Autopsies on Vaccine Victims

In a post of August the 10th, The Vaccine Deaths Coverup, I expressed that if science was really curious about the negative side-effects of the jabs, far more autopsies would be done. Now someone has come forward, who has done exactly that.

“The director of the Pathological Institute of the University of Heidelberg, Peter Schirmacher, has carried out over forty autopsies on people who had died within two weeks of their vaccination. Schirmacher expressed alarm over his findings…. Schirmacher assumes that 30 to 40 percent of them died from the vaccination. In his opinion, the frequency of fatal consequences of vaccinations is underestimated….”

You will not read about this in the mainstream media. They will only present you with the empty rhetoric about how safe the vaccines are. Yet this kind of research, if done correctly, can show us clearly what the effects of the COVID-19 vaccinations are, after which we can make informed decisions.

The article goes on to say, “The head of the ‘Autopsy Working Group’ in this association wanted to make general practitioners and health authorities aware of this. In other words, doctors of the patients who die within a few days or weeks after vaccination should apply for an autopsy in case of doubt or the health authorities should take action. The Federal Association of Pathologists had already requested this in March in a letter to Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), but it went unanswered.”

Unanswered. There you have it. What else is this but a cover-up? A deliberate blocking of scientific research which could shed more light on the issue? If this Health Minister really cared about the health of the people, he would immediately support such a request. This means he has a hidden agenda.

Well, hidden agenda, the great reset is not so hidden anymore. On a global scale, vaccines are being pushed aggressively and alternative information and treatment methods are being suppressed systematically. Because for the great reset to succeed, vaccines are needed to usher in the vaccine passports, the doorway to global tyranny.

“In the US and Europe, more than 25,000 post-vaccination deaths have already been reported.” People are starting to wake up to the fact that a massive political game is being played, and that our freedom is at stake. Courageous individuals like Peter Schirmacher help to make this clear.

In this situation, no one can be neutral. A massive operation to limit our freedom is happening as we speak. Our freedom is under attack. In this information war, please keep sharing this stuff. Keep taking meaningful action and make people aware of what is happening. Thank you.