Concentration Camps for the Unvaccinated

What is a “concentration camp?” “A guarded compound for the mass detention without hearings or the imprisonment without trial of civilians, as refugees, members of ethnic minorities, political opponents, etc.”  So concentration camps are not necessary all death camps, as some people believe.

There is a lot of debate about who invented concentration camps. Many believe that either the Germans invented them, or the Boers in South Africa. Yet the first known concentration camps have been established in the USA.

“The US actually has the longest history of concentration camps, starting with the Cherokee forced removal in 1838. …In 1838, the US government established several ‘emigration depots’ at Ross’s Landing, Fort Payne, and Fort Cass.”

Fast forward to 2021. It appears we have not left the horrible history of concentration camps behind us. “CDC COVID Document Discussed Relocating ‘High Risk’ Individuals to ‘Camps’. Warned ‘compliance’ may be an issue when separating people from the rest of society.”

Concentration camps for the unvaccinated. Anyone who would have mentioned this a year ago would have been branded either a conspiracy nut or just crazy. Yet, this is what is currently discussed, by an organisation which is supposed to care about the health of people.

The original document talks about separating high-risk individuals from low-risk individuals. So separating the unvaccinated from the vaccinated. Organized medical apartheid. Plans for organized medical apartheid, with the aid of concentration camps, have been developed.

We all need to be aware of these kinds of developments, I believe. There are not only current measures, but also planned measures, and the end goal of the great reset, a technocratic society. By becoming aware of what is happening, it will become easier to take appropriate, meaningful action.

Please do not let this information discourage you or demotivate you. Freedom loving individuals are doing all kinds of things to reverse the great reset. Wonderful developments are happening too. This just means that the struggle for freedom is not over yet. Thank you.