind of regime the WEF is so enthusiastic about.

Is Germany Abandoning the Nuremberg Code?

For me, and I assume for everyone who has not been living in a cave or on an isolated island, the last fifteen months have been shocking and hectic. The COVID-19 infections, the fear pandemic, and the actions taken by the “Davos crew” to roll out the great reset are quite unnerving.

And just when I thought I had seen it all and heard it all, after doing hundreds of hours of broad and deep research, I stumble upon something that nauseates me. The Germans have passed a law which makes it legal to develop vaccines which are literally contagious.

‘The German government has passed a law that allows ‘vaccinations’ to be produced that cause the ‘vaccinated’ to excrete ‘microorganisms’ that can be ‘ingested’ by the non-vaccinated, thereby causing them to become “infected” with the “vaccination.”‘

The details of this law can be found on this website (German website.) To summarize how these vaccines would work, they would spread the vaccination in the same way a contagious disease spreads through humanity. Everyone would receive these vaccines, those who want it and to those who don’t want it.

Now I am a layman, not a lawyer, but I don’t believe you need a law degree to see that this clearly contradicts the Nuremberg Code.  The first statement of this code is, “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”

The only way to defend such an action would be to state, “Well, this is not an experiment, these are approved vaccines, which have been gone through rigorous testing, blah blah blah….” Yet these types of vaccinations have never been used before, hence they can only be classified as experimental.

It is truly sad that this law is passed in Germany, considering the history of this country. And I know that this is not done with the consent or clear knowledge of the common people. This is again an action of the “Davos crew,” and it is deliberately set up in a country which has a history of people following orders without question.

I am grateful that more and more legal action is taken, on many levels, to stop the great reset. I am not aware if a petition has already started against this latest development, but that would also be a good idea. So please share this information, and if you have news about actions taken to stop this nonsense, then please let me know.

Is Privacy a Human Right?

For my blog, and out of sheer curiosity, I have been experimenting with all kinds of online privacy solutions, like Protonmail, the Brave browser and Monkkee. The last and most efficient tool I have tried is Linux Kodachi, which offers a way to surf the net completely anonymous.

Linux Kodachi is even more private and secure than Linux Tails.  What is also interesting to know, is that the NSA tracks people who are interested in Tails and Tor or related privacy tools. But once you are online using either Tails or Kodachi, even the NSA cannot track you.

When I was online, and surfing completely anonymously, I wondered, “Is this a basic right? Is privacy a human right?” I was not 100% sure they covered this in formal agreements, so I decided to check this out. And yes, privacy is a basic human right!

United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948, Article 12 states:
“No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.”

It was a relief for me to read this. I am still doing research about all these topics, having only been blogging about this since the beginning of this year. It also made me realize that the NSA is a criminal organization, which is not serving the public.

What can we do against such violations of our basic human rights, by governments? One thing we can do is to support organizations which take action, like Privacy International. By either donating or signing one of their petitions, you can take meaningful action.

“Governments and corporations are using technology to exploit us. Their abuses of power threaten our freedoms and the very things that make us human.”

“That’s why PI is here: to protect democracy, defend people’s dignity, and demand accountability from institutions who breach public trust.”

So yes, (online) privacy is a basic human right. And like all human rights, this right is currently under attack. But there are people and organizations which are fighting back to restore this right to us, and they need and deserve our support.

Of course, never fall for the lame statement that has been used already too many times: “If you have nothing to hide, you don’t need privacy, do you?” This is such a cheap attempt to manipulate people that it doesn’t even warrant an answer. Ignore this nonsense.

Alright. Please support everyone who fights for the human right to privacy. And don’t forget to protect your privacy, online and offline, against Big Corp and the governments who spy on you. Until we have cleaned house thoroughly, this will be something that clearly needs to be done.

Gun Control or Freedom

Years ago, I was fully convinced that gun control was a good idea. Regularly I saw news about yet another lone gunman in the USA shooting up a shopping mall, killing many people. And I did not understand that common people were still allowed to have guns in the USA.

Now, after doing more research on the great reset, and on the powers which rule this planet, things become more clear to me. Yes, it is horrible when these shootings happen, for all those involved. And yet, even something more horrible may happen when you outlaw guns.

Check out this “Gun Control Hall of Fame” (Source:

Does that mean that everyone who is in favor of gun control is a potential tyrant? Of course not. I have seen heartbreaking videos from mothers who had their children killed in such shootings, pleading for gun control, to stop these things from happening. And I truly feel for them.

That being said, now that the great reset is being rolled out, I must say that I am against gun control. In the Netherlands, we don’t have the freedom to carry guns (yet). Maybe this will come too, and I will vote in favor of this. Not to promote violence, but to oppose tyranny.

As part of the great reset, gun control is being promoted again. It looks like history is trying to repeat itself, unless we stop this. Joe Biden, America’s “Big Pharma boy”, is doing his best to disarm the US citizens, saying, “…‘No Amendment to the Constitution Is Absolute’ “ 

I predict that Joe Biden will have great difficulty with changing the nation’s ideas about gun control. As a traditionally freedom loving country, many USA citizens will protest this vehemently. Many Americans will literally only let their guns be pried from their cold, dead hands. 

This is a tough subject. On the one hand, I am all in favor of peaceful actions and none-violent solutions. On the other hand, history makes it really quite clear what happens to those who blindly follow leaders who insist on gun control. Do you want history to repeat itself?

Let us not surrender our guns, if we have them. If not allowed to possess guns, let us plead for the right to bear arms for everyone, worldwide. Let’s not voluntarily give up the possible obstacles to the carrying out the great reset. Let’s choose for freedom, for everyone.



Coronavirus Crimes Against Humanity (Part Two)

When I first read about this lawsuit, I got really excited. The biggest lawsuit ever, and conducted by someone who has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is both competent and honest. This is really something that can turn the tides.

I also engage in outreach, and tried to get some mainstream media companies to report on this too, but I got the usual polite automated responses. Because this case is all about human rights, I then contacted the world’s biggest humanitarian organizations. I sent out this email:

Coronavirus Crimes Against Humanity Lawsuit

To whom it may concern.

As someone who has great concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak and the political reaction to this event, I am very grateful for the class action lawsuit which Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is bringing up at the moment.

More about this lawsuit on his German website:
and on my blog:

My questions to [Name Organization] about this huge lawsuit are:
Are you aware that this is currently happening?
What is your take on this matter?

I contacted Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Civil Rights Defenders, Human Rights Without Frontiers International, Physicians for Human Rights, The International Federation for Human Rights, Front Line Defenders, Open Society Foundations, Freedom House, The International Service for Human Rights, The Advocates for Human Rights, Humanity in Action, and International Society for Human Rights with this exact email. And only got ONE response!

Imagine that! The biggest lawsuit ever, concerning the human rights of everyone living on this planet. And only one organization, the Front Line Defenders, responded politely that they were busy with other things and “unable to support”. I was truly baffled at this lack of response.

Frankly, I didn’t even know that there were this many big organizations involved in human right affairs. And then no real response at all? That would mean that either these organizations believe that the whole idea behind this lawsuit is nonsense, or they are scared to get involved with this.

I think the latter is happening. Maybe this is the kind of situation comparable to a high-school which has been ruled by a big bully for a long time. Then a new kid comes to town and decides to take on the big bully. And people are scared to cheer on the new guy, but they hope he wins.

My hopes are high for this lawsuit. More and more initiatives are showing up worldwide. Protests are growing and alternative media is booming. The whole political game is starting to crumble, as it should. There is an old Chinese saying, “You cannot wrap fire in a paper.”

I will keep following this lawsuit and all the other beautiful initiatives to stop the great reset. And I encourage you to keep taking meaningful action. Spread good information. Sign petitions. Take none-violent action. And keep up the justified hope, that good will always overcome evil.

Guantanamo Bay Prison Still Open

A couple of days ago I watched the movie The Mauritanian (2021).  It reminded me that Gitmo, the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison, is still open. And no matter how often I am confronted with this, I still find it shocking.

What is Gitmo? “Guantánamo Bay detention camp, also called Gitmo, U.S. detention facility on the Guantánamo Bay Naval Base, located on the coast of Guantánamo Bay in southeastern Cuba. Constructed in stages starting in 2002, the Guantánamo Bay detention camp…was used to house Muslim militants and suspected terrorists captured by U.S. forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere….” Source:

From the start, this project by the USA government has drawn a lot of attention, especially from the international community and human right organizations worldwide. Many hoped and thought that Barack Obama would put an end to this human rights violation, as he promised.

Obama, however, failed to keep his promise to close Gitmo, even though he had eight years to do it. A big part of the prisoners were moved elsewhere, or released, but the prison still remains open to this date. This means that this unlawful system still has the full support of the USA government.

Barack Obama was not the president which many human rights advocates hoped he would be. He not only didn’t close Gitmo. He publicly called Edward Snowden, who should be given a Congressional Medal of Honor, a traitor, and signed the Patriot Act Two, also a horrible decision.

I don’t know if every American really realizes how big the impact of the Gitmo camp is on how the world views the USA. Land of the free, home of the brave? No, I am sorry. As long as Gitmo is open, many people will see the USA as a banana republic, no matter what the constitution says.

Many people still take action, seeing the need to close this chapter once and for all. Like the “Close Guantanamo” organization. 

“Guantánamo harms our nation every day it stays open, and it continues to serve as a potent symbol for terrorist recruitment. Guantánamo also undermines our bedrock commitment to the rule of law, making that fundamental principle less secure for all Americans.”

“For a brief explanation about why it is imperative that Guantánamo is closed, see our co-founder Andy Worthington speaking outside the White House on January 11, 2017, the 16th anniversary of the opening of the prison.”

The world we are now experiencing, and the great reset which is now played out, has been preceded by lots of small and big events which have changed the world as we know it, like the opening of a prison camp which violates every basic human right we know.

We should use this opportunity, when it is all coming to light, to clean house once and for all. Stop human right abuses. Take action. Stop the great reset and stop tolerating the things that we know are wrong. Together we CAN make a difference, if we fully replace the old system.