Is Germany Abandoning the Nuremberg Code?

For me, and I assume for everyone who has not been living in a cave or on an isolated island, the last fifteen months have been shocking and hectic. The COVID-19 infections, the fear pandemic, and the actions taken by the “Davos crew” to roll out the great reset are quite unnerving.

And just when I thought I had seen it all and heard it all, after doing hundreds of hours of broad and deep research, I stumble upon something that nauseates me. The Germans have passed a law which makes it legal to develop vaccines which are literally contagious.

‘The German government has passed a law that allows ‘vaccinations’ to be produced that cause the ‘vaccinated’ to excrete ‘microorganisms’ that can be ‘ingested’ by the non-vaccinated, thereby causing them to become “infected” with the “vaccination.”‘

The details of this law can be found on this website (German website.) To summarize how these vaccines would work, they would spread the vaccination in the same way a contagious disease spreads through humanity. Everyone would receive these vaccines, those who want it and to those who don’t want it.

Now I am a layman, not a lawyer, but I don’t believe you need a law degree to see that this clearly contradicts the Nuremberg Code.  The first statement of this code is, “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”

The only way to defend such an action would be to state, “Well, this is not an experiment, these are approved vaccines, which have been gone through rigorous testing, blah blah blah….” Yet these types of vaccinations have never been used before, hence they can only be classified as experimental.

It is truly sad that this law is passed in Germany, considering the history of this country. And I know that this is not done with the consent or clear knowledge of the common people. This is again an action of the “Davos crew,” and it is deliberately set up in a country which has a history of people following orders without question.

I am grateful that more and more legal action is taken, on many levels, to stop the great reset. I am not aware if a petition has already started against this latest development, but that would also be a good idea. So please share this information, and if you have news about actions taken to stop this nonsense, then please let me know.