Awakening From Mass Hypnosis

Most people who are now actively resisting the great reset, regardless of what way of resisting they have chosen, already sensed that something was not right in the beginning of 2020. They smelled a rat when the COVID-19 pandemic was presented to the world.

For me it was the clear gab between on the one hand the relatively mild threat of COVID-19 and on the other hand the excessive measures taken to control it. Social distancing, mouth masks, lockdowns, evening curfews, and harsh words by politicians, didn’t make any sense to me.

A big majority of the people, however, seemed to have swallowed all this empty rhetoric like candy. They follow the rules, don’t question the narrative, and line up to get a jab against COVID-19, even when they don’t really have a clue what is in these experimental vaccines.

It is very difficult to reach people who have made up their mind, and who think that people who have another idea about what is happening, are nuts or dangerous or both. Yet sometimes something really shocking happens, which can awaken people from the trance they are in.

I believe that the death of Jacob Clynick, who died shortly after receiving his second shot of experimental COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer, is one of these wake-up calls. A perfectly healthy young boy dying because of heart problems, after taking a jab which is known to cause heart problems.

There is a known relationship between taking the Pfizer shots and developing heart problems. In a normal situation this would have led to a complete stop of the use of this vaccine. Especially considering the tiny risk the youth has for having genuine problems with COVID-19. It would be taken off the market. Why was this not done before Jacob died?

I believe we are now reaching a point where certain things cannot be suppressed anymore. Thousands of people are dying after getting their COVID-19 shots. It has become public knowledge that Ivermectin and HCQ are effective treatments against COVID-19 infections. And everyone knows that the levels of censorship on all the big platforms are extreme.

Perhaps, in this situation where more and more people smell a rat, an event such as the death of Jacob Clynick can make a difference. Maybe this will awaken people from the mass hypnosis that the mainstream media and politicians have stimulated for more than a year now.

It is for this reason that I make meme’s like the one below, and write posts like this. Not to be insensitive, but to try to help to wake people up. COVID-19 is not the biggest problem since World War Two. The great reset is the biggest problem since World War Two. Wake up!