Pfizer Vaccins & Dead Teenagers

In the Netherlands, a while ago, the decision was made to also vaccinate teenagers with the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. Politicians made the standard statement about the vaccines: “The vaccines are safe.” Ignoring all the evidence, this was what was being said.

At the moment the statement was made, a lot was already known about all the deaths and other negative side-effects of these jabs. It was known to governments worldwide that the vaccines were showing massive side-effects, which were never truly researched as they should.

When I heard the politicians make the statement, “The vaccines are safe!”, I thought: “What will they do when they are confronted with dead Dutch teenagers? What will they say to the parents of these children, when they are visiting them, looking for answers?”

Those who really keep track of what is happening, and that includes these politicians, will know that if you vaccinate all the teenagers in your country, some will die. These are the cold, hard statistics of our current “COVID-19 pandemic,” and the experimental vaccines developed by Big Pharma.

“A study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on July 30 found that 397 children between the ages of 12 and 17 were diagnosed with heart inflammation called myocarditis after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.”

Myocarditis. I already shared a post about Jacob Clynick a while ago. He “died shortly after receiving his second shot of experimental COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer…. A perfectly healthy young boy dying because of heart problems, after taking a jab which is known to cause heart problems.” 

The main reaction of the mainstream media and the global and national health organizations to the myocarditis and deaths among teenagers is that they emphasize how rare these events are. Without clarifying exactly what has happened by doing further research on the fatal incidents.

“Fourteen children died after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, according to the study….” “Impressions regarding cause of death did not indicate a pattern suggestive of a causal relationship with vaccination. However, cause of death for some decedents is pending receipt of additional information,” wrote Anne Hause, the CDC’s corresponding author. 

People are dying, and the survivors want answers. But no further research is being done. No autopsies, no independent scientific research. And the casualties will only be noted as “deaths unrelated to the vaccines” because no real proof has been found to the contrary.

Bodies are piling up, and we are still being confronted with the standard slogan, “Vaccines are safe!” More pressure is needed apparently on national and global health organizations, to allow independent research to be done related to the many unexplained casualties of “safe vaccines.”