COVID-19 Deaths Versus Vaccine Deaths

A while ago I wrote a post about COVID-19 junk statistics. The crucial point I was trying to make is that the world is not presented with either accurate numbers, or with an unbiased picture of what is happening around the COVID-19 outbreak.

Now, about a week ago, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health has published a very clear article about their decision to stop using the AstraZeneca vaccine. This is not a message from conspiracy nuts or uneducated people. This is science speaking.

“We now know significantly more about the association between the AstraZeneca vaccine and the rare but severe incidents with low platelet counts, blood clots and hemorrhages, than when Norway decided to pause use of the AstraZeneca-vaccine in March,” says Geir Bukholm, Director of the Division of Infection Control and Environmental Health at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

“Since there are few people who die from COVID-19 in Norway, the risk of dying after vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine would be higher than the risk of dying from the disease, particularly for younger people,” says Bukholm.
Source: Norwegian Institute of Public Health

More people dying from the vaccine than from the disease itself. This is exactly the same as was concluded by scientists in Israel, who analyzed what happened after the massive vaccination campaign. We are simply not informed about the extend of the damage the vaccines are causing.

What to do when more and more scientists are worried about the vaccines? Evidence is surfacing that the other COVID-19 vaccines can also cause blood cloths. This kind of information is heavily suppressed by censorship and “fact-checkers” though.

So please keep doing your research. Think twice, thrice, of even longer before taking an experimental vaccine with negative side-effects and unknown long-term effects. And keep sharing good information with everyone who is only “fed” by the mainstream media. Thank you.