The World & Multinationals

Looking at the great reset, and the way that it is playing out now, in 2021, I cannot avoid looking at the role that multinationals play in this horrible scenario. Doing so, I have to start with the basic question, “What is a multinational?”

A multinational is an international company which has the goal of making money for the shareholders.

That’s it! We can romanticize this subject, but a multinational is simply a big tool to create money. Usually they have a good PR strategy to tell the world how they are going to improve the world, but they are actually just money machines without a soul.

A must-see documentary about corporations, and the characteristics of corporations, which actually mimics the character of psychopaths, is “The Corporation.” 

“Based on Bakan’s book The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, the film is a timely, critical inquiry that invites CEOs, whistle-blowers, brokers, gurus, spies, players, pawns and pundits on a graphic and engaging quest to reveal the corporation’s inner workings, curious history, controversial impacts and possible futures.”

In the last hundred years, we have seen multinationals play an increasingly dominant role in our world. And if the diagnosis of “The Corporation” is correct, that means that we are currently more and more dominated by psychopathological institutions.

There is no use in blaming a multinational for what it is. That is about the same as being upset when you have a cat, and you see this cat is hunting animals you love. Well, that is just what they do! Cats are unemotional hunters, just like multinationals are soulless money machines.

So what is the best course of action in a world dominated by multinationals, which don’t improve the future of humanity? To boycott these multinationals as much as possible. Buy locally, support small business. Get into homesteading. Become part of the parallel society.

I believe that there are many people who think that they can only vote on election day. But every time you spend money, you are voting and giving your power to something. Never underestimate the power of consumer decisions to change this world for the better.

Pfizer’s Criminal Record

I was highly surprised to read this week that “Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said … that people who spread disinformation about coronavirus vaccines are ‘criminals.’” 

“Those people are criminals,” he said to Atlantic Council CEO Frederick Kempe about 40 minutes into a nearly hour-long interview. “They’re not bad people. They’re criminals because they have literally cost millions of lives.”

Albert Bourla has a not of nerve stating this. Pfizer is a company with a long criminal record, and has been responsible for the death of many people. This is not a matter of opinion, these criminal offences are accessible on public record.

As the violation tracker of Good Job First states, they have received many huge fines, not for making simple mistakes, but for criminal offences. “Penalty total since 2000: $4,660,896,333.”

Billions of dollars in criminal fines! I cannot even visualize this much money. Recently I got a fine of 52 Euro for speeding with my motorcycle, my mistake. This is something I can understand and grasp. But $4,660,896,333?

If you are a person and you commit crime after crime, you will be considered a career criminal and become an outcast. However, if you are a rich multinational, you can just invest in lobbying and polishing up your PR, and thus stay in business.

If you believe Pfizer is concerned with your health, I highly encourage you to do some personal research, starting at my blog. Anyone who has spent some time on researching Big Pharma or Pfizer knows they don’t care about our health.

The Power of Decriminalizing Drugs

Years ago, I read about a project in Switzerland where heroin addicts could get both welfare money from the state and heroin through their doctor, free of charge, to break the cycle of criminality related to heroin addiction. This project was a great success.

Crime numbers went down, and many heroin addicts managed to kick the habit once they were out of their cycle of hunting for the next shot. Both society and the heroin addicts benefitted greatly from this project.

Something similar happened in Oregon, according to the article by The Free Thought Project: 
“In November 2020, in a near-landslide, Oregon became the first state in history to decriminalize all drugs, including hard drugs like heroin, cocaine, and meth. Showing the will of the citizens, the vote passed with 59% of voters in favor…. It has been a year since this bill was passed and much to the chagrin of the drug warrior class, Oregon is boasting some very positive numbers.”

All of this makes a lot of sense to me. Besides a lowering of the crime rates, and the levels of drug addiction, legalizing drugs worldwide would also disarm terrorist organizations and even the black operations of shady governmental organizations.

Take, for example, FARC in Columbia. Originally started as a freedom fighters group, with the best of intentions, their choice to get involved in cocaine trade has been responsible for a spiral of violence instead of more freedom, it seems.

Or take the CIA, an organization known for doing many black ops, and shady things which have never been approved by the Congress. This renegade institution has been known to be actively involved with heroin trade in the past.

Besides the crime related to drugs, it is a known fact that those criminal gangs which make money with drugs have a tendency to get involved in other criminal pursuits as well, to increase the drug money by investing it in, for example, prostitution or gambling.

At first sight, the worldwide legalization of all drugs would be a great blessing for the world, because of all the above. I may have to do more research on this to be certain of this. One thing is sure, if we keep doing what we have always been doing, we will get the results we have always been getting.

Excess Mortality – The Smoking Gun

I am not joining the medical experiment with the COVID-19 vaccinations, but I do have experiences with getting medical shots. Like all the way back in 1988, when I had to show up for the military draft, which then still existed in the Netherlands.

During our basic training, we would all get the then famous “stereo shots”, mixed vaccine shots in both shoulders. And the only side-effects I have ever heard of, and experienced with these shots, were sore shoulders and mild flu-like symptoms.

All this is different with the COVID-19 jabs. Incredible numbers of serious side-effects are reported to the official government systems which keep track of these things, and scientists all agree that these numbers are always heavily under-reported.

Now the mainstream media hardly reports on these things, but now something is happening that no one can hide: “unexplainable” excess mortality. Like for example, in Germany, where this spring there was a 10% rise in mortality. (German website). 

If you keep pushing a vaccine which is dangerous to people, and causes many people to die, the truth will come out. In this age of publicly accessible data, people only have to add one plus one to be able to see that an alarming trend is happening.

You can censor all the stories, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google, of grieving families who have lost loved ones to the jab. And if you own the media, you can keep assuring everyone that the vaccinations are safe. But you cannot hide massive global excess mortality.

That is the smoking gun of the proclaimed COVID-19 pandemic and the jab scheme. This excess mortality will be exposed. And this will make it clear to even those who have a lot of faith in governments and the mainstream media that we are being framed.

For more information on this crucial theme, which is literally a matter of life and death, please check out:

The Vaccine Death Report


Encryption is Under Attack

Our private data is collected on a massive scale. All governments are involved in this, the ones who admit it and the ones who don’t admit it. And very few people actually know how much data Big Tech collects about everyone who signs up for apps and free accounts.

There is a simple way to keep things private, to make sure that neither governments not Big Tech can get their hands on the data you want to protect. This can easily be done by using end-to-end encryption, making the data invisible to everyone who wants to snoop.

It is not a big surprise that governments and intelligence agencies don’t like end-to-end encryption. And there is a push for making this form of encryption illegal, if no backdoors are offered to law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Yet as soon as a backdoor is offered, we are no longer talking about end-to-end encryption. And our governments have not exactly shown that we can rely on them to decide purely based on human rights and human dignity.

An article on the Next Web states:
“Governments around the world are calling for encryption backdoors that would enable access to personal information. They argue that encryption protects criminals. But it also protects activists, dissidents, persecuted groups, and ordinary citizens. Edward Snowden is among the most prominent beneficiaries. The whistleblower’s first messages to journalists were made with encryption.”

“If you weaken encryption, people will die,” said Snowden in a statement. “This year alone, after the fall of the government of Afghanistan, we saw how crucial encryption is in keeping ordinary people safe.”

So what can we do to stop this? Get involved with spreading the word about the need to protect encryption as a tool to maintain online privacy. Visit and share the website of the Global Encryption Coalition. Start using and promoting encryption tools.

The Global Encryption Coalition (GEC)  “…mission is to promote and defend encryption in key countries and multilateral fora where it is under threat. The GEC also supports efforts by companies to offer encrypted services to their users.”

So please get active and involved and visit the Global Encryption Coalition website. 

Sportsmen or Swooning Swans?

Franck Berrier

Okay, I realize that the title I have chosen for this post is slightly absurd. Yet, I also think that it is absurd that a recent trend does not get the attention that it deserves. I am talking about very healthy and very fit athletes dropping dead like flies.

An Austrian news outlet, Report 24, has written an article about this (in German). This article includes a list of 75 athletes who either died or collapsed with severe health problems the last five months.

Five months! I recall that in the years before the proclaimed COVID-19 pandemic, this was a very rare event, professional athletes having a heart attack. When it happened, everyone was shocked. So healthy! So fit! How could this happen?

Francis Perron

Franck Berrier. Francis Perron. Sebastiaan Bos. These are only three examples of the athletes which died after being vaccinated with the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. And that is worth mentioning, because that is the common denominator here.

No one can deny that the phenomenon of collapsing and dying athletes is on the rise, and that this happens to the vaccinated ones. What does this mean? To me, this means that it would be a very good idea to halt the vaccines and do more independent research.

Many scientists and doctors have warned about the new experimental vaccines, and the risks of blood cloths which they believed would be involved. Blood clothing could be one reason why we see these things happening on our sport fields.

Sebastiaan Bos

Do I know all this for a fact? Of course not! For this, more research would be needed. Yet this will not happen if we just keep repeating the hypnotic mantra, “The vaccines are safe, effective and free!” Then we will treat these occurrences as “incidents.”

The collapsing athletes are just one “smoking gun” of the vaccine roll-out. Excess mortality, deaths of people within 48 hours of taking the jabs, and high numbers of all kinds of negative side-effects are other signs on the wall that something is seriously wrong.

If you are not vaccinated yet, please keep it that way. The vaccines are not safe. Many doctors and scientists who are more knowledgeable than me advocate for halting the whole vaccine campaign. Why does it still continue?

The only reason I can think of why this vaccine push is still going on is that for those who are orchestrating it, money and power are more important than the health and the freedom of the people. If that is true, only none-compliance will protect our health and freedom.

The Right to Protest

On paper, our right to protest is well protected. We can read in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Article 20: Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.” This universal document thereby covers peaceful protests.

However, what we have seen in the Netherlands, and what is happening on a worldwide scale, is that very often COVID-19 is used as an excuse to not allow peaceful demonstrations. They would be a treat to the health of the people.

This leads to a very odd situation. Officially, I have the right to protest peacefully against the in my opinion ridiculous lockdown measures related to the declared COVID-19 pandemic. Yet I am completely restricted to do so on a practical level.

On top of that, we have seen extreme police violence in the Netherlands recently. Peaceful protests are being shattered with water cannons and police sticks. The only reaction from government officials about these excesses is that the actions were appropriate.

Because of the limited options to protest, and the mounting police violence, many people have decided to engage in online activism instead. Yet with our current cancel culture, and the increased levels of censorship, this is becoming increasingly difficult too.

Brett Solomon has given an excellent talk about this phenomenon.
“I recently gave a TEDx talk…. In it I explain why the right to peaceful protest matters, now more than ever. But also how it is at risk due to the advent of new technologies. I inquire whether the right to protest will survive its migration online.”

There are several treats to the migration of protests from offline to online. Censorship, intentional internet shutdowns, lack of good internet connectivity, and more. Check out the video below to get a better picture of all the developments.

Call to Action: Free Australia

There is a lot happening in Australia these days. This former prison colony is becoming a prison again. The great reset is in full swing down under, and it has to be stopped. We have to take meaningful action against this attack on the freedom of the people.

At the beautiful website, Reignite Democracy Australia,  a very clear request is made. “Protest on our behalf at your nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate!” To be done on the 4th of December 2021.

This is not just a simple request for help. This is an SOS. We are talking about an emergency situation, and the Aussies are asking all the freedom-loving people in the world to respond to this request. So please do whatever you can do. Thank you.

Check out the video below. The message is clear. Australia is in deep trouble. And as they state in the video, “Australia can no longer fight for itself!” Protesters are being overwhelmed by a tyrannical government focused on control instead of health.

All freedom-loving people in the world have to unite and support the protests against tyranny, so we can leave the great reset behind us and return to our normal lives, instead of the “new normal” of the World Economic Forum. Thank you for your support.


Monkkee Private Online Diary

Maybe you are one of those people who loves journaling. And maybe you want to be sure that all your journaling stays completely private. Monkkee is a free online service which provides exactly that, a free and private online diary.

Monkkee uses the gold standard for online privacy, end-to-end encryption. The webmasters of Monkkee have, in other words, no idea what you are saving online in your Monkkee account. This is how it should be. Any kind of server access is not compatible with complete online privacy.

These are the features Monkkee offers: Free use, convenient editor, insert images, automatic saving, create your own categories using tags, calendar, search within entries, print view, export feature, and automatic log out in case of inactivity.

Warning! Unlike the less private online services, Monkkee doesn’t offer a password reset option. If you ever lose your password, for whatever the reason, you will lose access to your Monkkee account and all the data it contains permanently. So remember or store your password safely.

I really want to encourage anyone to use more end-to-end encryption online services, because if we don’t, this type of services will be criminalized by those institutions which are more interested in controlling you than in your basic human rights. So why not try it out now?

Sign up for a free Monkkee account.


Real COVID-19 Statistics

Much has been reported in the alternative media about the COVID-19 death statistics. Many have pointed out that the flu disappeared, and that cancer and heart disease fatalities have dropped significantly in many countries, owing to the new way of classifying COVID-19 deaths.

Manipulating statistics is a powerful way of influencing public opinion. And we have been confronted with a lot of junk statistics related to COVID-19, not just about the death toll. These are not innocent mistakes, made by well-meaning people.

No, inflating the dangers of COVID-19 infections is a deliberate fear campaign, meant to assure the cooperation of the population. Fear mongering is a tested and proven strategy for changing human behavior, because fear is a very powerful motivator.

I am grateful that the whole “COVID-19 pandemic” narrative is falling to pieces. And one truly important step in this is the debunking of junk statistics. The Italian Institute of Health, praise them, has released some news that should hit the planet like a bombshell.

Summit News reported on the fourth of November:
“The Italian Higher Institute of Health has drastically reduced the country’s official COVID death toll number by over 97 percent after changing the definition of a fatality to someone who died from COVID rather than with COVID.”

“Italian newspaper Il Tempo reports that the Institute has revised downward the number of people who have died from COVID rather than with COVID from 130,000 to under 4,000. … Of the of the 130,468 deaths registered as official COVID deaths since the start of the pandemic, only 3,783 are directly attributable to the virus alone.”

The COVID-19 virus. Not an actual class A virus like Ebola or the Black Plague. No, a virus in the same category as the flu. It is time that the fear mongering stops, and that we get real about this relatively mild disease. To see what the real danger of COVID-19 is, not more or less.

When it has become clear that the dangers of COVID-19 have been blown out of proportion, on a worldwide scale, it will also become clear that this COVID-19 outbreak has indeed been used as an excuse for starting the great reset.

The great reset. All research leads to this catchy term from the World Economic Forum. It is promoted by them as something purely benign. Yet this is nothing less than an enormous political game for gaining more control about the world population.

When more people realize this, then the trials can truly begin.