More Good News on Ivermectin

Ivermectin seems to become the biggest threat to COVID-19 viruses and to the profit of Big Pharma. This cheap medicine actually works against COVID-19 infections, unlike the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, which give people a lot of trouble.

Please check this out! “India State of 241 MILLION People Declared COVID-Free After Government Promotes Ivermectin.” The state of Uttar Pradesh has decided to actually trust the science, to use Ivermectin, and the results are wonderful!

The article of reports: “The state of Uttar Pradesh in India, which has the equivalent of two-thirds of the United States population, has been declared COVID-free, the state government announced last week. There are no more active cases of coronavirus in the 33 districts of Uttar Pradesh, which has a population of 241 million people.”

Uttar Pradesh (Source:

This state in India is now part of a growing number of success stories about how Ivermectin can be treated with Ivermectin, without the horrible side-effects of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. Like, for example, in Peru and Columbia.

Real world evidence from Peru and Colombia confirms ivermectin safe and effective “The real world evidence about ivermectin combined with the findings from meta-analyses of clinical trials provide compelling evidence for the safety and effectiveness of ivermectin, according to Dr David Scheim.”

Ivermectin. Safe and effective. Experimental COVID-19 vaccines. Unsafe and ineffective. Is this really a tough choice? Any neutral source, trusting the science, would choose Ivermectin. Yet you won’t read this stuff in the mainstream media. Because it would deflate the great reset.

Therefore, it is up to you and me to keep spreading the right information, to keep waking people up to the fact that a big political game is being played. Our health and our freedom are threatened by the plans of a global elite. I am grateful that their plans are starting to crumble.

Joe Rogan Healed by Ivermectin

There is a lot of information out there about positive experiences when using Ivermectin to treat a COVID-19 infection. The reason that it keeps popping up is that it simply works. Ivermectin is a wonderful agent to treat COVID-19 infections. You cannot suppress news like that, because people who see their loved ones recover through Ivermectin will share their happiness.

What is always really helpful, when information like this becomes available, is when there are also people we know who have actually been healed through Ivermectin. Well, one of the most famous podcasters in the world, Joe Rogan, had COVID-19 and healed it with a mix of treatments, which also included Ivermectin. Another beautiful confirmation.

Those who try to get every member of humanity vaccinated hate news like this. If this becomes common knowledge, people will stop taking vaccinations and booster shots. The entire scheme of vaccinating everyone, giving everyone vaccine passports, and forcing humanity on a control grid by using the COVID-19 outbreak as an excuse, will fall to pieces. As it should, obviously.

So check out this video, and if you find it valuable, share this post or just the video. We have to get this info out there. No matter how successful Ivermectin is, we are still engaged in an information war, and losing this war is not an option. Thank you!


Alex Jones reacts to a viral Joe Rogan Instagram video, where Joe admits to successfully using ivermectin in his covid regimen.

COVID-19, Your Immune System, and Logic

The news and social media are now filled with heated debates about the COVID-19 vaccinations and treatments. And these debates become so filled with emotions that I believe it would benefit everyone if we apply more logic, and don’t get too emotional in this debate.

About logic, let’s use a syllogism to talk about COVID-19 and your immune system. For those unfamiliar with the term syllogism:

“In logic, a syllogism is a form of deductive reasoning consisting of a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion.” For example:

“Major premise: All mammals are warm-blooded.
Minor premise: All black dogs are mammals.
Conclusion: Therefore, all black dogs are warm-blooded.”

This syllogism is a general statement about COVID-19 and your immune system.

Major premise:
Life-style choices influence how well your immune system works.
Minor premise:
How well your immune system works determines how ill you will get when you experience a COVID-19 infection.
Life-style choices influence how ill you will get when you experience a COVID-19 infection.

I don’t believe anyone can argue with this. None of the philosophers who specialize in logic will argue with this. If Hippocrates himself would walk the earth in 2021, he most likely would simply nod, because there really is nothing to argue here.

Still, in this age of censorship, I hear lots of reports of people who promote things which will strengthen the immune system and mention that this will also help decrease the risk of having problems with the COVID-19 virus, and these people are censored for spreading misinformation.

This is an abandonment of pure logic. Given human nature, this means that the people who do the censoring feel threatened by the truth. I believe that this is because all this useful, alternative information is a treat to the completion of the global roll-out of the experimental vaccinations.

I am grateful that the information which I write still finds its way to people, even though it may sometimes be censored, when readers share it on the censored platforms. Yet on many platforms it will still be visible, so please keep spreading this kind of information.

I end this post with two more logical statements about lifestyle choices and COVID-19. You can do with this information whatever you want, obviously. I hope you use it to make choices which will improve your general health and wellbeing. Stay safe and stay free!

Major premise:
The more efficient your immune system works, the smaller the chance is of having health issues caused by viruses like COVID-19.
Minor premise:
Smoking, alcohol abuse, and being overweight all decrease the efficiency of your immune system.
Smoking, alcohol abuse, and being overweight all increase the risk of having health issues caused by a COVID-19 infection.

Major premise:
The more efficient your immune system works, the smaller the chance is of having health issues caused by viruses like COVID-19.
Minor premise:
Working out, meditating, and maintaining a healthy bodyweight all increase the efficiency of your immune system.
Working out, meditating, and maintaining a healthy bodyweight all decrease the risk of having health issues caused by a COVID-19 infection.

Another Endorsement for Ivermectin

One of the smoking guns of the push to get everyone to submit to the experimental COVID-19 vaccinations is the suppression of the fact that there are effective treatment methods, which make the vaccinations a second choice for dealing with this disease.

There are several treatment options, and hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are the most well-known treatment options. I have already referred in several posts to, a website with “real-time meta analysis of 63 studies.” Scientific studies.

Earlier this year, an interesting endorsement was made for Ivermectin. “The chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association, Haruo Ozaki, held a press conference Feb. 9, 2021 announcing that the anti-parasite medicine Ivermectin seems to be effective at stopping COVID-19 and publicly recommending that all doctors in Japan immediately begin using Ivermectin to treat COVID.” 

We have been told time and time again that we should trust the science. This doctor did exactly that, and he compared the statistics of African countries which prescribe Ivermectin with the statistics of countries which don’t prescribe Ivermectin. The results are clear.

Please check out the video below, and share it, because it adds to the mounting evidence that Ivermectin is an effective treatment, and that exactly for this reason, information about this effective treatment is being suppressed by those who benefit from the vaccination sales.

Yet Another COVID-19 Cure

One of the highly regrettable mistakes which has been made by those who question the need for vaccines to combat the “COVID-19 pandemic,” is making the statement “There is nothing going on!” Because there is definitely something going on.

You could argue that the COVID-19 outbreak is nothing but a fancy name for the yearly flu, but even then, people get very ill because of the flu, and every year thousands of people die as a direct effect of the seasonal flu. So let’s stop saying there is nothing going on.

The world is experiencing a respiratory virus epidemic, and instead of getting lost in debates about the details, let’s look at the best solution. What is the most constructive response to this outbreak, what is the best solution to protect the health of those who are infected?

The experimental vaccines which have been developed have so many side-effects, and completely unknown long-term effects, that I certainly don’t recommend taking the jab. There are other solutions. Cheap and effective treatment options have been identified.

In recent posts I have already described how effective HCQ and Ivermectin  are in treating COVID-19 infections. Now another candidate for treatment has come into the picture: chlorine dioxide. Scientific research has proven that this old antimicrobial agent is an effective treatment.

These are two examples of studies being done, proving the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide to treat COVID-19 infections. Be aware that, just like with the good news about HCQ and Ivermectin, the opposition is harshly denying any scientific evidence related to COVID-19 treatments, because if this becomes general knowledge, that would slow down or even stop the vaccine rollout.

“Conclusion: These findings show that chlorine dioxide aqueous solution can inactivate the binding of the variant spike proteins to the human ACE2 receptor protein, indicating that this strategy may be useful in blocking the transmission of variant SARS-CoV-2 viruses.”

“Dr. Andreas Kalcker directed a clinical study with doctors in Ecuador on COVID-19 patients using oral and intravenous chlorine dioxide. 97% of over 100 COVID-19 patients were vastly improved with clear remission of the severest symptoms after a four-day treatment regimen with chlorine dioxide. No deaths were reported. Oftentimes a dramatic clinical response was seen after only 24 hours.”

Please check out this video about the treatment of COVID-19 with chlorine dioxide.

The Face Mask Folly

More than a year ago, when I was not involved with this blog yet, but only spreading information through social media, I experienced a confrontation with an old friend. When I shared a link to the website of the Swiss Policy Website, he told me, “This is a conspiracy website!”

This reaction baffled me, and I tried to invite him to a civilized discussion about the facts, but he was not interested. I have experienced the same situation now with several “old friends.” The pattern is always the same, and the reaction is always the same.

Some Big Pharma sponsored “fact checkers” website labels a source as “conspiracy website” or “conspiracy thinker,” and the case is closed for the close-minded. With blind trust in the corporate sponsored censorship of “misinformation,” they can safely ignore this source.

I have stopped arguing with people who don’t want to look at the facts with me. There is no use in talking with those who have made up their minds completely. I do not claim to have all the answers, but I will not be manipulated like this, not by anyone. Thank you.

About this specific website. What I love so much about the Swiss Policy Website is that it discusses the facts and reveals the links to the scientific resources on every page. This is not a propaganda website but a news website, and I highly recommend bookmarking the page.

A recent article that caught my eye was, “The Face Mask Folly in Retrospect.”  It states, “It has been known for decades that face masks don’t work against respiratory virus epidemics. Why has much of the world nonetheless fallen for the face mask folly? Ten reasons.”

Please check out this article about the face mask folly. With references to the studies that prove how ineffective masks are in stopping the COVID-19 infections. Plus, studies which show us clearly that mask wearing has negative health effects. Check it out.

If you share this website on your social media channels, be aware that Facebook and Twitter will simply block the website. Also, you may be warned by friends that this is a “conspiracy website.” Please do not let this discourage you in your quest to keep spreading good information.

Censorship Causing Preventable Deaths

Censorship is not just a matter of influencing opinions. In extreme cases, censorship can lead to the death of people, if life-saving information is branded as untrue. And this is exactly what happened with the treatment protocol Dr. Vladimir Zelenko shared with the world.

At the beginning of 2020, this NY Doctor made a very hopeful discovery.
“Dr. Zelenko Has Now Treated 699 Coronavirus Patients with 100% SUCCESS RATE — Using Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and Z-Pak…. His treatment resulted in the shortness of breath issue being resolved in 4 to 6 hours. Dr. Zelenko in his study had zero deaths, zero hospitalizations and zero intubations!”

A 100% success rate in treating COVID-19! Of course, this was a big threat for the pharmaceutical companies, who were about to make billions of dollars by rolling out highly questionable experimental vaccines. So they did everything to censor this information, to cast doubt on this life-saving discovery.

A couple of days ago a video about the discovery and the censorship that followed became available on Rumble. YouTube has censored everything they could about Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, but Rumble is still a beacon of freedom in a world full of tyranny.

“Dr. Vladimir Zelenko talks with author John Leake about treating his patients for Covid-19 and then sharing his insight with the White House. In spite of (or because of) President Trump’s initial embrace of Dr. Zelenko’s treatment protocol, government agencies such as the NIH and FDA first dismissed it, and then prevented public access to its key ingredient, hydroxychloroquine. This deliberate suppression of a life saving medication led to the preventable deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.”

Hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths! If this is not a wake-up call for those who still believe politicians and the pharmaceutical companies have our best interest in mind, then I don’t know what is. Please check out this video on Rumble, and like and share. Thank you!


Vaccinated at Higher Risk

When the experimental COVID-19 vaccines were presented to humanity, there were many people who responded to this news with warnings. The new mRNA technology was dangerous, they said, and the spike protein could cause reactions similar to auto-immune diseases.

Politicians and mainstream media called all these people either conspiracy nuts or anti-vaxxers, and the information they spread was labeled “misinformation endangering the public.” This kind of information, we were told, is not true. The COVID-19 vaccines are safe.

We now know that thousands of people have died within the first couple of days after receiving the COVID-19 vaccinations. And this happens so often, that it would be ridiculous to call all these events “coincidences.” So many people die that no one can cover this up.

A relatively recent development is the publication of an important scientific study done in England. This study is reported in the document, “SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England.”  It reveals the shocking news that for the Delta variant of COVID-19 the risk of dying is six times higher for the vaccinated than for the unvaccinated!

The scientific report is a bit of a dry read, here is another article about this subject: “Death rate from variant COVID virus six times higher for vaccinated than unvaccinated, UK health data show.” This report is mentioned in many alternative media outlets, as usual the mainstream media is silent about it.

Now I don’t want to offend anyone, but if you are not shocked by this news, you simply don’t understand it. This means that all the conspiracy nuts and anti-vaxxers who warned that the mRNA technology could cause auto-immune-like reactions may have been right all along.

We could have suspected this, because many of the people who spoke out were doctors, scientists, and professors. They were ignored at best and ridiculed and fired at worst. But they spoke from a position of medical authority, with the best interest of humanity in mind.

Please wake up, and if you are awake, share this information. COVID-19 vaccines are not safe. This is a worldwide experiment with unknown consequences for the long run, and many visible dire consequences in the short run. Don’t take the jab. Encourage others not to take it.

If you have friends or family members who still doubt if they should do it or not, please share the following excellent website with them, so they will be better informed about the experimental COVID-19 vaccines instead of brainwashed by the mainstream media and the WEF puppets.

Visit Website: No Jab For Me Dot Info 

Five Ways to Undermine Your Immune System

If our governments and national health organizations really cared about us and our health, we would receive much more information about how to stay healthy in this so called COVID-19 pandemic. But all we hear is “Get the jab! Get your shot! Get vaccinated!”

Yet what we learned during the COVID-19 pandemic is that most people deal well with this relatively mild disease. If you are not in the group of “vulnerable people,” most likely a COVID-19 infection will only present you with mild symptoms. If so, you certainly don’t need the jab.

This is a post about our immune systems during the lockdown. I have already written posts about the immune system in the past, about how you can boost your immune system to deal with viruses and other threats. Now I want to do the opposite, just to clarify something.

Five Ways to Undermine Your Immune System

1. Have fewer contacts with other members of your species.
Your immune system gets stronger by picking up all kinds of minor threats, and reacting to them. Lockdowns prevent this from happening.

2. When you do have these contacts, don’t touch anyone but stay at a distance.
You need physical contact for emotional health, and therefore for physical health. By staying at a distance you will be less healthy and happy, since we are social beings who need contact.

3. Disinfect yourself, your house, and everything you use.
The more sterile your environment, the more upset your immune system will be if a real threat shows up. It is completely unnatural for us to live in a sterile environment.

4. Be reminded every day about things to be fearful about.
Being fearful gives a lot of stress, and the more stress you have, the more you suppress the functioning of every system of your body, including the immune system.

5. Reduced the amount of physical movement during the day.
One of the best ways to stay healthy is to move a lot, and by reducing this option, you will reduce the functioning of the immune system, get weaker, gain weight, and be more unhealthy.

Therefore, lockdowns are not just useless to stop the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns are a threat to our health, because they undermine the natural functioning of our immune systems in many ways. If we keep these lockdowns and a new outbreak of a flulike disease happens, more people will be negatively affected by this, for these reasons.

Of course, if there is a big outbreak of a very dangerous disease, lockdowns DO make sense. If many people are dying of Ebola, a disease which has an IFR of 50% (The IFR is 0,15% for COVID-19) then temporary lockdowns are a good idea. However, this does not apply to COVID-19.

Therefore, please keep fighting this great reset and the lockdowns. Find and share good information. Sign petitions, join in peaceful protests, and take legal action against lockdowns, which have nothing to do with our health. Let’s help each other with taking action against those who are not interested in our health, and who oppose our freedom. Thank you!

About Ethical Vegans

I have postponed writing about vegans for a long time, but I believe it is necessary to do this, lest you be led astray. Because everyone who is looking for ways to make this world a better place will eventually run into the rhetoric of ethical vegans.

To clarify something, “vegans” are simply those who don’t eat anything which is derived from animals, as a personal choice. “Ethical vegans” state that human being are not entitled to eat or use anything which is derived from animals, that this is unethical.

So while the average vegan has decided to live a certain lifestyle, as a personal choice, ethical vegans insist that all of humanity should follow their example. By leaving no room for personal choice, they are essentially a cult which is based upon worshipping animals.

Ethical vegans don’t see any problem with this. “Just stop eating meat and using animal products. Good for animals. Good for people. Good for the planet. Who could object to this?” Well, I do. There are too many flaws in these theories to join this cult.

A vegan diet is always an incomplete diet, which needs to be supplemented with at the very least vitamin B12. The last two million years of our evolution we have eaten mainly meat, and to change this around 100% is an experiment of which we don’t know the long-term effects.

“Vegan diets can have many health benefits, but they may not contain all the necessary nutrients. To avoid a deficiency, a person should be sure to consume a variety of nutritious plant-based foods and consider taking supplements.” Source: Medical News Today. 

It is popular to state that it will tremendously benefit the environment if you stop eating meat. Save the planet. Stop global warming. Yet how effective is this strategy? Is it based upon the idea that we should reduce or stop animal suffering, or on science?

“Lund University researchers have found that switching to a vegan or vegetarian diet is minimal in comparison to other methods of reducing carbon footprint. The data shows that in certain cases developing other eco-friendly habit in many cases can be more effective in shrinking your carbon footprint than switching to the ‘rabbit food’ diet.” Source: Consumer Freedom. 

Now there is a lot to be said for ending factory farming the way it is currently done. There is far too much animal suffering for my taste as well. Yet you can actually use cows to reverse climate change, as I have stated in a previous post, “Greening the World’s Deserts.” 

Based on all of this, I don’t believe that the solution is to stop eating meat. And the final point about the danger of ethical vegans as a cult is actually the most important one. Anyone who is talking or acting in a way that does not agree with ethical vegans is treated as an enemy.

Hunters, cattle farmers, and advocates of a carnivore diet all receive death threats on a regular basis from “ethical vegans.” These are not exceptions, this is common practice. Like this female butcher, who became the victim of a campaign of death treats.

There is obviously nothing wrong with loving animals and choosing to stop eating animal products. There is however something very wrong with a cult which wants to tell everyone in the world how they should live, not based on science, but on an emotional response to animal suffering. Please do yourself a favor and stay away from the cult of ethical veganism.