My New Meme Page

Recently I have added a meme’s page to my website, to offer another way to spread whatever information or messages I believe need to be spread. Sometimes meme’s can be more powerful than a full post, wouldn’t you agree?

Just a short post today. And from the third of April until the eleventh of April, I will be on a spiritual retreat. I won’t be active on my blog, but will send positive vibes and energy to the planet, and answer messages after I am back.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

New Links Page

A message for the regular visitors. I will be on a spiritual retreat starting today and ending on the 24th of January 2021. In this period I will not be blogging, but I expect to begin again on the 25th with that daily routine.

To compensate for this lack of new input, I have updated the website with a links page and started with six links to interesting websites. All highly recommended, so please check it out!

Thank you for your time,
and I will be back soon,
Thijs Hottenhuis

The Gentle Restart

When I first heard of the outbreak of COVID-19, and read about the predicted fatality rate of 3,4%, it scared me. I was told about social distancing, and got nervous when people came too close to me, fearing that this would threaten my health.

I started to read online from a wide range of resources, and it quickly became clear that the COVID-19 outbreak was something to be taken seriously, but not as threatening as it was described by many politicians and the mainstream media.

There is an enormous gap between the realistic threat of COVID-19 on the one hand, and the extreme lockdown measures on the other hand. Seeing this, I looked for answers, for more information, for a way for this to make sense to me.

At the time of writing, the monotonous mantra of most politicians and mainstream media is:

  1. The COVID-19 outbreak is the world’s biggest problem now.
  2. The only way to solve this is to get everybody vaccinated.
  3. Until we have a chance to do this, a strict lockdown is the best solution.

When you examine these statements, all three are seriously flawed, because:

  1. There are bigger problems facing the world than the COVID-19 outbreak.
  2. Herd immunity will not necessarily require everyone to be vaccinated.*
  3. Lockdowns cause more harm than good.

* Herd immunity can come from a combination of vaccinating the vulnerable groups, plus people developing natural immunity after having had an asymptomatic COVID-19 infection. More research about this is needed.

The medical side of the story is that COVID-19 is a flulike disease, with an IFR slightly higher than the yearly flu outbreaks. Many doctors agree that the best approach to deal with this is to offer “focused protection” to vulnerable groups.

The political side of the story is something completely different. I do not have all the answers, but the best hypothesis that I have found is that this COVID-19 outbreak is covertly being used to aggressively push political changes on a global scale.

This “global make-over” is also called “The Great Reset” and is to my amazement communicated openly on the website of the World Economic Forum.  “To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative.” 

On a superficial level, The Great Reset is a good idea. We ARE facing huge global problems that need to be addressed. Yet, when a group of global elitists aim to impose a potential solution, without democratic oversight, something very scary is happening.

Having looked at all this, I realize that we, as humanity, cannot go on like before, without facing serious consequences. But an undemocratic transformation, forced upon us without transparency by a mysterious global elite is certainly not the solution.

I decided to start a blog called “The Gentle Restart”. The goal of this blog is to address what is happening right now and to offer an alternative way to move forward. My aim is to write daily posts, with useful information, inspiring ideas, and practical tips.

I welcome feedback on anything I write, and when I find it useful, I will share this feedback also in my blog. We are all in this together. Thank you for your time, good health and freedom to you, stay tuned!

Thijs Hottenhuis,
02 January 2021