Identifying the Mainstream Media

In my posts, I often refer to the mainstream media (MSM), and those who check out the alternative news outlets will also hear this term very often. Yet, is there really consensus about what the mainstream media is? And how do we identify MSM channels?

Rather than looking at the well-known names like The New York Times and The Washington Post, names which also pop up when you do research about Operation Mockingbird. But let’s keep it simple. In 2021, you can identify the MSM by asking three questions.

1) Do they talk about COVID-19 as “the biggest threat to humanity since the Second World War?”

Obviously, a virus from the corona family, with an IFR of about 0,2%, is not the biggest threat humanity is facing right now. Hunger, cancer, war, and other things are a bigger threat to humanity than COVID-19. If this is ignored, the fear mongering is clear.

2) Do they report on the potential negative side effects of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines?

The public health systems show enormous numbers of adverse reactions related to these new jabs. Thousands of people are dying and many more encounter serious health issues. If none of this is ever discussed, it is not a news channel; it is a cover-up channel.

3) Do you read positive news about COVID-19 treatment methods like Ivermectin and HCQ?

There are so many positive reports about the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine that this cannot be suppressed anymore. Yet there are lots of big news outlets where you will not find a word about these treatment methods, other than you should use the stuff. Absurd.

Just check out the website of a news channel, and look for answers on these three questions. If they write very fearful stuff about COVID-19, ignore the negative side-effects of the shots, and advise against alternative treatment options, you are looking at a propaganda channel.

It can be helpful to watch the propaganda, to get a better understanding of how the opposition works. And at the same time, please keep looking for good information on real news channels, and share it. We are in the middle of an information war and our freedom is at stake. Thank you for sharing.