Secretive China

While reading up on all the alternative media news about the great reset and related topics, I often stumble about very interesting stuff. Sometimes just amusing or interesting, sometimes shocking, and sometimes I read things which are totally absurd to me.

One thing that I found really absurd is that Chine tries to hide the fact that the biggest pyramids the world has ever known are not situated in Egypt, but in China! In a time of satellite imaging, Google Earth, and mounting evidence gathered by pilots taking photos, this is truly absurd.

I have had the privilege of being able to visit the pyramids in Egypt, and it is impressive to walk around the big pyramid of Giza. It is about 150 meters high, and it is quite different to see it with your eyes than to read about it in a travel magazine.

Yet in China there is a pyramid which has about ten times the volume of the pyramid of Giza, and the majority of the world population doesn’t know about this! The Pyramid of Xian is not 150 meters high, but 300 meters! The evidence is there, but China wants to keep this place secret.

Now China is known to be secretive about many things. For example, as Amnesty International states, “the Chinese government continues to maintain almost total secrecy over the number of people sentenced to death and executed in the country.” 

More recently, lots of things which have been happening at the Wuhan lab have been covered up. The fact that the Chinese government is not really cooperating with the investigation, to solve the question where the COVID-19 virus really came from, is not helpful, to say the least.

Being confronted with a country with horrible human rights offences, a country which is very secretive about everything it is doing, the fourth estate should step up. Yet apparently the sponsors of the mainstream media don’t want to offend China, so this doesn’t happen.

So most people on this planet do not know that the biggest pyramid the world has ever seen is situated in China. Neither do most people in the world know that their future is planned for them by the World Economic Forum, which uses China as the role model for our future world.

A secretive country. With a social credit system. And a horrible human rights track record. A totalitarian state. A country that the big politicians and mainstream media don’t want to offend. If we don’t resist the great reset, this is our future. And it won’t be a good future, and neither a distant future.

The World’s Biggest Genocide?

There is a question that keeps haunting me, as I am doing more and more research for this blog. It is this: “Why is the Holocaust seen by most people in the world as the biggest genocide that ever happened?” How is this so firmly established into the public perception?

I mean, if you go to any browser, use any search engine, and look for “World’s Biggest Genocide,” you will soon be confronted with horrible facts about the regime of Mao. The Holocaust really isn’t the number one crime against humanity in our history.

‘According to the authoritative “Black Book of Communism,” an estimated 65 million Chinese died as a result of Mao’s repeated, merciless attempts to create a new “socialist” China. Anyone who got in his way was done away with — by execution, imprisonment or forced famine.

65 million people! Holy mackerel! Most of these people died during “the Great Leap Forward,” one of the big reforms which Mao forced upon the people in China. And I do not know why I was hardly told about this stuff during my history lessons in high-school. That the cultural revolution in China was the biggest genocide ever.

No, I was again and again pounded with information about the second world war, the Holocaust, the nazis, the “worst thing that ever happened in the world.” And now I am wondering: “How does someone who kills ten times the number of people Hitler killed, remain less notorious?”

I believe that there are three reasons for this situation. I am not 100% sure of these reasons, so if you have an alternative idea or more information to enlighten me, please contact me. But these three reasons keep popping up during my research.

The first reason is that there are a lot of people in the Jewish community worldwide, who have big financial means. Therefore, they can promote all kinds of initiatives to ensure the Holocaust is not forgotten, to remind people that this should never happen again. And that is absolutely true.

The second reason is that the world more and more depends on China for the production of cheap products. Even though human right abuses continue to this day in China, world leaders and heads of states in general only engage in some symbolic statements about these facts. Nobody wants to offend the Chinese government for this reason.

The third reason is that China is now seen by the World Economic Forum as the “model state” for humanity. This is how the whole world should be governed, with a One World Government, that knows how to deal with the people, in a totalitarian way. And it is difficult to see a country as a model if you know how many of their own people they have killed.

I am grateful that there are those who put things in perspective, like Kel Fabie on 8list. ANY genocide is horrible, don’t get me wrong. But in these days, when the great reset is rolled out, it would be good to get a clearer picture about what kind of regime the WEF is so enthusiastic about.

The Social Credit System

I have repeatedly stated that what we are currently experiencing is not about our health, but about a power game for more control by the global elite. The great reset has the goal of giving this global elite total control over the people on this planet, a technocratic one world government. One tool to achieve this is the introduction of a “social credit system”, as this is already implemented in China, and tested in several other countries too.

“The social credit system, also known as the Ranking System, is used by China and has already crept into America via the cancel culture and political correctness. China’s goal is to develop a high trust society based on individuals and companies following the law. A numeric score is assigned to individuals and companies that can have a profound effect on personal and corporate life. Those who comply with the imposed social credit system will be rewarded materially and socially. Those who don’t will be penalized.”

The social credit system is the nightmare of everyone who loves freedom, and who truly understands what levels of control a government using this system has over people. It starts with getting a jab. Then you get a vaccination passport. This gets connected and transformed into a digital ID. Then your medical records and bank records are attached to this digital ID. And on top of that your behavior will be monitored, online and offline. Your social credit score will be given based upon this monitored behavior. Your social credit score will then be attached to this mandatory digital ID. The finishing touch, or should I say the final verdict, will be that now you are under full control of those operating the system.

Those who control your digital ID and who decided on what social credit scores should be linked to what kind of behavior, can decide how to reward or punish you. Traveling, shopping, getting a loan, education, healthcare, public transport, and so on, are only accessible when you have the right social credit score. This is really scary. It matches the level of control described in the famous book “1984” by George Orwell. A totalitarian society, worldwide, based on the current experiments being done in China, our role-model for a “brave new world.”

Once you are fully enrolled in this system, as a society, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to break free from it. When do you stop it then? Preferably as soon as possible. Don’t line up for this first jab. Don’t agree to a vaccine passport, just because you want to travel again. Help to fight the levels of censorship and human rights abuses we are now experiencing. Stop the great reset, before we have all become robots in a totalitarian society. The time to do this is now, because the great reset is happening now. This is not a game. And it is right in your face.

Please check out this seven-minute video from James Corbett of The Corbett Report. He made an excellent introduction video about what the social credit system means, and what implications this may have if it is ever implemented worldwide. So please watch and share it.

China Banning People From Transit for Bad “Social Credit” Scores