Please Boycott PayPal

In the big political game that is currently being played, it becomes clear which institutions and corporations are supporting the great reset and which don’t. One player which is clearly not supporting freedom and transparency is PayPal.

Just like GAB has been blacklisted by VISA, the news outlet “Rebel News” has been blocked by PayPal. Apparently, some of the established financial institutions collaborate with the architects of the great reset.

“According to Levant, PayPal sent an email on Friday, past business hours, saying the Rebel News account, which has transacted over 8 million Canadian dollars in more than 150,000 transactions over the past six years, had been removed. The email had no explanation, signature, contact information, or a way to appeal the decision, Levant said.” Source: Reclaim the Net.

What to do about this type of censorship, which clearly undermines free speech and basic human rights? Use your consumer power to stop this nonsense. If you are a PayPal consumer, please cancel your account, and choose an alternative for PayPal.

There are lots of alternatives to PayPal, so choose one depending on your needs. And if this alternative also starts to use its power in an abusive way, move on again. If this information war, this fight for freedom, we have to stop supporting any henchman of the opposition. Thank you.

(Please ignore Google and Amazon.)