Plastic – No Permanent Problem

When the mainstream media reports about global warming, overpopulation, and environmental problems, it sometimes seems as if human beings are a plague upon this world, and that the only solution for this problem is to reduce the number of humans. I am glad that there are other solutions.

Recently I reported on promising news to solve the world’s drinking water problem. Now I stumbled upon a discovery on how to deal with all this plastic we find everywhere. It becomes clear that roaming waste plastic is not a permanent environmental issue, but something that can be solved.

What is the solution then? Mealworms! Stanford researchers show that mealworms can safely consume toxic additive-containing plastic. So these tiny animals can digest the plastic, and then they can be used as food for other animals. Wow!

“Mealworms are not only able to eat various forms of plastic, as previous research has shown, they can consume potentially toxic plastic additives in polystyrene with no ill effects, a new study shows. The worms can then be used as a safe, protein-rich feed supplement.”

This kind of news hardly makes it to the mainstream media channels. Why? I believe this is because the primary function of the mainstream media now in 2021 is to keep us in constant fear, and deprive us of hope. A fearful population will more easily accept unpopular changes.

We have had the lockdowns because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in many alternative media outlets it is suggested that we will soon be confronted with all kinds of other restrictions and changes, because of the threat of global warming. There is even talk of permanent lockdowns.

Please be aware that there are other solutions to the so-called problems of the world. Solutions which don’t involve lockdowns and giving the governments more and more power over the people. This simple discovery from the Stanford researchers is just one of them. Please check it out.


Polar Bears Are Doing Fine

One of the recurring themes in the global warming news is the story of the polar bears. How the lives of polar bears are being threatened, their habitats destroyed, and so on. When I follow the mainstream news, I only hear sad stories about these lovely animals.

I have pointed out in previous posts that although there are genuine problems with the way nature is being treated on our planet, the theme of global warming is a political theme, and therefore it is not free of disinformation and manipulation.

In this scenario, it is good news to find a website of an expert who can tell us that the polar bears are doing fine. I encourage you to listen to what Susan Crockford, a zoologist with more than 35 years experience  has to say about polar bears.

“Here you’ll find polar bear science without advocacy, fearmongering or spin. Most importantly, there will be no predictions about the future of polar bears!” Visit website.

In a very predictable way, Susan Crockford has been attacked for speaking out about the polar bears, because she has been contradicting the opinions of the moral majority who use polar bears as tools for changing environmental policies and influencing public opinion.

Fear mongering has been widely used in the area of global warming. If you want to change the behavior of people, using fear is the easiest way to do it. Fearful people will be much more eager to follow whatever they believe will help to reduce or eliminate the threat.

For me, the main thing that this single example points out is that it is very important to not follow blindly what the mainstream media is presenting to me. We all have to do our own research. Don’t be manipulated into following those who use fear mongering to support their agendas.

Greening the World’s Deserts

The purpose of this website is not to just bitch and complain about “The Great Reset” but to offer alternatives to a technocratic society, a way for all of us to move on in freedom and prosperity.

“The Gentle Restart” will contain a collection of options, ideas, of changes we can use to move forward in a better way, not destroying our world and freedom but restoring both.

Allan SavoryI expect this list of ideas to grow as I write, and welcome feedback from readers. If you found something you believe I should write about, please contact me.

Here is a wonderful video I found about greening the deserts and reversing climate change. One problem facing our world is desertification, and the solution to this may be very simple.

Allan Savory has devoted his life to stopping desertification. He has proven with experiments that a surprising factor can protect grasslands and reclaim degraded land that was once desert.

To me, this video makes sense. For millions of years, during our evolution, we lived while mainly eating meat, hunting big grazing animals to get this meat.

Then the age of agriculture came, and more recently, a period in which we were hunting animals almost to extinction, ending the period where enormous grazing herds walked the earth.

Then the desertification of the planet started. Many well-meaning people believe that it is the grazing of the animals that causes the growing of deserts, that these animals actually destroy nature simply by eating.

According to this video, it is not the grazing of the animals that causes problems, but exactly the opposite: the lack of grazing. Grazing helps to restore the health of the environment. Please check it out!