Firing the Heroes

In the first months of the proclaimed “COVID-19 pandemic,” many people called the healthcare workers our heroes. Like frontline soldiers, they were the ones who were going to save the day and help us all through these trying times.

Fast forward eighteen months, and now you are only a hero if you have taken your shots. It does not matter if you don’t want the shots because you have natural immunity, religious reasons not to get jabbed, or any other reason. Without the shots, you are gone.

This is something that is happening worldwide at many places, like right now in New York, according to the Western Journal:  “Heroes One Day, Fired the Next: Over 40k Health Care Workers Face Termination as New York Rolls Out Mandate”

Source: Lesotho News

Apparently, it does not matter that there are many national and international laws which give everyone sovereignty over their own bodies. Or that there are severe dangers involved with taking the experimental vaccines. You comply or you are out.

So instead of getting a “thank you,” these people get a “fuck you.” And besides the dehumanizing harshness of these policies, what is the result? “We Are On The Verge Of The Greatest Shortage Of Healthcare Workers In US History.”

For the common man, this may become a serious problem. I am not sure if this is a big problem for the architects of the great reset. When hospitals become overburdened, because of the lack of staff, this may even be used to increase the restrictions on society as a whole.

Developments like these should show everyone how much you are worth to the ones organizing the worldwide vaccine push. Everyone is expendable. This is not about health or human rights or finding a solution. This is only about power. Welcome to the great reset.