Mastodon & Censorship

On the second of January this year I started my blog “The Gentle Restart”, because I believed I HAD to do something. I perceived a clear difference between the dangers of the COVID-19 outbreak and the out of proportion response to it by mass media and politicians.

After doing a lot of research on the how and why of this extreme response, I stumbled over the idea that “The Great Reset” is ushered in now, using the COVID-19 outbreak as an excuse for doing this. I have found no better explanation yet. *

When looking at what kind of social media accounts I would use to share my posts, I quickly dismissed Facebook, after learning that even Ron Paul was kicked off Facebook. It also makes no sense to use YouTube, after even a qualified doctor who talks to the congress about Ivermectin is being censored.

One new channel I decided to try was Mastodon, which received some positive reviews, mainly because it is truly decentralised. So I signed up, and with an auto-post plugin shared a number of posts from my blog.

Only a few days after starting to do this, my account got blocked. I received and email from Mastodon, stating the following: “Account suspended…Misinformation endangering public health.” So the people of Mastodon believe my blog is endangering public health.

I was baffled by this accusation, believing that nothing I write on this blog endangers public health. I was also curious about which data exactly is considered misinformation, since I have shared more than twenty posts on my blog. So I wrote an email back:

I sent this email on the second of February, and I am still waiting for a response. I do not believe I am spreading misinformation. However, to err is human, so please check my blog and if you find misinformation please let me know.

I think that anyone who follows the news around the COVID-19 outbreak and the accompanying fear pandemic, will have noticed that free speech is under attack. Anyone who doesn’t support the view that COVID-19 is the biggest problem since World War Two is silenced.

Make no mistake about the seriousness of this situation. If all we get to see is mainstream news, then we give those who control the mainstream media full control over the world. Whatever information is shared there, will become the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

I will keep writing and I will find ways to share what I write. Please keep reading and doing your own research. Stay aware of censorship and the attack on free speech, and keep finding ways around it. The Great Reset is happening, but it can’t continue without the support of the people.

* If you have found a better explanation for the lockdowns and reductions of free speech and basic human rights, please let me know.