Children’ Vaccines & Tromethamine

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout I have often reported on the dangers of these experimental vaccines. And I certainly wasn’t the only one who talked about this! Yet now the same dangerous vaccines are being used on children from 5 to 11.

One of the main reasons many scientists and doctors have grave concerns about vaccinating children with the nRNA vaccines is the relatively high risk for children to get heart problems, like myocarditis and pericarditis.

These risks were considered so high by many researchers that they predicted that many more children would die of heart problems than would die if COVID-19 would run its course without vaccinating the children. And still these vaccines got approved for our young.

And what do you think that the solution from Pfizer is in this situation?

“A document prepared for the FDA Advisory Committee meeting, in which members voted seventeen to zero in favour of giving emergency use authorisation for the administration of the Pfizer Covid-19 injection to children aged 5 to 11, confirms that Pfizer have modified the formulation of their injection for children to include an ingredient that reduces the acidity of blood and is used to stabilise people who have suffered a heart attack.”
Source: The Expose UK.

This is truly baffling information. Kids don’t really need the shots. Scientist know that if they get the shots, some will drop dead with heart problems. And the solution is not to stop the vaccination program for kids, but to add medicine against heart problems to the already dangerous mix. And this is supposed to be about our health and wellbeing?

I hardly know anymore what I should write to wake up those people who go through life hypnotized by the fear propaganda related to the great reset. What will it take to get through to people who still believe the vaccines are “free, effective and safe?” That the only solution is to vaccinate the entire world with experimental vaccines?

But until I know a better solution, I will keep writing this stuff, because I believe that some, if not many, will take notice, and will wake up from this hypnosis. Some people will be reached by all those who stand up for freedom, and who take meaningful action in their own ways. Thank you all, fellow freedom fighters, for holding the line together.