Evaluating The Great Reset

After writing this blog for about six months, I believe it is a good moment to reflect on what I learned, what has been happening, and which things are important at the moment. To summarize what I have been writing about. Because however you experience what is happening now, things will not change by themselves. We have to take meaningful action.

My basic motivation is still the same. I noticed a big gab between on the one hand the COVID-19 outbreak, a relatively mild disease with an IFR of 0,15%, and the extreme global reaction to this outbreak, in the form of a fear pandemic with worldwide lockdowns, orchestrated by politicians, the mainstream media, and all kinds of shady organizations like the World Economic Forum (WEF).

I wanted to investigate this gab, and join with others who had questions about the official narrative. Soon I stumbled about “the great reset theory,” the idea that globalists wanted to use the COVID-19 outbreak as an excuse to gain more control over the world population a big grab for money and power, with the WEF as the main organizer.

Everything I have researched so far points toward the great reset. This is not a conspiracy theory of those with an overactive imagination. This is the Orwellian development the entire world is currently experiencing. The goal of the great reset is to develop a One World Government, a technocratic society, a totalitarian world mirrored in China’s image.

Now that I know what is happening, not in detail but in general content, I have to take action. Being passive while the world is falling apart is really not an option. I have to take meaningful action to resist the great reset from being rolled out completely. So the only question which remains is, what is the best meaningful action to take against the great reset?

For me, writing this blog is one of these things. I need to find good information and share it with the world. The number of people who don’t want to get vaccinated with the experimental COVID-19 vaccines is growing, and my blog has modestly contributed to this. And this is crucial, because the vaccinations will lead to vaccination passports, which will lead to tyranny.

I support the “Coronavirus Crimes Against Humanity” class action lawsuit which is being done by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his colleagues wholeheartedly. Legal action is needed, peaceful protests and petitions are helpful. Joining in online and offline groups to share ideas is important. And civil disobedience is another way to protest what is happening right now.

One-on-one actions, to inform those who only watch the mainstream media news, is another excellent opportunity to increase awareness of the great reset. When you do this, be aware that about 80% of the people have already made up their minds, to follow the authorities blindly, for whatever the reason. If people are not open to an alternative view, move on.

Besides all these activist activities, it becomes clear that a global overhaul is needed, to get freedom restored to the people. It is not enough to just boycott Big Corp whenever we can. We need a parallel society, based on forming local groups, local production, local buying, with alternative currency systems. A complete departure of the current power grid.

In the short term, the key thing is to understand that we are all in an information war, and losing this war is not an option. Take meaningful action, take peaceful action. And if things escalate to the level of forced vaccinations, defend yourself. Self defense is a basic human right. I pray that this won’t be needed though. Thank you for joining in resisting the great reset.