Please Leave Google

I believe that it is common knowledge that Google is not a nice company. They are known for their aggressive marketing, buying up competitors, lack of respect for privacy, habitually breaking the law, and regularly breaking agreements related to honest business practices.

Google uses and abuses its monopoly position in the market. More and more politicians who are not on the pay-list of Big Tech will argue that the Big Tech companies need to be broken up into smaller companies, to break this monopoly position for the good of everyone.

Political change may be on the way. “In a sweeping report spanning 449 pages, House Democrats lay out a detailed case for stripping Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google of the power that has made each of them dominant in their fields.” Source: House Report 

For me there are two major reasons not to wait for this political change to take place, but to leave Google now. The first is increasing censorship of YouTube, of even the most respected doctors, scientists, and politicians. The second is the censorship of content of the Google Drive.

Most people who don’t limit themselves to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook for their online news gathering, will know that censorship has reached record levels in 2021. For example, anyone who talks about vaccine side-effects will be blocked on YouTube.

These are not just emotional videos by laypersons who voice wild conspiracy theories, but also doctors and scientists voicing their concerns about experimental vaccines rushed in with emergency procedures, vaccines which are already killing people.

Now it is one thing to block posts on a social media account. It is quite another step to offer people an online storage place, like the Google Drive, and then to monitor what kind of data is put in this online storage, censoring what you don’t like.

“Google is blocking access to a PDF document that has compiled 106 pages of screenshots of mainstream media reports about people who have allegedly experienced negative side effects or died after taking a COVID-19 vaccine and social media testimony from those who have alleged adverse vaccine reactions.” Source: Reclaim The Net 

Is this still something we should call censorship, or can we rightfully call this digital dictatorship? I am not sure, but I know that to restore privacy and the free sharing of important information, it is best to leave Google and to never look back. There are much better alternatives.

The wonderful website Restore Privacy has already done all the work for you, if you decide to leave Google. “With growing concerns over online privacy and securing personal data, more people than ever are considering alternatives to Google products.”

Check out this wonderful report. “This guide aims to be the most exhaustive resource available for documenting alternatives to Google products. It has become one of the most popular guides on Restore Privacy and is now updated for 2021.”

Alternatives to Google Products for 2021