Choosing Your News Sources

Recently I realized that in the almost three months that I am blogging now about the COVID-19 outbreak and the great reset, I have regularly referred to “the mainstream media” without ever explaining what I mean with this, or how I see these news channels.

To give a brief explanation, I label those media channels who are “influenced” by outside forces, rather than by the desire to simply report the facts, as mainstream media. Those TV channels and newspapers which are controlled by commercial lobbyists or by organizations like the CIA.

To give you some background, it is important to know that six corporations control 90% of the media in America. These companies all give the same spin to the news about COVID-19 and the vaccination experiment.

Besides this news monopoly, there is an old and effective operation being run by the CIA, called “Operation Mockingbird.” For more on the influence of the CIA on the media, please read this article from The Corbett Report, How the CIA Plants News Stories in the Media. 

To also give a personal experience, I emailed The New York Times, who only has negative things to say about the Hydroxychloroquine treatment of COVID-19. I told them about a website with lots of scientific, positive results, and asked if they would consider this information.

All I got in return was a polite acknowledgement that they received the email. And I have heard many other people have had the same experience when trying to communicate with the mainstream media channels. You run into a wall and don’t achieve anything. This is done by design.

What to do in this situation? Who should you trust? How should you choose your news sources? And how do you make this decision?

I came up with a couple of things you can check on the website of the news channel you are considering using, to know if they are neutral or biased. Here they are.

Is anything positive written about Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin?These two medications are not a miracle cure, but anyone who denies that there are any positive effects on a COVID-19 infection is not neutral.

Is anything written about the negative side-effects of vaccines?
Too many things have surfaced to deny the deaths and other medical side-effects caused by the COVID-19 vaccinations. If nothing is written by this source, don’t use it.

Does the news channel mention anything about the Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s class action lawsuit?
Of all the legislation against the lockdowns, this is the most famous case, I would say, with the most famous lawyer. This must be newsworthy for any channel, unless you want to avoid it.

Is anything written about the pro’s and con’t of the lockdowns?
If nothing negative is written about the lockdowns, this is deliberately avoided.

If all four questions point in the same direction, a constant reporting of the same standard narrative, “COVID-19 is very bad, lockdowns are necessary, vaccinations are good and harmless”, you know you are confronted with a propaganda tool, not with a news resource.

These are some tips to help you decide which news channels are worthy of your time. Please share the good resources with your friends and family, to promote the spread of quality news and to avoid the spread of misinformation.

Also check out the link section of my blog. Stay well informed and stay free!