COVID-19 – A Global Propaganda Operation

The reason I started this blog is what I call “the gap.” The gap between the COVID-19 outbreak (a relatively mild threat to humanity) on the one hand, and the extreme reaction of governments, national and global health organizations, and politicians on the other hand.

While doing research, the best hypothesis I found about this gap was “the great reset,” as described by the World Economic Forum (WEF). “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.”

The part that the WEF does not tell in their public statements is that the pandemic itself won’t be enough for this. Only a very frightened humanity, manipulated by fear and misinformation, will allow the changes the WEF wants to enforce to take place.

Worldwide manipulation of people by fear. Using the COVID-19 outbreak as an excuse for this fear campaign, to push changes that will not benefit humanity, but only a select part of humanity, the richest 1%, the power elite. That is what is happening.

How do you pull something like this off? A real eye-opener is this video.

“In the 44-minute video shown below, published by Asia Pacific Today, propaganda expert Dr. Piers Robinson explains how the globalists are relying on a COVID propaganda operation to lay the groundwork for the extreme measures being implemented around the world, including mandatory masks, COVID testing, lockdowns, curfews and injections. Anyone submitting themselves to corporate controlled mainstream media news sources is effectively submitting to indoctrination and psychological warfare designed to deceive us, manipulate us and control us.”
Source: z3news

Please check out this video, and share it. This video should remind you that we are in an information war, and that you cannot be neutral. Please support freedom and share this stuff!