Lockdown Workouts – Parkour

Since the start of the proclaimed COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been less involved in sport, and in general haven’t moved a lot. There are even people who talk about the corona-kilo’s they gained, but please don’t use this misleading expression.

With the current lockdowns and the restrictions for the unvaccinated, it is easy to get bummed out and to stop working out altogether. Please don’t do this. Look for new ways to be active, to stay in shape or even get into a better shape!

Many people have already started walking, cycling, or running more, also the people who used to go to the now closed gyms. And that is, of course, great. Yet another way of getting in shape, which is perfect for freedom loving individuals, is parkour.

What is “parkour?”

“Parkour is a kind of non-competitive sport that involves active movement around obstacles. Participants — called traceurs move through an environment, like city streets, by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing, and jumping on, over, or around obstacles.”

Instead of seeing yourself as a victim of circumstances, when you don’t have a huge forest to run through, you can use a city environment to navigate through with all kinds of fancy moves, while getting in great shape. You don’t let yourself become locked down.

To learn more about this wonderful sport, either check out: WikeHow – How to Parkour and/or watch this Vimeo Video.