Big Pharma & Repeat Customers – Part Two

How do you become a very successful business? By creating repeat customers! This is what Microsoft has done, for example, with all the new Windows versions that keep appearing. You get people to buy your product, and you make sure they keep coming back for more.

In a post I wrote in March this year, Big Pharma & Repeat Customers,  I already expressed that there are signs that people wouldn’t just get one (set of) shots, but that these shots would need to be repeated, given the Big Pharma business model.

Now these repeated shots will also be implemented in Israel, one of the most vaccinated nations in the world. Whatever is happening in Israel now will soon happen in your country, because the entire world is marching into lockstep these days, as planned in Operation Lockstep.

“In a press conference Sunday, Health Ministry director-general Nachman Ash announced that effective immediately, the age limit on COVID booster shots has been dropped, enabling anyone over the age of 12 who has received the first two doses of the vaccine to get a third shot.”

“Along with the expansion of the booster shot program, Health Ministry officials also announced Sunday that the validity of green passes issued following full vaccination will now be limited to six months after the second dose.” Source:

There you have it. The carrot dangled in front of everyone, freedom through vaccination, is taken away. You either become a repeat customer of Big Pharma, and line up for your booster shots every six months, or you will be restricted in your movements, without a green pass.

This is exactly what many concerned citizens predicted would happen with the vaccines. They were called liars and conspiracy nuts and irresponsible citizens. And yet again, the conspiracy nuts turn out to be the real fact checkers. We are being manipulated into this “new normal.”

I am grateful that more and more people are protesting these developments. Demonstrations, legal action, civil disobedience, sharing of uncensored information, and so on. The whole narrative of the COVID-19 pandemic is falling apart at a rapid speed, as it should.

Please keep joining in these protests. Please keep doing everything you can to stop this treat of our freedom. It is critical that we keep taking meaningful action, even if we sometimes get tired and discouraged. We have to stand together and stop the great reset. Thank you.